Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Simple pleasures.

Sunday night Wilf was up for a pit stop at one, three thirty and then five. Last night he slept through uninterruptedly until six. Same routine, same food, same everything. The secret of controlling diabetes in dogs remains elusive. This morning he's just happy to roll on his back on the grass by the war memorial. Simple pleasures.

Real south west weather. A young Belgian couple set up a picnic on the village green. Stunningly beautiful young mother, trendy father, a new born, and a three year old. No sooner is everything laid out than a thunderstorm breaks overhead. From clear skies to torrential downpour in under five minutes. Screaming children, distraught parents. Welcome to Tarn et Garonne. ' The font ' runs across the lane and invites them to come over and enjoy their picnic under the shelter of the terrace. He a lawyer in Brussels. She a doctor on maternity leave. They're on pilgrimage to Compostella to ' remind themselves that there's more to life than work '. No pretentiousness. No proselytizing. Nice folk. Exceptions to the rule that people who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them . After Digbys experience I'll always have a soft spot for pilgrims who wander past even if I don't understand them.

Formatting on blogger becoming more and more difficult. Gaps between photos and paragraphs set, then reset. Still they come out all over the place. It's been going on for two weeks now. This gremlin proving mighty difficult to shift.


  1. Darling Wilf - sorry, I have no idea why the pit stops are so erratic - but diabetes is a strange condition... hope the pilgrims are not required so soon...

    About blogger - are you doing "blogger in draft"? Mine seems easier than that...

  2. You meet the most interesting people there this fascinates me and I always look forward to reading your blog.

  3. The thunderstorm facilitated your meeting more interesting people.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  4. Well I don't know much about pilgrims but I am mighty impressed by Wilf tongue curling abilities.
    Toodle pip!

  5. Wilf is precious! Another blogger had to admit her poodle to the hospital because of high sugar and pancreatic problems due to feeding the dog Kentucky Fried Chicken (I don't think humans should even be eating that stuff). Sending hugs to Wilf for continued health and happy moments of rolling in the grass.

    I had problems with spacing and going between compose and edit html for weeks but it is all fixed now. Definitely a Blogger issue that thankfully is resolved on my end ... for now.

    Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  6. Funny how Digby could lead you to meet such interesting people even after his passing. I love that shot of Wilf with his tongue out! No doubt he enjoyed a little afternoon company.

  7. Love that tongue curl -- my mother, may she rest in peace, could curl her tongue sideways -- a skill I always envied as a child!

    What a lovely image of the font rescuing the Brussels pilgrims from the sudden storm! Wilf must have been delighted to have his pack grow in size for a short while.

    As for blogger -- the erratic spacing on my blog yesterday was purely the result of blogger stubborness. It won. I gave up.

    When Gabbi and her siblings did blog, they had the most amazing photos of their corner of Scotland. Such an alluring difference from our overblown tropical beauty.

    xxx Joan

  8. Lovely encounter.

    I frequently have the same formatting gremlin. I generally load pictures on the updated setting, and print on the old one. Seems the new formatting layout changes my font sizes and, as you describe, separates my paragraphs dreadfully. Of course, I'm not a whiz at these things. It's usually trial and error for me. But this method has proven to be the least frustrating.

    Love to the boy!

  9. Love the photo with the rolled up tongue! How kind of you to offer a dry spot to complete strangers. S x x

  10. Dogtailwishes to all of you - Wilf you are so gorgeous - so nice you were having a good day with nice pilgrime folks - love from Southern Italy Susannae, daisy and foxiietrott

  11. What a gorgeous boy Wilf is!! That face, oh that face!!! We love him all the way over here, just from the pictures! Enjoy your day and keep going Wilf!!

    With love your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  12. Wilf
    So joyous to watch you enjoying those simple peasoows. I wish we wewe the pilgwims to be taken into youw magical wowld
    smoochie kisses

  13. Love the pictures of Wilf today. He always makes me smile. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  14. How kind of the font. Surely this act of kindness will be one of the memorable parts of the family's pilgrimage. (And they were an unexpected amusement for Wilf.)

    Are you sure none of the workman have been giving Wilf treats? Everyone proobably wants to be his friend.

  15. Isn't it amazing how our dogs change us, and those changes stay with us forever after they're gone? It seems that Digby did that for you, just as my dogs have done that for me in the past.

    I love the photos with Wilf's tongue out and with him rolling on his back in the green grass and flowers. Simple pleasures are the best.

  16. I've had the same problems with blogger too - all the weird spacing and stuff.