Sunday, January 2, 2011

Four airports and a gold medal.

Wilf has known four airports in his life - Aberdeen, Marseilles, Rome and now Toulouse. Two or three times a year he gets up early, is put in the back of the car with the luggage and then watches as his flock disappears into an airport terminal. Two or three times a year the process is repeated, in reverse. He seems to be quite untroubled by the whole thing . Life has taught him that farewells are soon enough turned into noisy, squabbling, laughing reunions. He didn't notice that this years goodbyes took a little longer.

For Wilf trips to the airport are associated with one huge treat - a leisurely walk across the terminal car park. If there was an olympic gold medal for tyre christening Wilf would win it. Peugeots a speciality. That old Polish Sheepdog attitude ' Life is what's coming, not what was ' .


  1. A warm and loving hair tousle being sent half way round the world to a certain philosophical and extremely wise sheepdog.

  2. I am sure Wilf felt the warmth of those goodbyes.

  3. Life is what's coming, not what was.

    I'm going to tell my hooman to share that saying with every complaining hooman she knows! (and some days, there seems to be an awful lot of them)

    Big slurps to Wilf, HoneyBuzz

  4. Having owned a Peugeot, Wilf can 'christen' as many of them as he likes as far as I'm concerned!

    Great attitude!

  5. Quite right! Hopefully there will be many happy reunions!!

  6. More great words to live by....Wilf is so smart!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  7. What's coming ahead is most important... you are so right dear Wilf. How we have missed you during the long holidays. We just came back too :)
    Happy New Year dear Wilfee & Angus.. and to the lovely font too.

    hugs and lotta love,
    Piper, Dommy & Anny

  8. Wilf is wiser than most people. I'm glad that the flock was all together for a visit and that Wilf was showered in love.

  9. I'm glad that Wilf got to enjoy this great time with family, and that they got to enjoy his special charisma again, too. We all have our talents and gifts, eh, Wilfee?

  10. Happy New Year to you all! I love tuning in to the latest blog posts and catching up with you and your dear charge. You and he remain in our prayers, that he continues strong and comfortable.
    He is so beautiful and so PRESENT it brings tears to my eyes. Christmas come and gone...a gift we at first believed we would not be able to share!
    Thanking God for that kindness!

  11. Also having owned a Peugeot, we wonder if Wilf was only tyre christening or making a comment on vehicle reliability.

    A wise dog as well as a handsome one. A very special boy, indeed.
    We love you.

  12. Happy New Year, Wilf, Angus and the font!

    We continue to watch over from across the miles and we keep our paws for you, Wilf!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie

  13. I have a small chihuahua who could give Wilf a run for his money on the christening of tyres. I sometimes wonder how it's possible that such a little bladder can possibly hold that much pee.

  14. Hey there Mongoose...
    A well travelled/traversed doggie for sure!...the lines of wisdom and knowing are etched on his photographs.
    Sending lotsaluv and wishing you well in the travels ahead.

  15. Wonderful attitude Wilf has - I need to remember it.

  16. Tyre christening is an important task. May Wilf continue to see, and enjoy, many just waiting to be christened Peugeots ahead of him in the journey he is now travelling.

    Love and woofs,