Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cafe, croissant and car park = contentment.

We've had no postal delivery since last Friday. The trainee postman must either be down with the flu or on strike. No one at the Post Office seems to have an answer. Surprisingly, the villagers don't seem to be in the least bit bothered by the lack of mail. " It's a holiday from paying bills " trills Kelly's owner from the shade of her vegetable patch; Kelly, the hover dog bouncing tirelessly around her.

The decorator who was hired to paint the shutters has been fired. " But why Monsieur ? I was going to start on Monday ". The fact he was supposed to start, and finish, last September didn't seem to register with him. A huffy " You'll hear from my lawyer ". An equally huffy ' I look forward to it ! '. The new painter starts next month.

Time to stock up with wine ahead of the Easter holidays. Off with the family fellow to the hyper-market . Purchases loaded into the back of the car, Wilf joins me at the cafe for a bowl of water and the curly ends from my croissant. He exudes his best ' Do you know they're serving magret de canard for lunch ? ' look. Afterwards a slow, tyre christening, walk back across the car park. Pure boy dog contentment.

On the way home a quick detour down by the stream. These days he prefers to go to places he knows. The simple joy of warm grass and a satisfying paddle in the stream. Overnight, new growths on his head. Not pretty but probably not worth bothering about. His 10th birthday on the 30th almost within reach. Just another day in France Profonde with an old friend.


  1. Another interesting day for the beautiful Wilf (and the curly ends of the croissant are the best bits, as he will know).

    x (for Wilf)

  2. It seems that you looks so comfortable walking outside and posing for pictures...Good post update too...^_^

    dog pens

  3. Oh thank you Angus for telling us Wilf's anniversary day. I really hope each one who follows this blog will have a thought for him, and wish him the most beautiful anniversary. It is just so unexpected.
    Thank you for sharing the photos of the "cafe" where you take your coffee and piece of croissant for the boy. I love to imagine you two at this place, enjoying sunshining.
    Have a beautiful day Angus, amitiƩs to you. Cuddles and bisous to my beloved Wilfee.

  4. Hello Angus & Wilf! I have to say, I would be bothered by the lack of mail and I agree about firing the decorator, and your mail carrier would be on my list too! But as you said all this is just another day in France Profonde with a good, old friend!! I hope the rest of your day has been just as enjoyable!

  5. Each extra day with Wilfey, the richer we all are!
    Sending lotsaluv

  6. He was actually surprised that you fired him? Heck, I'm amazed that he even remembered being hired from that long ago! Good luck with the new painters!

    Those green chairs do not look comfortable!

  7. As a Type A personality I do not believe I could cope with the work ethic of what you encounter. Although it is most entertaining for us to read I am sure it is extremely annoying for you! We are dealing with a few leaks in the new pergola which are (thankfully) being dealt with very timely. My fingers are crossed that we can sit on the deck soon without an umbrella.

    Wilf just rolls along taking each day as it comes. Enjoyed all the photos, from the light it appears you are in Spring in your corner of the world! Cheers!

  8. Wilf's happiness is everything and you, wonderful friends, make him happy.
    Will there be something special for his birthday?

  9. Warm grass and a paddle in the stream. Yes I too could be content with that!
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS Your dealings with the workmen remind me of a comment made to me by a very Germanic German friend who has a cottage near mine on Loch Torridon. "Gail, she warned me, what you have to remember is that round here they regard the concept of 'manana' as involving far too much haste".

  10. The curly ends of the croissant.
    That's what a good life is made of.

  11. I hope you and Wilf will drop by our blog on Tuesday, the 29th to celebrate Ruby's 'Gotcha Day'.

    ps - Wilf, the curly ends of the croissants are the best, aren't they??

  12. Darling Wilf! You look most lovely today in your pictures. Imagine, 10 years old soon! Wonderful! Enjoy your day lovely dog and keep going!!

    With love your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  13. Wilf always has his priorities on target; such a joy to see his enjoyment of his day as he takes care to savor life's special treats. Hoping for many more of those moments for dearest Wilf. DBH

  14. Sounds like Wilf's hinting at what he'd like on the menu for his 10th birthday dinner... perhaps a little bit of duck, followed by his old favourite of coconut icecream all washed down with a cool bowl of the clear stuff (with a glass or two of wine for you and the font) to mark the occasion... or should that list include a fresh car tyre waiting outside for Wilf to officially mark the occasion!

    Sending lots of love to Wilf,

  15. We think there'll be a worldwide celebration on the 30th.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    We've been waiting two years for our painter to return!

  16. Ah ha! Your barkday is coming so that's another wonderful excuse to stock up more wine and champagne for your birthday celebration!


    PS: We've noted your birthday in our calender!

  17. Any day spent with Wilf is a good one! :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  18. Another milestone coming up! We're looking forward to sharing it with Wilf.

    Are the French creditors whose bills are not being delivered - or paid - as indifferent to the reliability of the mail service as the rest of the village appears to be?

    Jed & Abby

  19. The new growths make me sad. But his birthday coming up makes me smile. Happy Early Birthday, Wilf!