Thursday, April 28, 2011

The mayor calls.

Wilf spends much of Wednesday in the upper hallway munching on Ryvitas. From here he can monitor the comings and goings of the blue coated builders, the overweight electrician, the chain smoking plumber and the mad French curtain woman. A combination of characters that would test anyones sanity to the limit. The mayor chooses this particularly inapposite moment to pop in , unannounced, for a chat about the church clock. As we climb the stairs to the drawing room ( only the best for monsieur le maire ) Wilf barks, the plumber swears, the electrician breaks a pane of glass and the mad French curtain woman decides to sing atonaly. Bedlam. Pure bedlam. It goes without saying that ' the font ' has gone off in the car leaving yours truly to deal with this cast of miscreants.

The good news is that the mayor has had an acceptable quote for repairing the church clock. The bad news is that he and the Floral Village committee want it replaced by a modern, electric, silent , definitely non-chiming system. The Beautiful Byeways committee are equally adamant that the old mechanical , chime thirteen times on the hour, every hour, twice, mechanism must be replaced. " Perhaps M'Ongoose you could come to the next town council meeting to give your advice ? ". I said that I would be delighted to do so if I wasn't travelling at the time . The reality is I'd prefer to stick my head in a gas oven than get involved in a dispute between these two mutually loathing groups of villagers.


  1. It is quite a task to have one contractor on the premises, let alone multiple trades, accompanied by barking and a politician. Quite a scene! Wilf's expression and coat look frazzled, but adorable.

  2. Think positive Angus. I'm sure the church clock meeting will provide first rate blog material...

  3. As long as the hunchback doesn't have to move...

  4. Hilarious description of the bedlam! Best not to take sides eh? Let them work it out.

  5. Sounds like a three ring circus. Isn't it great to have a legitimate excuse for not attending the is legitimate, isn't it?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. Ooooh poor Angus, you really made my day by telling this crazy Wednesday. It is like a theater play, with characters, a true "comedie de boulevard" à la Française !

    No please, don't stick your head in a gas oven ! You seem to be someone so important for them, the best you can do, will be to help.

    Did you read Marcel Pagnol, Angus ? It is exactly this type of stories he told. That's what we call "guerres de clochers" !

    Love Wilfee's photos, and of course, his haircut, he really look like a general en chef, supervising his troops.

    Cuddles and lots of bisous to him. Amitiés to you Angus, and the Font.

  7. Have just found my way to you via 'Fiddlesnips'I am SO glad I did. Major love affair with Wilf - what a handsome chap. Sorry your cast of characters sounds a riot - but I am sure less easy to cope with in real life.

  8. damn! I had to look up "bedlam." just when I thought I had a decent grasp of the English language.

    Isn't travel delightful when you need it most? I'm conveniently traveling to London the week 2 unwelcomed guests want to visit. phew. sometimes the universe slips us a juicy bone that way!

  9. Love the gas oven quote... here in Southern Italy I have to be very diplomatic too. Wilfee!!! you look just gorgeous - love the last photo - glad you had an exciting day- keep munching we keep loving you - Susanne, Daisy and Foxiietrott

  10. I wonder what the odds are that the Mayor will reschedule the meeting for a time when you CAN be there?

  11. Glad you moved to the peace and quiet of rural France?!

    Wilf, there's definitely a bed-hair thing going on today. Are you setting a new trend?

    x (for Wilf!)

  12. Gee, your house kind of sounds like my PreK classroom some days! I sense a trip in your near future -- perhaps during a certain meeting. I think it's a shame that they want to replace the old chiming clock, though.

  13. I'm so happy that you'll be traveling at the time! Did these plans suddenly emerge yesterday???

    Good thinking by Wilf to stay out of the way and munch on his treats. I hate bedlam like that in my house.

  14. Perhaps a modern clock that chimes only on the hour?

    The wisdom of Solomon seems to be called for here.

    More than once, I too have thought of Pagnol when reading the goings on in your corner of france profonde...

    xxx Joan

  15. That clock again! Send them over to see the billionaire
    Germans at the chateau and then hide!

    We're still laughing at JackDaddy's comment. But with your luck,Angus........

  16. it really is a shame that you'll be traveling. ;)

    the booker man and asa's mama

  17. Oh M'Ongoose, PLEASE write a book!!

  18. Well, that sure is a busy and productive household today!! You don't think that they might just adjust the meeting until you are back from your travels? Oh, the horror....

    And I/we must say, Wilf is looking particularly handsome today!! Love the Ryvita pic....keep going Wilf, handsome devil!

    With love your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker (who ate the stuffing out of his "duck" today...flat duck = sad Tucker)

  19. hope you both are watching the royal wedding !

  20. If you ever do write a book, it would be a bestseller! :) Hugs for Wilf!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  21. I see travel in your future.
    Just not to Marrakesh?
    I have to admit, LA is lovely just now.
    Lunch at Bouchon.
    Dinner at Melisse.
    Sunny skies. No humidity.
    If only Edward was here.

    Love to Wilf!!

  22. I'm beginning to understand after reading your first paragraph why you travel so much! I know it's "supposedly" for your work and all but I can't help thinking you're glad to leave that all behind sometimes.