Wednesday, January 26, 2011

" Dust ! "

Wilfs weight has held pretty constant at around 25 kilos. These last few days it's become evident that he's getting lighter. His appetite remains healthy, he's alert, his pit stops are down to just one a night, but the pounds are starting to fall off him. We're hoping that it's just a side effect of the new, twice a day, insulin regime.

Madame Bay showed up at her customary hour - bright and early. She stayed for fifty minutes but left when the cohorts of workmen arrived. " Dust ! " her parting comment.


  1. Oh Wilfy, my dear fellow, I don't like the sound of you losing weight at all. But I know that Angus will be carefully monitoring you and making sure you are as well as can be. Personally I would prescribe an extra dose of coconut ice cream.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (who is not medically qualified).

  2. I watch each day to hear good news of Wilf. I hate to hear he is losing weight....more croissants! Hope that he continues to do well. I love hearing about his good days...especially when you thought he had so few. I pray that I am still reading of them a year from now.

  3. Mme Bey's Gallic logic is irrefutable: no point in cleaning if there are workmen in the house creating dust and debris. Of course, mama is less and less persuaded of the point of cleaning, period. She's been doing it for decades and it just gets dirty again.

    The loss of weight and, especially, muscle mass is sadly not unexpected with diabetes. But we hope it will be very gradual. It sounds like Wilf's health is being skillfully managed, and the proof is that he's still here.

    You're a tough little dude, Wilf.

  4. Perhaps Madame Bay's departure was for the best. We know how well she gets along with workmen.

    The weight loss could be from the insulin. He may be burning more calories than you realize getting around at times, too!

  5. I just pray for a side effect of the new insulin regime. Wilf will get some weight with spring coming, and lots of rolls in the France profonde's grass... and as Bertie said, with somme coconut ice cream, and croissant, and meringue, and pain aux raisins.
    Love you sweet Wilfee, lots of calins and bisous to you.
    Courage Angus, our thoughts are for you and the boy.

  6. I'd have to agree with Madame Bay. Better to clean after the dirt-generators are gone.

    I'm sure that it's disconcerting to see Wilf get thinner. But, perhaps it's as simple as feeding him more to go with his insulin. Our R is reveling in the vet's orders to *double* his food intake. I wonder how much R paid the vet to say *that*?

  7. All we are is dust in the wind..... (lyric by Kansas)

  8. Hopefully the weight loss can be reversed with a little extra food each day, do you think Wilf would go along with it? ;) Hugs for our sweet friend!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  9. I've heard that 'dust' translated into French may very well mean job-security for Madame Bay! :-)

    I hope you've had an enjoyable day--We're still waiting on the snow...

  10. One day at a time. I know how hard it is.
    Sending lotsaluv

  11. We're still purring hard for you, buddy.

  12. You are taking such good care of him, Angus. As said above, maybe he will take some more goodies to offset the loss of weight.

    I think I'll go have a muffin right now on Wilf's behalf...sending good food karma all the way over there. He is not far from our minds here! Hugs all around...

  13. Wilf, You NEED more biscuits and coconut icecream.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Wilf's face always gives us a smile in the mornings.

  14. Wilfie you look perfect just the way you are, you don't need to lose weight. Just looking cute as usual should get you your own dish of ice cream, which we all know is good for what ails you.(looking a little sad will get you a bigger scoop!)

  15. You are such an amazing little dog, Wilf. We draw a lot of courage and strength from you. Every day. And even more on some days.

    Thank you. With love.
    Jake and Fergi and OurFamily

  16. Wilf
    It must be pwetty diswuptive to have all that dust and wowkmen, but my paws awe cwossed that mowe yummielicious tweats will help put on a few of those lost pounds
    smooochie kisses