Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jambon a la broche.

Seven thirty in the morning and 'the font' is off in the dark with the three lady professors from Cincinatti. They are being driven to the airport at Toulouse to rent a car and pick up their old friend ' Merv ' who is coming to stay for two weeks . It transpires that Merv is something 'big' in the graduate school, is a 'hoot', and simply adores show tunes. Those famous last words : " You'll love him ". On a more practical note it seems that Merv also knows how to use a stick shift - a skill set quite beyond any of our angora wearing academics . What show tune loving Merv will think of life in a village of two speed bumps and ten street lights remains to be seen.

Wilf is settled on his favourite blanket . Aude, our bipolar decaratrice, has returned to give the doors in the hallway another coat of paint. We were under the impression that the paintwork had been finished so her reappearance is something of a surprise. There again many things to do with the rickety old farmhouse are a surprise so in a sense we're not surprised. For his part Wilf is delighted just to lie and listen as Aude conducts lengthy dialogues with her invisible partner(s). He is 100% convinced that she is conversing with him. Occasionally he'll rouse himself from sleep and raise a shaggy eyebrow in agreement.

Outside, Loic the gardener is hard at work in the courtyard with the petrol powered leaf blower. He has turned up this morning with very thick new bifocals. These should hopefully improve his eyesight. I am nonetheless under strict instructions from 'the font' to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't get hold of the shears or anything else that is sharp or dangerous.

Madame Bay popped in briefly to tickle Wilf and tell him that she would see him next week. There was a time when I would have thought unscripted behaviour like this odd. Now I find it rather touching. She brought with her a small canine lunch gift of jambon a la broche sauce chataigne et sa puree de pommes de terre chataignes.

To complete our Wednesday morning cast of characters the plumber has shown up to deal with the boiler. I turned on the heating yesterday only to discover as I did so that a jet of black oil shot out of the back of the furnace with great force.

And to think that just a year ago the family were worried that we would turn into recluses in this quiet corner of France profonde. Some chance !


  1. You need to start posting video clips with these posts Angus - this is too much!

    Wonderful to hear that all seems well with Wilf...

  2. such a cast of characters flitting about Wilf's much fun to see how many people his sweetness has touched, and how many people adore him.

    hope he enjoyed his jambon a la broche sauce chataigne et sa puree de pommes de terre chataignes!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  3. Never a dull moment I guess you could say, your life is full to the brim with such a lot of interesting people and situations.

  4. I love reading your posts - always so descriptive and vivid. I can just "see" the picture in my mind. Wilf is looking as chipper as ever - I love how his pictures start looking a little pensive or as if he is pondering something then in the last picture it is like he says oh well - enough of that, there is never a dull moment around here and there may be new tires that need my attention.

  5. I look forward to reading about a duet between 'Merv' and Madame Bay....

    Hugs and cuddles to Wilf from both of us here in Aberdeen.

    Cheers, Gail (and Bertie).

  6. Your house is a hive of activity. Wilf certainly takes it all in his stride and waits so patiently for his next gourmet meal. Long may it continue.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  7. Now that Wilf is reticent about going out, it's good to know that the entertainment is coming to him!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  8. Why does French food always sound nicer than English food....
    hurry up and open that restaurant Angus!

  9. Never a dull moment where you live. I have no idea what jambon a la broche sauce chataigne et sa puree de pommes de terre chataignes is but it sounds delicious! Wilf is a lucky pup. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  10. Angus, after a year I have come to relish and so enjoy the glimpses into your every day life and the cast of 'supporting-characters' it brings--Madame Bay of course being one of my favorites. I was trying to translate what she fed Wilf, and my very rusty French says it was 'pin ham sauce and chestnut pureed potato chestnuts' ???? Whatever it was, I am sure it was delicious and I'm sure was very much enjoyed!!

    I also hope you and Wilf have enjoyed your day as well!

  11. I realized as I was reading your post that it sounded a litle like the plot of an improbable sit-com. What a cast of characters.

  12. Sarkozy should be grateful that you're helping the employment figures

  13. I am waiting for the post where Merv and Madame Bay meet up! I wonder if they'll sing a duet.

    Yet again I wish I lived in your little village instead of mine! I'm not surprised at all that Madame Bay brought Wilf his lunch. I'm somehow more surprised that Wilf doesn't get more visitors who come just to see him!

  14. Oh yes, please, Angus, ask sweet Wilf if is ok for a video clip of him, it would be great and i am pretty sure everyone on blogland will enjoy this moment.
    You are a "gourmet" sweet boy, the jambon grillé with chataignes is simply delicious (everything with chataignes too... Did you ever never try bread with chataignes ? Yummy !)
    Cuddles sweet boy.

  15. I thought exactly the same thing as the Herd. Your house sounds like the set of a sit-com that I would find unbelievable! The furnace story put me over the top.

    Madame Bay's obvious fondness for Wilf tells me that she has a heart of gold under all that chiffon (or whatever other crazy outfit she is wearing!).

  16. What a bustling household! On my BUSY days I run errands and lunch with friends. Guess I need to get out more.

    So happy to know that Wilf is comfy and still enjoying good food☺

  17. If not a sit-com, then a book with all these amazing vignettes of life in France profonde. A few recipes wouldn't hurt either!!!

    xxx Joan

  18. Are you shopping the screenplay? Who will play Wilf?

  19. Obviously Wilf should play himself. He's got plenty of experience, after all.
    - - - - - - - -
    dog beds and more

  20. Thank you for sharing your description of life in a French village. Reading your blog is truly one of the highlights to my work day!

    My love and positive thoughts to you, the font and of course, last but not least, Wilf!

    Boston, MA USA

  21. you have traffic lights in YOUR village! wow! that's a happenin' town. we have a postoffice.

    i just went through that whole "boiler" thing myself. i'm not familiar with oil and radiant heat. must admit, i like the radiators over forced air. quiet. but the boiler room scares me.

    well, at least Wilf has someone new to chat with... or so he thinks!

  22. please let it be a you so often say..'you couldn't make it up'.....could you??..xx

  23. Certainly a lot going on over there!!! Wilf's meal sounds like something from a Mich. 4-star!!! Yikes - does Wilf ever touch dog food these days? He looks truly good in the photos - we send him a ton of kisses and love...
    With Hugs too xoxoxoxoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  24. Very entertaining post today, perhaps Merv & Madame Bay could harmonize a show tune or two during his 2 week stay! Please tell Wilf I have the Mafia Sauce simmering in the Crock Pot (Merv would be humming tunes from the Godfather for sure). The house will smell like tomato basil heaven when I get home from work! Roads much improved, as have the skills of the drivers. All the bad drivers' cars must be in the repair shop...

  25. Now not only can we visualize life in your home and village, we are beginning to hear it too. Including the soft breaths of your wonderful Wilf.

    Jake and Fergi and MomaSally

  26. Busy day for Wilf with all the comings and goings! What a pleasure to hear about his day today. Keep going Wilf, we adore you!

    Love your pals from Canada,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  27. I no longer save your post for my morning tea at work, I now sit at my desk at home in our library with an evening Scotch, Mema by my side, Miss Betty and our Sofie at our feet. As I read it out loud we all have a good chuckle together. This stuff reads like a play! It would be great in book form :o)

  28. If Merv is a true showman, he will don a Mistoffelees costume and belt out tunes from Cats while Wilf chases him across the French countryside.

  29. Never a dull moment where you live!

  30. I have the same sort oflife in wales Angus
    but it is not as romanstic as yours in print

  31. A calm center in the midst of chaos - or at least way more activity than we're used to! Nice to know Angus & the font can always snuggle up with you, Wilf, if it gets cold before the boiler [isn't that new? from when you moved the fuel tanks out of the house?] gets fixed. Don't blow up, little buddy.

    Jed & Abby.