Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beautiful brickwork.

" You've got a blockage mate !" announced the taller of the two government septic tank men. ' Completely blocked ' added the second for good measure, resting a large beer belly on the handle of his spade. Sudden panic at the thought of the drainage system in the rickety old farmhouse exploding. Gaseous build up causing two and a half centuries of detritus to fly through the air . Time to make some phone calls while we still have a home.

Straight after lunch a very large red truck arrives to resolve the problem. A veritable leviathan with no less than three sets of axles, orange flashing lights and a vast array of hydraulic devices . Wilf watches from the safety of the terrace as a small army of boiler suited 'technicians ' set to work. A series of pneumatic hisses and groans telling him that bravery is best displayed from a healthy distance.

An hour or so later and an outrageous € 360 poorer, the three, so far discovered, septic tanks are drained. " Beautiful brickwork " says the foreman, admiring the quality of the cesspits construction. " They don't make them like that any more ". ' Thank God for small mercies' my unspoken response.

Into town with Wilf. We pass the smile inducing Mutant supermarket en route to a walk by the river. I turn to him and say "Looks like we've got the plumbing sorted ". He turns to me as if to say : ' Hope is patience with the lamp lit '.


  1. You are quite the handsome little model in your latest photo shoot! Sorry about all the crap that's been going on at your house. ;o)

    Always thinking of you, brave boy.

  2. Beautiful Brickwork it may be. Will the Inspectors give the thumbs up for 2011 regulations? I fear that the €360 may be the pump primer. Stacks of interest for Wilfee and should keep him on his toes.

  3. GM food for sale in the Mutant supermarket perhaps?
    Hoping Wilf has an excellent weekend.

  4. Good grief! Sounds like none of the septic tanks had been cleaned in donkeys years. Hope they're further from the house than it sounded like in your prior post.

    Hope Wilf is thriving on all the interesting activity. Sounds like his snooter is at least getting a good workout.

    Jed & Abby

  5. At least Wilf's optimism and wisdom doesn't cost you anything! :-)

    Thought of you yesterday when I was at the grocery store and saw an SUV with a vanity plate that said 4MYPON

  6. Is it me or is Wilf having a particularly bad hair day? I can empathize ;-)

  7. I know all too well the plight of rickety old farmhouses and their septic tanks - glad you got that taken care of before it exploded.

  8. Love the "Mutant" supermarket! Reminds me of the " Bimbo" bread logos I saw all over in Mexico. Never failed to make me laugh. Sounds like the truck in Wilf's yard far exceeds the one parked in Petey's backyard last weekend. Did Wilfee at least christen the tyres?

  9. Good morning Wilf! A morning walk by the river sounds wonderful. Lots of good smells there too. I really like your head shot photo.

    Beautiful brick work is a good sign I suppose. If someone cared enough to make it beautiful then maybe it will last another two hundred years...with timely pumping.

  10. Happy to hear that Wilf continues to have good days
    a woof (or 2) from Missy D & loads of love from both of us.

  11. "Hope is patience with a lamp lit!" Oh, that cracked me up! I'm glad Wilf had the wisdom to observe this one from a distance!

  12. Wilf is just delightful. And oh so wise - love that last line!

    Good to hear your underground brickwork is so beautiful ;o)

  13. Hello there, Wilf!

    Being greeted by your wonderful photos always make our day.

    We are glad that the blockage has been fixed and with it we hope that it would not cause any troubles for a long time.

    Have a good weekend there.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie

  14. ThatWilk, your big black nose must have been in overdrive with all the extraordinary scents in the air. A nose scan would be particularly revealing on such a day!!! Why don't we get so lucky???

    Weekend woofs and scritches, pal!!!

    xxxxx Jake and Just Harry

  15. "Hope is patience with the lamp lit." That is one I want to remember.

    Wilf, you look so very handsome this morning. Have you ever had any offers from Stage, Screen or Television?

    Glad you got the septic system cleaned out. That should keep things just a tad sweeter around your home.


  16. Sounds like a very expensive septic tank, but definitely better than eons old gas igniting! That really doesn't bear thinking about!!
    I'm still chuckling about Le Mutant supermarket! that would make me smile every time I went past.

  17. I didn't even know that a septic tank could explode. Hmm, I hope that we aren't late in getting ours pumped out this year...

    Love Wilf's hair! Big smile.

  18. Perhaps you should put glass over the septic tank to display the beautiful brick work.

    Thanks for Le Mutant photo. Years ago--and I'm talking 60s her--there was an intriguing building with a huge F.A.R.T sign; on the road to Venice.....yes, Italy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  19. Beautiful brickwork...beautiful Wilf! :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  20. A toast to the brickwork and the men that laid it. Obviously, the pit is sound and after service, can be counted upon to give you another couple hundred years of service. If it was of a newer vintage, you probably would have been told it was completely shot and needed a new one dug at some exorbitant cost.
    Love to all and kisses to Wilf.

  21. isn't is special to have a septic tank with 'beautiful brick work'. it's just too bad that you can't spend more time admiring it. haha!

    Wilf is the wise one.

  22. Waht does one purchase in a Mutant grocery?? Must look up that French word!! Beautiful brickwork...that's such a compliment!!

    We terriers woulda gladly made the trip to dig ya a new hole, but our masonry detailing probably lacks something...


    Lacie Cakes