Monday, January 3, 2011


The first working day of the New Year. Time to focus afresh on the rickety old farmhouse and chase up all the workmen who haven't been seen here since mid-October. A daunting task. Is this how rock climbers feel when they see a sheer cliff face in front of them ? We saw a small swarm of bees by the unfinished gutters yesterday. I shall add the octogenarian bee man with his replacement hip to the list of those to be called. The glamour of life abroad.

Think we may need to up Wilfs insulin dosage. His thirst has returned and with it the need for a 'wee hours' pit stop. Apart from that he enters the New Year in high spirits. Dogs are imbued with an irrepressible view of life that says ' now is the most interesting time of all '.


  1. Oh the joys of construction... Have fun rounding up your various workers! & hope the increased insulin will give Wilf some relief. Belated Happy New Year!

  2. Wilf, you are a wonderful sight. Angus, I wish you all the best with the workmen...if you can call them that :).

  3. Now is the most interesting time because it's filled with hope!

  4. Did Angus find his sporran in time? Hope the celebration was merry, regardless.

    Don't know how many insulin shots Wilf is getting each day at this point, but maybe that needs to be adjusted? Mama's only non-human experience with diabetes was with a cat. He got an insulin shot with every meal, literally: while he was wolfing down the food, he got a shot he didn't even notice. Human glucose meters don't work for cats, even if one could get the blood. Do they work for dogs? Angus might be able to prick Wilf's ear a couple of times a day to test the glucose level. Just clutching at straws, maybe, but we sure want Wilf to feel as good as possible as long as possible. Happy New Year, Wilf!

    Jed & Abby

  5. You and those bees. I wonder what it is about your property that they seem to find so appealing.

    I hope the increased insulin will give Wilf some relief.

  6. The glamour of living abroud whether it is France or Italy... I personally think Italy is even more "glamouros"... in term of individuality and anarchy in the craftsmen...

    Wishing you a very good day - Wilf to find his right dosage - he is such a gorgeous dog - love from Susannae Daisy and Foxiie

  7. Seeing Wilf's smile makes our day start off right.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  8. You know what Wilfee ? The first picture makes me thinking of a "courageous general", looking his destiny straight in the eyes, his troops waiting for a great decision. You are just beautiful sweet boy !
    Concerning the second picture, mmmhhh, how to say that ? Simply funny, because of the lampshade just over your head, it is like a little hat. You are just so cute !
    Hope Angus and the vet will find the right insulin dosage for you beloved Wilfee.
    Cuddles and bisous my sweet.

  9. A swarm of bees in January? Your climate must be very different from ours... Good luck with those workmen - check the alien spaceships that Madame Bay warned you about.

    I hope that Wilf's insulin gets sorted out but I'm thrilled to hear how great his spirits are. Today is the best day (thanks Wilf)!

  10. What a handsome boy! If the insulin is upped, then we are sure it is for the best, as those night trips can be a bit topsy turvey. As long as the beastie keeps well, that's the main thing. Keep going Wilf! You are gorgeous....

    Good lucks with finding the work men!

    Your pals in Canada,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  11. ...thet dog should write a book with his words of wisdom......xx

  12. Maybe the workmen have been out on some space odyssey. Those bees sure are persistant! Do you ever have a time when they're dormant or hibernating?

    I love Wilf's outlook! I suspect that's true of what most dogs think, too!

  13. Our day is brighter whenever we see your wonderful smile. We do hope that the construction will go smoothly as we enter into 2011.

    We love every moment we share with you, Wilf! Keep the spirit up as we keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie

  14. Good luck with the workmen. January is the French August, so trying to find anyone is difficult.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Wilf looks very happy wearing the lampshade!

  15. Perhaps Wilf can round up the workmen?

  16. Hope and pray all goe wel with the building and with Wilf!!

  17. Hello Angus! I'm late on my blog visits today and will just add that I really like the first picture of Wilf in front of your 'rickety old farmhouse.' Is he also waiting in anticipation for the return of the workers?

  18. Wilf
    Youw happy face always cheews me up.
    I love you and so do so many othews. That constwuction cewtainly is a hooge headache. It makes fow gweat stowies fow us and giggles, but I suspect not so much fun fow you. I hope that the new meds will help you dawling Wilf
    love and smoochie kisses

  19. I know that I already commented here but I laughed and laughed about your comment that K should have gone to Berkeley. We have a pretty strong connection to that place (both the Runner and I taught there for years) - and K missed going there by only a couple of years!

  20. I just bought a new magnet for our fridge, "All I want in life is to be the person my dog thinks I am."

    We love you Wilf....