Sunday, April 10, 2011

The thespians fascinator.

Wilf was on exceptionally good form. He barked, once, at our lunch visitors and then settled down under the dining table for a protracted nap. As our thespian guest held forth on the popularity of the Kings Speech and ' darling Colin and darling Helena ' , Wilf briefly re-emerged with an angelic look on his face. That good old ' I'm an orphan dog that's never been fed - ever ' routine. Amid much laugher it was agreed that his acting skills were as good as any at the table and were certainly worthy of an Oscar. He was rewarded with some cold roast salmon.

What to wear for the royal wedding ? A problem that is weighing on the grande old dame. She apparently has to wear a ' fascinator '. This it transpires is one of those bizarre , gravity defying, feather and lace, pill box style hats that are only seen at court functions or Royal Ascot. Where to get one made ? A trip to Paris the only solution. The things one learns in deepest France profonde.

' The font ' spent twenty minutes yesterday morning laying a trail of vanilla essence across the old floor tiles. This scented path runs out of the kitchen, through the den, out into the corridor, down the stairs, across the hallway, through the front doors and into the garden. Wilf can follow this olfactory map without bumping into the furniture. A big improvement all round and much needed relief for that big black nose. Now all we have to do is find a way of preventing him from stepping on bees or wandering into nettles.


  1. What a good idea... never thought of vanilla trails!
    I hope the grande old dame doesn't mind being called old!

  2. What a clever idea to lay a scent trail. And your house must smell lovely now. A fascinating post all round!

  3. I think our boy Charlie and Wilf could both win academy awards in the 'best dramatic actor' category!

    I hope you're having an enjoyable day!!

  4. Wilf - you little entertainer - I love you!!

    What a great idea the "font" had about the vanilla trail. That should help a lot.

  5. I adore Clair Bloom and she certainly is a Grande Dame of the theatre. Even if I've guessed incorrectly, I shall hold the image of Wilf at her knees yesterday - it's a lovely thought.

  6. Can you really not spill the beans on who this person of note actually is?!

    Great vanilla essence trail idea for Wilf - does he lick his way outside or just follow the scent?

    x (for Wilf!)

  7. The idea of the scented path is brilliant. I hope that it works for Wilf.

    Ah, the royal wedding. The hat sounds hilarious.

  8. God bless the font! What a delightful way to create a trail for Wilf. Not only will he be able to find his way but he will be treated to the delicious aroma along the way.
    Fascinators again. My mum wore them for cocktails in the '50's They looked like one pulled the frou frou off of a hat and wore the frou frou while discarding the hat. They need to be worn with style or they can look very foolish. Can't wait for the wedding.

  9. Wilf, while I do love lovely Colin and fwiends, I would wathew see you and youw acting abilities any day!
    I love the clevew fonts scent idea
    smoochie kisses

  10. Oh yes, that, "I've never been fed in my life," look -- quite familiar with it. My dogs are quite good at it when I'm eating something they want me to share.

    Very thoughtful of "the font" to be so kind to Wilf like that. We had a blind poodle many years ago when I was a kid. We never thought to so do something like that for her.

  11. Does the scent trail really work for the family fellow? :D I'll be happy to hear it if it does! I'm no help on the bees or nettles, though!

    Bunny would be happy to be right there on the podium with Wilf, accepting an award! How she manages to convince everyone at the nursing home that she is horribly neglected and never petted is beyond me. I can just picture Wilf's expression!

    I suspect we won't have to worry about hats for the wedding here. Somehow, our invitations to the royal event must have been lost on the way!

  12. The 'fascinator' sounds like an appendage to one of our fine broad-brimmed Kentucky Oaks and Derby hats. Perhaps the Grand old Dame would deign to make a visit to Louisville, Kentucky, May 6th and 7th?

    Pepper will beg just like an orphan too. Salt, on the other hand, has learned that scratching at the lower left corner of the fridge can sometimes open the door. No need to act when you can help yourself to nine pounds of Pacific northwest King salmon!

    Julianna & Pon grrlz Salt & Pepper
    Louisville, KY, USA

  13. oh what a stroke of genius the scent trail is... a trail of love and kindness
    loves and licks xxxx

  14. Why have I not shared this before? and nttp:// Very good resource who would recommend the font's brilliant vanilla trail. Oh, I am such a very lowly person - I would love to dream of the perfect hat :).

  15. Great idea to lay down a scent map for Wilf. Bravo! I will remember this in case one of my dogs loses his or her sight.

    I have a lovely simple fascinator made of white feathers. I just love it. Made by a local artisan. I know you will keep private the name of the grande dame but what fun to imagine a stage legend at one's table!

  16. The Font is utterly brilliant!
    Such an inspired, deliciously scented, idea!!

  17. You've tantalized our senses with the vanilla trail and our curiosity with the grand dame...

    No clues???

    xxx Joan

  18. She may be able to find a cheap burka