Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nostril flaring delight.

It was a hot, humid day. The first hint of thunder echoing down from the mountains. To keep cool, Wilf spent most of his morning sitting in the hallway catching up on his sleep. From time to time a large black nose would briefly appear on the doorstep to sniff the air and make sure that the unpacking of the furniture was proceeding to schedule. At nine and again at ten thirty, the family supervisor deigned to come out and christen the ever growing pile of cardboard boxes . He then returned inside to settle down, emitting a loud " I'm here if you need me " sigh .

The highlight of Wilfs Wednesday ; no less than two trips to the rubbish dump to get rid of the mountain of packing. Twenty minutes of nose down,ground scraping, nostril flaring delight. As I lifted him back up into the car he had a look on his face that said " If we only knew the real value of a day ". One happy fellow.

We returned home to find that the postman had delivered another volume of the blog book. This time the formatting is right and the overall effect a big improvement over the two ' Life in Italy' volumes. Can only hope the furniture painting is as successful.


  1. When people complain about over-packaging they ignore the enormous pleasure it affords our canine friends!
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS I had a new conservatory chair delivered from M&S yesterday, and much to Bertie's disappointment, the delivery men unwrapped it and took away all the wrapping materials there and then.

  2. So, the mail is getting through again! Good luck with the painting.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  3. i've been known to flair my nostrils..

  4. I love the photo of Wilf and Digby. Wonderful...

  5. Is there any dog alive who would not be thrilled by a trip to the garbage dump? It must be almost olfactory overload for them! I can just picture Wilf's happy face!

    Good luck with the painting!

  6. Oh, how I remember that sweet picture of the two of them in the back of your car! What lovely memories your book must hold.
    Sending lotsaluv

  7. I would love to experience what a dog experiences through sound and smell. I can only imagine. The amount of time with head down, nose to the ground would be an interesting life's lesson. He looks lovely today, as always! Enjoy the smells Wilf, and keep on going!!

    Your pals from the almost spring-like reaches of Canada,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  8. God, I love that black nose!
    And what a treasure to have those hardbound books.

  9. I also remember the picture of your Boyz in the back of your car--The perfect choice for this volume of your family treasure!

  10. We are here for you Wilf, if ever you need us. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  11. I can relate, Wilf. My nostrils start flaring with delight every time I walk into a Chanel boutique.

    I hope your postman enjoyed the new blog book. He probably read it cover to cover before delivering it. ;o)

  12. I love that picture of Wilf and Digby on your book cover.

    You know, whenever I see my dogs outside sniffing something so intently, I often wonder what their perception of the object must be. And then I begin to wonder how they see the world. To state the obvious, it's a lot different from the way I see the world.

  13. Very nice to see a picture of the Brothers Pon. Very handsome gents.

    Good wishes,


  14. Glad to see you got your blog in print. I did this too in three volumes so far and love it. The blogs will surely go off into cyber space one day and we'll have the proof.