Friday, January 28, 2011

Malodorous sludge.

Outside, the landscape gardeners, the builder, and the two government septic tank men worked diligently away. Inside, Aude, the decaratrice, finished sanding down the old doors in the hallway. A slow, time consuming job. Under layer and layer of varnish an unusual, but not unattractive, combination of oak, elm and chesnut. For a while we toyed with the idea of leaving the woodwork bare but finally decided to go with the original grey limewash. It highlights the little eighteenth century paintings on the plinths and helps obscure the worst of the blemishes.

Odd how different generations have such contrasting views of how a house should look. A hundred and fifty years ago all the traces of grey limewash were painstakingly removed. Replaced by heavy, dark staining. Here we are reverting to the now fashionable original.

Wilf spent his day supervising. The septic tank excavations a particular favourite. He was finally ushered inside when 'the font' found a certain white fluffy dog getting up close and personal with an ever growing mound of malodorous sludge. Aude helped cushion the blow by sharing a biscuit with him. He settled down happily while she worked. A look on his face that said : " Silver linings aren't just discovered, they're created ".


  1. Well done, Wilf! You are training them.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. I would have stick me noses on them sludge too... bet its smelling divine :)

    Aude is very nice.. i think she's a keeper. Keep safe ole Wilfee. Catch up with you again when we return from our roadtrip.

    woofs n licks,

  3. Love the paintings above the doors - the grey is better!

  4. Oooh, Wilf is an artist too... The fact is, that the painting on the plinths seems to be gorgeous !
    The colour of the door is simply beautiful, and it suits well with the wall. Bravo Aude, who is our beloved boy's new friend.
    Have a beautiful Friday Angus, the Font and Wilfee. Lots of cuddles and bisous for him.

  5. Who knew that hallway doors could be so charming? I limewater my red brick fireplace last year so I know just how painstaking a task it is! Nice that Aude now has Wilf to listen to her, worth the price of half a biscuit!

  6. Yet another picture of Wilf to add to our favorites, his smile in the first one steals my heart. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  7. Wilf gave very good decorating advice, the grey looks magnificent. He is such a little cutie is it any wonder the workmen all returned enmasse? Glad Wilf had a painfree day. Keep up the good work, the house will be a shrine to Master Wilf.
    Hugs to all,
    Karen Rathje

  8. Well, malodorous sludge just begs to be investigated if you ask me! Better luck next time, Wilf!

    I love the doors! That is really beautiful, but I'm not sure I could have painted them again. I keep looking at both pictures trying to decide which I like better!

    Oh, and no, no owl screeches have woken us, but in the summer we do hear them trilling outside. :)

  9. Good morning smiling Wilf! I love the way you worked your way inside to get the treat. Very smart.

  10. I'm not surprised that the septic tank excavation was Wilf's favorite part. My dogs would have agreed had they been there... I'm glad that he's made friends with Aude - now known as the "biscuit lady"!

    I couldn't agree with Wilf more about silver linings. You have a sage dog.

  11. LOVE the paintings on the doors. Just fantatic! Must be so much fun to uncover the layers as you redo the house. Nice to see progress made at your home.

    My 4 Pack would find the malodorous sludge a delightful investigation as well....well maybe not Halle the Diva, but certainly the 3 little ones.

    Happy Weekend!!

  12. Almost anything malodorous would suit me to a tee! My Mom loves the limewash door with the painting at the top. . .how elegant!

    All best wishes to you Wilf!


  13. Wilf, again... Such wisdom. Cheers!

  14. Beautiful door!!! I absolutely adore the 2nd picture, both of Wilf and of the beams on the ceiling! Glorious!! And the handsome boy loves his biscuits, doesn't he? Keep going Wilf! You are beautiful!

    With love from your snowed under Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  15. What a fabulous door.
    Malodorous sludge is a favourite in this house, too. It seems to be muck-spreading week here and Lulu is enjoying every inch of the field, twice daily.

  16. Limewash or natural; both are beautiful.

    Why are the men making a sludge pile and what do they plan to do with it when they are finished. Kudos to the font. One can only imagine the germs present in that noisome mound. Sorry, sweet Wilf, must side with the humans on this one.

  17. the painting does look better with the gray door. can't blame an old dog for being attracted to malodorous sludge. That's the kind of thing dogs love. And bisquits.

  18. Lovely head,nice blog greeting from Belgium

  19. beautifull door, best regard from Belgium

  20. that septic tank project would have been a great project for Wilf.

  21. Actually I had to look up what a plinth was, now I see. I don't have any plinths in my home. I do like that door much better the lighter version and the painting above, so charming. Old houses like this have so much character and history I'm just in awe of them. Good supervisor you had there too !!

  22. Maldodorus sludge...sounds sorta like Stan's beard on a bad day...

    Scruffy tries to roll on it...(Stan's beard...)

    We would adore fixing your stinky problem...

    Dig dig dig....

    Scruffy, Lacie and Stanny