Saturday, January 22, 2011

Polish DNA.

Down to fill up the car with petrol. Surprised to find that the price has gone up to €1.54 a litre. That's the equivalent of $8 a gallon ! Must remember to keep the tank half full in future.

Much to Wilfs delight a constant stream of visitors to the house. The joiner came to say he'd start work again on Monday. He was followed by Aude, the chain smoking, bi-polar, decaratrice. She'll also be starting on Monday. Then the lunatic curtain lady returned. At this point Wilf and yours truly opted for a long slow amble across the fields. We came home to find ' the font ' chatting to the landscape gardeners . Guess what ? They also plan to start work on Monday. All we need now is the plumber, the gutter repair man, and a bee expert.

There's something about cold weather that tweaks Wilfs Polish DNA. Its minus 6, the ground is coated with a hard frost and Mr.Affable is in his element. On our morning walk we have to stop every ten yards or so while he rolls and thrashes around, indecorously, on his back. Pure unadulterated joy. No sign of self conciousness in this old fellow. Wilfs attitude : " You can't have a better tomorrow if you're thinking about yesterday all the time ".


  1. Gas is about €2.10 a GALLON here. And people still complain!

  2. The price of gas seems to be a constant worry these days. It's interesting the differences, as here in our area of the Touraine the prices just rose above €1.30 per litre.

    Glad to hear that the workers have returned. We're still awaiting our plumber and tile man for the next phase of work. It seems to be our natural state these days.

  3. Once again, Wilf is right--But I'm still thinking of the 'yesterdays' when gas was well under $3.00 a gallon! :-)

  4. All you need now is for Mme Bay to arrive Monday morning in her Wild Child!

  5. Wilf's attitude is the best! Happy to hear that the workers are starting to return, hopefully they will not disappear again until after their work is complete. Maggie Mae enjoys being out in the snow but she will not roll around in it, Wilf needs to give her some lessons on how it is properly done. ;)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  6. Nothing like a good rolling in frost or snow. We love it!

    P.S. - And we were griping about US$3.07 last night.

  7. So glad to hear good news about Wilf. Still
    curious to learn how you resolved the
    electric outlet problem which ostructed
    the glass backsplash. And did that zingy
    raspberry wall get a final thumbs up?

  8. I think that the lack of self consciousness and unadulterated joy is what I love most about our dogs. I'm glad that Wilf enjoyed your cold weather so much.

  9. Any rug surfing so far???? What a beautiful fellow - Wilfie you are going strong!!! Love Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  10. Wow that is a lot of $$ for gasoline. In Anchorage we are paying nearly $4 per gallon (both cars must have premium fuel)

    Sounds like things will be hopping busy at your home next week! Toss in a little Madame Bay and you will have a 3 ring circus! Good luck! Hoping someone will bring Wilf some of his favorite biscuits.. Now I am off to Google what a decatrice does

  11. Glad to hear that Wilf is in such good spirits today. Don't you just love it when these dogs of ours lie on their backs, all happy and relaxed, - pure bliss and totally "in the moment"....we have a lot to learn from them.

  12. Oh Wilf, I love that saying. I shall try to remember that one. Pleased you are enjoying the cold weather! S x x x

  13. I suspect that they all ran out of money, so they've decided to start working again!

    Wilf, I think you're on to something there! Although I wouldn't mind the gas prices of yesterday...

  14. You're going to have a full house on Monday! Hope they all actually show up. Maybe Madame Bay will stop by too. Everyone else will be there so she might as well come too!

    Dang, and I thought our gas prices were hefty here! I have to fill up my gas tank a little later today. I'll try to remember to be grateful the cost isn't as high here as it appears to be there.

    I like that, I'm going to try to remember that -- "You can't have a better tomorrow if you're thinking about yesterday all the time."

  15. So much like Edward.
    And believe me, I have known quite a few "lunatic curtain ladies" in my time. You two were wise to take a long walk.
    My mother loves it when gas prices rise. It makes her railroad stock go up.

  16. You are perhaps right about the excitement of the Maghreb, but how I was looking forward to the adventure. At least I am left with a non-refundable r/t ticket to London. So all is not lost.

  17. About $1.34 AUD/litre here. Ours is about 66% road tax.

    Kendra is our roller, sometimes we can hardly walk because she has to roll, take three steps and roll again.

    Sounds like Monday is D-day. (Might be a good time to get out of the way.)

  18. I am happy you like the chilly weather and snow, Wilf. However, here in Minnesota, USA we have about 5' of snow and temps at sub-zero numbers, like 25-35 below zero F. and we much more like our toasty homes!


  19. What busy lives you mommi dweams about having ouw living woom chaiws wepaiwed, but I don't think it will happen in this lifetime. since Daddi lost his main job, we'we thwilled when we pay went, hehehee.
    I hope all those bizawwe hoomans all give wilf tweats and love and that he keeps finding nice cold spots to wiggle in and show his delight in evewy moment. He is teaching all of us sooo much
    thank you Wilf!
    smoochie kisses

  20. Wilf has such a good life. the fluffy kiddo is so adorable. we're glad he's got lots of friends around him and hope they are all giving him the love and attention that he deserves!