Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Horse manure .

A beautiful , near cloudless, start to the day. Wilf joins me for the croissant run into town. The two of us make our way slowly round the market square stopping off at the newsagent, the bakers and the cafe. Not so long ago he used to do this circuit off the lead but now feels happier if he's guided along. The lady at the bakers comes to the door of the shop with the baguette and croissants. A nice gesture that means Wilf doesn't need to be left alone outside. The thoughtfulness of dog people. Back into the car. The old fellow waits patiently while I rush into the supermarket for some fresh oranges. Bag upon bag of horse manure piled high in the aisles. Not a sight we'd see in the UK .

It's still early so a quick detour down to the river for a walk . Every day we try to go somewhere new for fresh scents and experiences. This morning he's having none of it. After seventy yards he stops and turns on his back. Not so much rolling in the grass as wallowing. And there he lies. After a minute he's asleep and snoring. A private time to listen to gentle whispers. Every so often a local rides past on a bicycle wondering why an anglo-saxon is sitting on a stone by an upturned miniature polar bear. The gentle fun of life with an old dog.


  1. You are a most patient man. I salute you for your kindness to your old family fellow.

    About them horse manure.. i killed some of my plants with an overload of them. Things in the garden are never the same again *LOL*

  2. Would Wilf be allowed a quick foray into the supermarket to experience the fresh scent of horse manure? Maybe if it were run by the nice lady at the bakers.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (from Aberdeen, where the early morning skies have been clear and cloudless too these last few days...incredible but true)

  3. Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the horse manure! :)

  4. We have Zoo Poo here, because we're so close to the zoo!

    Does France have the 'honey wagons' that Germany has? Ahhhhh, those country smells.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  5. Oh sweet boy ! He fall asleep like a baby. That's just too cute. I can imagine you two, it should be a beautiful painting.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday dear Angus, cuddles and bisous to the beloved Wilfee.

  6. Even in the smaller grocery stores that sell fresh and organic foods, 'that' is a bit too natural and like the dogs, wouldn't be allowed inside.

    I'm sure in those quite moments with Wilf, even on the side of the road, is when you are feeling the closest to him.

  7. You are a UNIQUE person - I imagine the scence with the polar bear snoring and you keeping him company!!!! Just imagine the farmers what they will make of this!!!
    Tickles to Wilfie from all of us - love from §Soutern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  8. The very young, the old, they teach us to slow down. Very precious. :)

  9. Another wonderful day full of memories for you to cherish.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  10. Bagged horse manure? Oh, I wish! I grew up on a farm with horses and since we got married and bought our house, my dad has hauled a load of horse manure over every spring and tilled it into the garden for me, but he sold the horses two years ago because his Parkinson's doesn't let him take care of them. The tomatoes that grow in the garden from that horse manure are divine, though!

    Did you tell the passers by that he's a domesticated miniature polar bear?

  11. Horse manure in the supermarket? Now that's odd.

    The vision of you sitting next to a sleeping "miniature polar bear" is wonderful. Ah, warm enough spring weather to sleep in the grass.

  12. Wilfie: I think it was Angus snoring, not you.


  13. What a wonderful story...what an image of Wilf belly up!

  14. Sending a gently belly-rub across the ocean...

  15. I love these days with Wilf.
    Taking time out on his walk for a snooze on his back.
    Oh the lessons he teaches.

  16. Like very small children, who when they need a nap, fall asleep, under the table, in the dogs bed, on the kitchen floor, wherever, so goes Wilf! Sleep on and wake refreshed!


  17. We hope you brought a smile to the bicyclist just as you did to us. Such a gentle piece of pleasure.

    Jake and Fergi and OurMoma

  18. Sounds like pure bliss to us!!! Wallowing in grasses and then falling asleep gently. Perfect morning to be sure! Keep going Wilf, lovely boy!

    Love your Canadian pals who have given up on any sort of good weather (for now),
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  19. I don't know...

    Given the visitations by aliens and the renowned Madame Bay, I'm not certain anyone in your corner of France Profonde would bat an eye at an Anglo-Saxon sitting on a stone by an upturned miniature polar bear.

    But it is a good visual nonetheless...

  20. horse manure in the supermarket - that's funny! i would think that Wilf would not be a problem in the store if horse manure is welcome there.

    good Wilf for stopping to take a nap when he's tired.

  21. I thought for sure your post was going to be about Wilf going for a walk and rolling in some horse manure . lol