Sunday, March 13, 2011

Celts believe in ghosts.

The gale blew and blew. At lunchtime a huge limb from one of the ancient oaks fell onto the roof of the barn. We returned from the market to find broken tiles and splintered joists littering the ground. This is the second time this has happened. Let's hope the marvellous old trees don't have to come down. Miraculously, the Land Rover that was parked in the barn avoided all the falling masonry and debris without sustaining as much as a scratch.

No less then eleven power outages last night. The irritating sort that cut the electricity for five minutes before restoring it for ten. Wilf was not happy. As a sign of displeasure he moved his sleeping position from the dressing room to the bedroom. The tried and tested " I'm not scared. I'm just here in case you need me " routine.

The cafe in the square is open again. Our resident absinthe drinking cohort out in force. They seem more than happy to have said goodbye to the competing establishments younger, hipper, recreational pharmaceutical crowd. Wilf content to sit under the table with his bowl of water and piece of croissant. An article in the morning paper says that Louisville, Kentucky is America's most haunted town. It goes on to explain that this is " because Kentucky was largely settled by Celts and Celts believe in ghosts ". Hmmm. That's scientific.

Home for 'oeufs a la pancetta et fromage de brebis sec' with ' cake au fromage de brebis et poires'. 'The font' bought far too much cheese at the market yesterday. Brebis is going to be writ large on the menu for the next few days. Some extra pancetta for Wilf who has strategically positioned himself in the middle of the kitchen floor.


  1. Ooooh some "oeufs a la pancetta et fromage de brebis sec" with some "cake au fromage de brebis et poires", gorgeous !!! One more time, i am ready to come for lunch Angus... I am pretty sure that the Font is a "parfaite cuisiniere".
    Sorry for the second horrible night, hope it will stop now.
    Have a beautiful Sunday Angus, cuddles and bisous to my beloved Wilfee.

  2. I'm originally from around Louisville, and hadn't heard of its new claim to fame--Who would have thought that in the city best known for the Kentucky Derby it would also be the most haunted and the Celts would be to blame or to thank for it!

  3. Your life sounds a bit like mine - always something to adjust around the house and grounds and the workmen in Southern Italy... a story to themselves...
    Wilf, you look super today as usual - back to your routine - croissant. To finish a Sunday afternoon I hope you will meet Kelly.
    Love from S. Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxtrott (he is afraid of the wind and tries to hide in cupboard or sits with me on the chair in my office - he is very jealous, found out that I look at another dog, so every morning with my coffe he is up here watching - he is Italian... of English decent -Patterdale)

  4. Where ever Wilf feels comfortable and secure is where he should be. We don't want to have stress send those glucose levels soaring. So happy to hear your cafe is open again and Wilf can resume his morning routine. Goodness, we love that dog.

    A visit from a certified arborist may be needed to help with your trees. Perhaps there is someone who is affiliated with a botanical garden? Proceed with care, though. Check references carefully. Even ascending trees with invasive equipment can kill them let alone someone who merely thinks they know how to prune trees even if they've done it for 20 years. (bad experience here).

  5. Louisville is so haunted? LOL, I'm a Californian who happens to live in Louisville; it's very pleasant here, but more haunted than elsewhere is a new one on me. Perhaps the Celts referred to are the Irish who can always be found around horses, LOL.

    Seriously, I have noticed that there are a lot of 'ghost tours' offered, but I thought that was just creative marketing sidelines for great old homes.

    All the best to Wilf. There should always be pancetta for dogs who must put up with storms.


  6. It must be nice to be back with the regular absinthe crowd. I would not be a happy camper with power outages like that. What a pain!

    I've been to Louisville, but I've never heard anything about it being haunted. I didn't realize that the nationality of those who settled an area had a result on how haunted it would end up being! Hopefully they don't run you out of France!

  7. Was anyone in the absinthe crowd talking about the rugby....?

  8. we had some of those terrible winds about a week and a half ago. my husband had to go up on our roof and replace a handful of shingles that had been ripped off. i hope your trees will not need to come down!
    i think you should make pizzas with all of that extra cheese you have. :)

    the booker man and asa's mama

  9. Wilfie: you look so cute yet again today. I too lived 80 miles from Louisville, never knew it was the most haunted city. My question, what about New Orleans? Many of the cities around Washington DC claim to be haunted !!The things you find out from Wilf !!

    Zach's mom

  10. Perhaps a more scientific enquiry would show a strong positive correlation coefficient between spirits and ghosts. There are plenty of spirits in Kentucky (Jim Beam, Maker's 46, Henry McKenna, Knob Hill, Wild Turkey, etc.) with many of the distilleries initiated, operated and perhaps frequented by the Scotch-Irish. A bit of imbibing might well bring out various specters...

    Glad to see that Wilf is still fit for, and mindful of, his duties as a sheepdog. And grateful to him that he kept his small "flock" safe during the worst of the storm.

  11. We only believe in nice ghosts - not the bad kind - ours always smile and cuddle you with floofy clouds.

    Happy to see that Wilf is feeling well enough to tend to his humans and to stay alert while watching fur dangers.

  12. We're sure Wilf won't let that cheese go to waste.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  13. Love the science!

    I'm glad that Wilf was comforted by you despite the turbulent wind.

  14. Glad to hear your regular cafe is back in action again!

    Enjoy all that cheese!

  15. We;re glad Wilf was there 'just in case you needed him' last night ;-)

  16. Sorry about the barn but happy to hear that the cafe is open again.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  17. do Celts believe in ghosts? we do.

    we're glad you're back with your regular breakfast group and Wilf is getting his croissants. we hope that many morsels find their way to the kitchen floor for him!

  18. You are handsomer every single day, Wilf, that third photo of you on your back makes me want to dognap you, but you are far too far away to even think of it.