Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The first strawberry.

This morning our first port of call the greengrocers. The moustachioed owner is standing outside, under the arcades, beaming broadly. He's painted the front of the shop a deep, rich red, and is extremely happy with the result. " It's a traditional colour Monsieur. A traditional colour ". Locally grown strawberries have started to appear. A variety called gariguette; crimson, sweet and floral. Summer on the tongue. There's nothing like a bowl of freshly picked berries to enliven breakfast. We pick up two punnets for € 5 before sauntering off to the bakers.

Shopping done, Wilf and yours truly head off for a coffee and a bowl of water. A sign in the door of the cafe, ' Closed due to bereavement. Open again next week '. This means that we have to cross the square to visit the competing establishment. All faux leather banquettes , plasma screen tv playing non-stop MTV and lottery tickets. It's crowded to the gunnals. Our local absinthe imbibing crowd mingling uneasily with the resident recreational pharmaceutical set. We sit at a table outside. Not much chance of a bowl of water for Wilf amid this chaos so we quickly set off again .

After breakfast the family fellow picks his way gingerly through the hyacinths and settles down on the lawn . Time for his morning nap . He'll be ten at the end of the month. An unexpected milestone I'd like to see him make. Our old chap seems to be enjoying this stage of his life. Something in the PON DNA thats says " Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it ".


  1. A lovely lovely red i must say.. in time for spring perhaps :)

    Happiness will not forget you dear Wilfee. You are the happiness that greets us each day. Our love to you.

  2. What Anny said.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & bella

  3. Hear, hear, could not agree more with Anny.here's to that 10 year milestone and to much more happy days with Wilf.

  4. Fresh, unforced, fragrant strawberries for breakfast. Heaven!

  5. Strawberries are the simplest, and most delectable taste - and such a perfect compliment to many meals. One of those many delights we have in life that make us happy - much like Wilf's philosophy.

  6. You are so fortunate to have each other - and you both realize it - that's the fantastic part about it.

  7. This morning the news is filled with the story that Charlie Sheen was (finally) fired from his job--I am much more interested in Wilf reaching a milestone birthday in a couple of weeks! We'll be cheering you both onto this goal from the sidelines in Virginia--If only we could have a bowl of those delicious strawberries to enjoy in the meantime!

  8. Hey there Mongoose...

    It's wonderful to hear that you guys are still living it up (to the max)
    Strawberries...mmm...my mouth is watering here!

    Sorry for the absence of regular comments. (Rather hectic this end) I try my best to keep abreast with what's happening in your lives, and you guys are never far from my thoughts.

    I am constantly amazed at Wilf's resilience. He is simply amazing! We hope for "10, and many more!"

  9. Wilf brings us happiness every day :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  10. My mouth is watering just thinking about strawberries!

    I'd love to see Wilf make his tenth birthday, too. He seems infinitely happy to me to be with you! I always have to start the day by finding out what he's been up to. :)

  11. A nap in the sunshine and local strawberries. Hmmm, I think that summertime happiness is there for sweet Wilf.

  12. During her pregnancy with me, my mother craved and ate lots and lots of strawberries (July birth). To this day I adore strawberries in all forms, berries, jams, ice cream.... and she will not eat anything strawberry.

    Enjoyed the views of the town. Wish we were closer to summer but it will come. It has been gorgeously sunny here. While standing in direct sunlight up against my house it is quite warm indeed. Lovely!

    Wilf will reach his 10 year milestone. We know it.

  13. Ah yes, the strawberries arrived here last week. My favourite fruit by far.
    Edward prefers carrots, and I plan to grow my own this year. He will approve, I'm sure.

    It's nice to imagine Wilf napping midst the hyacinths. I'll carry that image through the hours today.

  14. You bring us happintss each morning :-)

  15. Strawberries!! Yummmmm! 10 years - quite a milestone... Enjoy
    Wags & woofs

  16. What a lovely thing, strawberries!! We won't see our local ones pop up until June end the earliest!!! I think we need to move to France! Enjoy your nap Wilf, youhave earned it. Keep going darling boy!

    With love, your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  17. That sure does look like some slim pickings outside the store!

  18. Strawberries, hyacinths, a lovely warm day and excellent companionship. You both are blessed.

  19. fresh strawberries sound so good!

    we're looking forward to Wilf's birthday!

  20. If Wilf will just stick with Flowers and strawberries, forgetting about Marshmellow Fluff, he may well make it to 11 years!



  21. What a lovely morning you had.

    Wyatt loves strawberries. When we brought him home as a wee pup, we had a few wild ripe strawberries just outside the front door. It was so easy to train him to go outside to go potty, because he always wanted to race out the front door and look for strawberries!

    Wyatt's Mom