Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sleep, mostly.

Afte the excitement of chasing the village cat Wilf spent most of Monday catching up on his sleep.

'The font' decided to take the last flight from Heathrow to Toulouse rather than spend a second night in London. Home at just shy of midnight. Interestingly,Toulouse airport was crammed full of folks heading back to Tunisia. You'd have thought it would have been the other way round.

From eight o'clock onwards Wilf was positioned on the terrace in readiness. To the untrained eye he was gently dozing. Underneath it all his welcome home radar fully engaged. How could he possibly have known 'the font' was returning ? Was it the tone of my voice ? A change in my behaviour ? The dishwasher hastily filled and the dining table cleared away ? How could he have heard the car when it was still two miles away ? Somethings about dogs are just plain mysterious.

For fully half an hour he sat in front of 'the font' . Immovable. Exuding happiness. That flock reunited joy that is part and parcel of a sheepdogs nature. Was it my imagination or was he really saying : ' thank heavens you're home ! He overcooked the coq au chambertin, destroyed the boeuf braise aux carottes and don't even get me started on what he did to the clafoutis !'

This morning some signs that the tumour is stirring back to life. Breakfast ignored. A trip into town rejected in favour of another hour in his warm cosy bed. Our first 'accident' .


  1. hahahahaha... if we spend a lot of time with our dogs, we begin to imagine what they think.. *LOL* You are hilarious! I do the same too with mine.. what goes on in their heads.. but the thing about how they know you are coming back.. well.. that is plain mysterious to me too! Their supersonic radar can smell you miles away.. or so i think/thought.

    Our love to the ole fluffy one.

    Dommy and Anny

  2. Oh a yawning Wilf! How sweet is that?!

    With the arrival of 'the font' order is restored.

    Tunisia wouldn't be my number one holiday destination at the moment, I have to admit. I guess it would be cheap....?

  3. I love that middle photo of you Wilf.

    No doubt the standard of cooking that you are used to will be resumed now that "the font" is back and you can rest contentedly knowing that you have herded your family together again.

    Love and woofs,

  4. Yawning photo very cute. Dogs do have senses that remain a mystery to us.
    The Font as called always mystifies me. I wonder how the name came about. Maybe this was revealed farther back on the blog before I picked you and Wilf and at the time Digby up.

  5. I learned from Hamish never to underestimate a dog's ability to detect patterns in our behavior and to correctly predict what would happen next.

    I feel we should have had picture of the clafoutis...

    Dear Wilf, please stay comfortable and content.


  6. Wilfie, we're so glad the font decided she needed to get home to you. We're sure you'll rest better now, having the flock where it belongs, close to you.

    Jed & Abby

  7. We dogs JUST KNOW! Ignored breakfast, didn't the font cook for him?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  8. What a sweet yawn!! Yes, dog's instinct and radar when loved ones come home is uncanny.My dog Harris would sit and wait half an hour in advance in the hall before my boyfriends's parents ,whom he adored, would arrive.

  9. I've no doubt dogs know more than WikiLeaks! I'm sure 'the font' asked Wilf to keep an eye on you while away, and for a job well done he'd be rewarded! I hope your day has been equally rewarding Angus!

  10. Si glad 'the font came home earlier than expected. Days such as these need to be savoured, enjoyed and remembered. As always darlin Wilfs photo bought a smile to my face. Hang on in there sweet boy so many people are rooting for you.

    With Love
    Momma Tea
    xxxx xxxx

  11. I'm positive that dogs know everything we say - and what it means.

  12. Perhaps he is saving his appetite for the font's lunch? Petey went to his first agility class last night--at almost 8 years old, who says middle-aged dogs can't learn new tricks? --and by the end he was so tuckered out, he retreated under a bench, even turning his nose up at a savory treat. The instructor said he was mentally worn out from concentration. Perhaps the same is true for Wilf. He's resting now that he has mentally lured the font home.

  13. Big yawn for Wilfie gotta get that extra oxygen into the lungs. Glad your flock is reunited and that all is well in your world. We have our fingers and paws crossed for more good food and "cat" excitement to revitalize Wilf once again. Prayers coming your way for more quality time with the little love-bug.

  14. I'm sure dogs know what is afoot due to the change in our actions; the way we do certain things means that such-and-such is about to happen. They are far more intelligent than most people give them credit for and they can weigh up situations very skillfully - mind you they can devote a lot of time to it - no distractions from work, washing, cooking and so on - they just have all day to suss out what is going on !!"

    Sorry to hear about Wilf's "accident", but I'm sure you don't mind it as much as he does.

  15. Ahhhh relief, the font is home and all's right with the world. Buzzy MacDuff knows when his poppa is enroute and sits before the door fully 10 minutes prior to his entrance. I've no clue how the Buzz does it, but it does impress the dickens out of me. The Vet says a dog's hearing is remarkably more acute than ours - and they can detect the household automobile engine approaching from miles away. Makes sense.

    Holding such warm thoughts for Wilfie today. Love the yawn photo.

  16. Another favorite picture (yawn) of Wilf to add to our collection. Happy that the whole family is together again.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  17. God bless the font for coming home early. An intact flock. A great comfort to Wilf...and his loving family too. One less thing for a dear sheepdog, who is still on the job, to worry about.

  18. My dogs are the same way. When one of the family is away, they mysteriously "know" before the time of return and mill about the door barking at every little sound for hours. I've concluded that I must cue them somehow (cleaning up might be a key sign)!

    So sorry to hear of Wilf's not feeling so good. I hope that more good days are on the way and that sweet Wilf feels better.

  19. Love Wilf's tousled sweet head! It makes me exude happiness! Welcome Home Font!

  20. Hey there Angus
    There wasn't a day whilst I was on holiday that I didn't think of you, Wilf and your family. I know things have been and continue to be tough, but he's a real miracle! What wonderful memories you are creating as you watch him in these golden times. Enjoy each moment despite the worry.
    Oh, and by the way...Ramsgate neighbours Margate. It's a beautiful part of our country. All the rain has made things lush and green. (You should see the fat cows in the midlands - they remind me a bit of the ones you posted about a few weeks ago)
    So glad the font is home safely. As for Tunisia, we had a family member (Touring there) during the beginnings of the upheavel. Quite an experience he tells us.
    Sending lotsaluv

  21. Wilf's yawn is adorable. Yes, I am sure he clued in on the clean up activities telling him "the font" was on the way...dogs read us minutely, so much more than we read them or one another. Prayers cont. Family intact and together. Blessings to all.

  22. A yawning dreamy Wilfie!!!! Love that picture, too.
    Wishing you endless days of grace - what an adorable polarbear! Love Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  23. Sending strength to you and "the font', comfort to Wilf and love to you all. Enjoy what the day brings.

  24. Good night sweet boy, see you tomorrow. Bisous, calins and looooove.

  25. The crooked nose with the yawn! How incredibly adorable!! Perhaps a few extra zzzz's were required this morning due to the lateness of the night before? Yes, perhaps that is it. Hopefully normal service will resume post haste!

    With love from your pals from Canada, and if you never hear from us again, its because we have frozen solid, -43 degrees celcius this morning!!,

    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker (who refuses to go outside today)

  26. I love that yawning shot!

    I've pondered the same thing. How do they know? I'm sure I must give it away somehow, plus I am pretty sure that they do hear much better than I do, but every once in a while, we do manage to surprise them! It's one of life's mysteries, and yet, I'm not sure I want to know. There's magic in believing that somehow they just sense our return! :)

  27. I hope this is a temporary set back and that Wilf is his old self very soon!


  28. Perhaps Wilf is trying to maximize his own family time just as you are trying to maximize Wilf time. A dog's sixth sense always impresses me.

  29. Your photo's are awesome!
    I know my dogs understand English!

  30. Whenever The Songwriter is due home from out of town, Edward plants himself by the front door and stares at it with a laser like focus. He knows. How is does, I shall never know. But he does. And of course, I am told he has the same routine if it's me returning. The bounding happiness is always the same, whether we've been away for a week or a hour.

  31. Wilf
    Hoomans just dont undewstand ouw mystewious powews do they?
    I love youw yawn..I'm hoping it's just one of those sneepy days and that tomowwow wif youw pack all togethew and bettew cooking to come, youw appetite will come back.
    I love you and think of you always with smoochie kisses

  32. I was all sad thinking that one of these days you or the font will come home from your various travels and Wilf won't be there to greet you.

    And now you've gone and made me even more sad with the tumor talk. I wish I could do more to help besides just keeping him in my prayers.

    I love Wilf's yawn!

  33. dogs know when their humans are coming home. we just know.

    Wilf is such a sweetie pie of a dog. we are sending lots of love to you all.

  34. sad to hear about the accident. I know he will be upset about that if it continues as old dogs are so wonderful about respecting their environment. My heart goes out to you three. God bless.