Monday, January 3, 2011


Wilfs crack of dawn insulin shot and then off to the cafe in the square. The waitress in the fish net tights tells me that she and her six year old son are going back to Avignon. " It's too quiet here. You see the same people day after day ". Looking at the early morning absinthe drinkers I can see her point. She says she'll miss Wilf.

The local paper carries the headline. ' First child born in the department in 2011 a boy. To be named Lenny '. No shortage of news .

There is a stall selling cyclamen outside the church. We really need a dozen to brighten up the planters on the lane. €2.50 each ! Ridiculous. Will try to get some in the market.

Speeches to be given in London and Moscow on Friday and Saturday. Men in dark suits wanting someone to tell them what will happen in the coming year. Corporate control freakery. On our way home we stop beside the stream for a walk. I run my speech past Wilf while he sniffs, snuffles and listens. The perfect audience. After I finish, he stands with four paws in the water, then looks up as if to say ' Tell them not to worry. God is subtle but he's not malicious'. Sheepdog wisdom for the New Year.


  1. Please tell your waitress that we will miss her as well.
    London and Moscow? I don't envy your flight schedule!

  2. Very wise, you Wilf!! Good luck with the speeches.

  3. How about telling your men in dark suits about Wilf, the waitress and Madame Bay?

  4. You're right, the perfect audience.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. We vote you take Wilf with and just let them marvel at the wonder he is. They won't worry about the future. They won't worry about the crease in their neatly tailored suits. They will become content with just living in the now.

    HoneyBuzz & Maureen

  6. I will miss your waitress as well, but am looking forward to hearing about her replacement.

    Wilf, as always, is very wise - and I appreciate wisdom.

  7. The perfect audience indeed. :) We will miss "the waitress in the fishnet tights" but wish her well.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  8. I think Wilf needs to go on the business trip too. Plus, he can keep you warm in Moscow bbbrrr.


  9. We too will miss that waitress, but look forward to reading about her replacement. Maybe it'll be someone interesting too. Have a good trip and hurry back.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  10. We agree. Wilf's story is about as enlightening as any other corporate insights the men in dark suits might expect.

    "Subtle but not malicious?' We have to ponder that one.

    My husband just gets to go to Birmingham (Alabama), San Juan (Puerto Rico), and soon Raleigh-Durham (North Carolina). I'd be with him in a flash to London and Moscow!!!

    xxx Joan

  11. Perhaps Wilf could give the speech? He's so reassuring... but I'm sure that you are too!

    Wilf looks happy and handsome in his photo today. I'm sure that waitress will miss Wilf the most.

  12. I always enjoy my visits here w/ Wilf.

  13. I enjoy seeing snow-free terrain....I too will miss the peroxide-haired waitress, but this will open the door for a new character to meet.

    London and Moscow.... I am already tired....but looking forward to the flight stories. Bon Voyage, have safe flights!

  14. I'm going to miss the waitress myself! I hope she and her son find good fortune in Avignon.

    Dogs really are the best speech critics! They always tell you that you're great! :) I wish you safe travels. Hopefully Wilf will have good days while you're gone, as well!

  15. What a wise comment from Wilf! He is rather brilliant, we'd say! Apart from the departure of the waitress, and hopefully her life will be on the up, let's wish Wilf some good fortune too! Keep going Wilf!

    With love, your pals from Canada,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  16. We hope the new waitress is as thoughtful of Wilf as the departing one.
    Those cyclamen look quite lovely. Large sized and full.
    At €2.50, they're a steal. We pay much more for tiny ones. They will be a welcoming sight when you return from your travels. Of course nothing can beat a laughing Wilf.

  17. I'm sure Wilf will miss the waitress too!

    Still curious what kind of speeches you give, what kind of work you do.

    Moscow and London a day apart. Don't envy you that flight schedule!

  18. We're sure Wilf will accept the new waiter or waitress with his usual aplomb. We, too, have to ponder on the "subtle but not malicious" thought. Don't know about God, but some people are malicious; thankfully many are not. Too bad the malicious seem to have disproportionate power. Seems to us the bigger problem is people keep expecting things from God and won't accept that sometimes the answer is NO.

    May Wilf's smiling face [and the fonts] be the first things Angus sees when he returns home from such a long journey.

    Jed & Abby

  19. we like the idea of seeing the same people every day. and we like it quiet. but mostly we like the image of Wilf listening to your speech and adding his wisdom.

  20. i'm glad the insulin shots are working well for wilf! too bad you can't take him along for your speeches. he'd surely liven up the dark suit crowd. :)
    belated happy new year wishes to ya'll!

    the booker man and asa's mama

  21. I had no idea I was pen pals with an oracle. So you able to predict the future? Boy, do I have some questions for you.

    I understand rehearsing with Wilf as an audience. The Songwriter employs both Edward and Apple in that duty frequently. They are marvelous at it, as is Wilf.

    Have a good trip, and thank God for insulin!

  22. safe travels, and warm pooch kisses upon your return...