Thursday, January 20, 2011

Curmudgeonly behaviour.

The third week of January and the old farmers electricity devouring Christmas star and lights are still twinkling merrily away. Pilots coming in to land at Toulouse airport during the night must thank him for making their job easier. What earthly reason could there be for having your Christmas lights up at this time of the year ? French tradition ? Or, a sign of his bloody mindedness ?

Yesterday, he was up a step ladder trimming his box hedge with a pair of shears. Nothing unusual in that you say . True, but then most people don't trim their box hedge in the middle of a winter afternoon wearing nothing more than a string vest, a pair of black briefs, black socks and sandals.

The electricians showed up on the dot of nine. New power sockets in the library and kitchen , lights in the utility room and new door lanterns upstairs and down. When leaving he pointed to the half finished gutters and said " you really should get them fixed ". I bit my tongue.

Wilf spent most of the day supervising the electricians. After lunch they returned with a peace offering of a small pack of biscuits which he enthusiastically devoured. The family fellow has a new schedule for his insulin injections. One at seven in the morning and a second smaller one in the evening at seven . Only one pit stop last night so it seems to be working. There is an air of mischief about him this morning.

We await the arrival of Madame Bay.


  1. Yikes! about the eccentric farmer! Reminds us of a howlingly bad U.S. commercial for window blinds.

    So pleased the new insulin schedule has perked Wilf up. Another little victory. And a better night's sleep for all of you.

    Jed & Abby

  2. I love that Wilf has 'an air of mischief' about him this morning! I hope the new insulin regime continues to give you all some respite from the pit stop requirements.

    Your old farmer's box hedge trimming outfit made me giggle!

    More great photos of the gorgeous Wilf.

  3. Er, is the farmer in anyway related to Madame Bay? Narrow gene pool in your part of SW France perhaps.....
    So pleased that Wilf's new schedule seems to be helping. Please tousle the old fellow's hair and tell him lots of love from us.
    Cheers! Gail and Bertie.

  4. Oh dear, a small pack of biscuits for the boy ! You really are the little "vedette" of the village sweet Wilf.
    Happy to see that the insulin injections is working. Our beloved boy is courageous, having two injections per day, ouch !
    Enjoy this new day Wilfee, lots of bisous to you. And a "coucou" to Angus and the font.

  5. Third week in more week and schools go back for a new year.

    Happy to hear the workmen brought cookies for the boy. Also awaiting Return of La Bay.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. Look on the bright side, at least the old farmer remembered to put on his briefs.

  7. I have seen houses where the Christmas lights are left up all year long--I guess after a few months, it's just easier to leave them up for the next holiday.

    But I'm glad that the electricians finally came as promised, and finished the work--No doubt thanks to Wilf's help and supervision, which he was paid for in biscuits!

    Like everyone, I'll be interested to read if it was a 'cosmic force' that kept Madame Bay from coming on Tuesday.

  8. You have to admire the old farmer's style - not in dress but in attitude !!
    So glad the insulin regime is working - life must be that much easier for all of you.

  9. There are still a few houses lit up at night down here as if it was Christmas Eve! This is not so uncommon in the Northeast where snow and ice can make the process of removing lights difficult, but coastal South Carolina? I remember a rather surreal trip to visit friends in Montclair New Jersey in March and almost every house still had their Christmas lights and decorations up and turned on, a week before Easter!

  10. Wilf has such a cute smile today he must have some secret he is keeping! Can hardly wait until Madame Bay comes with her surprise, sure to be a doozy! Pictures please, and by the way, why were there no pictures of the "farmer".

  11. Back in his sheepdog mood - a smiling Wilfie - so happy to see this. He needs cats and electricians to keep him entertained... Keep on going strong Love from Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie
    What would Wilf think if he knew he has a worldwide fan-base????

  12. We are overjoyed to hear the the new insulin schedule has allowed Wilf to get a good might sleep. Diet and carefully timed meals are vital to the success of his insulin therapy. He is allowed biscuits to be free-fed? We know you and the font will give him the finest of care. We read of the care you gave his brother. You are extraordinary people.
    Occasionally, Christmas lights will be left lit to bring a bit of extra cheer in extremely cold, dreary or wet weather. We were with the old farmer right up until the hedge and the ensemble.

  13. Our neighbor runs his Christmas lights from October until March... Go figure. We had to laugh one year when we had all our solar panels installed in October. The day after they started working, he turned on his Christmas lights. We laughed realizing that he'd just offset our "good environmental" move. What can you do?

    "An air of mischief" sounds very good to me!

  14. one of the things I love about the pics of Wilf are the glimpses of your beautiful home. Having a serious case of lust over those tapestry cushions...

  15. Glad to see progress on the home front at your end. Mr O will not permit me to take down our artificial white lighted Christmas tree - this tree is new, the old one was retired after all the lights burned out. He is leaving town at the end of the month at which time the tree will be retired until next season.

    Could the farmer be an Alaskan in spirit? Because it is so gloomy in winter we leave our white lights up until March.

    Love Wilf's hairdos. Outstanding style!

  16. Just another day in paradise!! :)

  17. Any progress is good, I imagine. Perhaps you should tell him that if he sees the other workmen down at the bar that he ought to send them back around to finish the job they started!

    M'Ongoose, obviously the lights are on to help the aliens land their spaceship! It sounds like he might have recently been on a trip with them somewhere in their fantastic flying machine...

  18. What a beautiful, smiley face on the dear boy today! You can just see the glee in his eyes! Must be the biscuits. I know my face would be joyous after eating biscuits! So glad to hear things are working out, let's keep that going! Oh, and please, keep on going Wilf! Handsome boy....

    With love from the frozen Canadian pack,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  19. oh mischief ... hooray xo S & Miss D

  20. As I drove to my parents house last night, I noticed two homes with Christmas lights up and on. I, too, wondered why they haven't taken them down.

    Black socks and sandals. Oh soooooo fashionable! lol

    I love that there's an air of misheviousness about Wilf - there's still a lot of life left in him yet.

  21. i have to admit...i'm one of "those people" who still have their christmas lights up. BUT, technically it's my husband's fault because he just hasn't gotten around to taking them down yet. at least he will be dressed properly when doing so. ;)
    i love the first picture of wilf -- crazy hair and all smiles! i'm glad the change in wilf's insulin schedule has helped!

    the booker man and asa's mama

  22. wilf
    I'm so happy to heaw of a bit of mischief in you today

    Keep eating those biccies
    smoochie kisses

  23. that's good to hear that Wilf has an air of mischief. he's doing better.

    a few people around here leave their christmas lights on until summer. i enjoy them.

    i sure wouldn't want to watch the neighbor out trimming his hedges dressed like that.