Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A solitary foreigner and his white fluffy dog.

Wilf joined me for our morning trip into town. At first he was a bit uncertain about venturing out, peering cautiously from behind the front door to see what the weather was like. The hair ruffling gale which blew through on Saturday now seemed to be blowing back again in the opposite direction. The magic word 'croissant' and Wilf had forgotten about the wind. In a split second he was across the courtyard and standing waiting to be lifted up into the back of the car. Our first stop of the day the bar . Time for a quick morning coffee and regulation bowl of water before picking up strawberries at the greengrocer. The bars exposed, outside tables, left to a solitary foreigner and his white fluffy dog.

The paper carried a story about the weekend wind damage. There on page three a picture of the newsagents sign which had been blown down onto the pavement. ' Thankfully there was no one underneath it ' the story concluded. The hectic pace of life in France profonde.

A queue of pensioners outside the pharmacist wanting to know if they could buy iodine tablets. Events in Japan do not go unnoticed even here.


  1. Sounds relaxing...even with the wind.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Wilfie, beautiful you are like always... The wind here is also so strong, fearing for my big Eukalyptus trees... but spring is coming!!!! First italian "matadors" - the ancient ones - starting their courtship! Classic rooster behaviour.
    My dog tries to climb into open cupboards or wardrobes when the wind makes this sounds...
    Wilfie, hope you meet Kelly in the afternoon - Buon Rendevouz!
    Love from Southern Italy SUsanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  3. Looks like the bar's bereavement period has concluded. Also, it appears quite chilly under the arches, brrr!! We continue to have spectacular Spring sunshine and the snowmelt in ANC is steady, thankfully. After a weekend of hiking in the hills, the dogs and I took a break on Monday and hung out on the new deck in the sun with a goblet of chardonnay (after 5 pm of course). Have a great day!

  4. It sounds like a better morning, and hopefully the wind dies down soon! The magic word croissant would probably get me going, too!

  5. I guess that perhaps the gale made the pensioners worried about radiation traveling all the way to France?

    I wonder how many dogs know the word "croissant"?

  6. Dear Angus, I was hoping that the news clipping carried a picture of you and wilf...both of you are certainly worth an article in it. :D


  7. Better yet, "A white fluffy dog and his solitary foreigner."

    I love the tag on the bunny so firmly clamped in Wilf's jaws. The perfect adage for our favorite marshmallow fluff.

    Certainly the old family fellow deserves more than one croissant now.

  8. Wilf and your writing DO make for a compelling story....especially to the dog lovers in us. The combination is irresistible. I read about Wilf and then I turn around and contemplate the fluffy sweet fellow beside me, my Bosley, who keeps me company in my studio.

    Thank you again for sharing these vignettes of your life with us. :-) I'll keep reading as long as you are writing...

  9. Wilf! What an amazing dog you are! Just when we think you couldn't get any cuter...you do!
    We love the image of the dog and foreigner. All the time in the world to do exactly as you please with no one to bother you. The slow pace, the relaxed gait: a man and his beloved companion in their own comfortable world. Sweet time, may it be yours

  10. hey Wilf,

    You look beautiful in your photos, especially with your stuffie toy! I think if I heard "croissant" I would be ready to venture out into the winds, too! I bet that was a very tasty morning treat!

    Lovely photos of the town.


    p.s. hope the radiation does not make it out your way.

  11. Love reading your blog everyday. It is the beautiful, eloquent way that you celebrate and share each day, good or bad with us. Many of us have been on similar journeys...through illness or old age. We are here for you always and hope that as someone in yesterday's comments said, we hope you will continue writing and sharing with us.
    Our love and thoughts go out to you, Wilf & the font. I hope you have many more special days and lots more croissants!

    Love from CT,
    Skye, the Moondance Huskies, kitties and mom Joan

  12. A solitary foreigner and his white fluffy dog.... a good thing. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  13. i'm glad that Wilf is getting his croissant and bowl of water. dogs like routine and what dog wouldn't love a croissant.

  14. what kind of dog is Wilf?