Sunday, March 20, 2011

A jaunty spring in his step.

Out into the garden last night to see the ' special moon ' . Supposedly, 14% larger than normal and the closest its been to earth in 20 years. Perhaps it was too much, or too little, champagne but to me it looked exactly the same as it always does.

Wilf trotted out behind us with a chew in his mouth wondering , as dogs do, what in heavens name we were up to . Between the moonlight and the unseasonal glow from the old farmers Christmas star the garden looked surprisingly festive.

' The font ' drove into town to find out about yesterdays blood loss. Thankfully, it was one of the two marvellous doctors on duty and not the prim Parisienne. The vet patiently explained that its either the stomach or the kidneys. Neither development unexpected after five months. If it continues , or if we think he's in any pain, we should bring him in. Meantime a new course of Cortisone tablets.

Wilf remains completely oblivious to our concerns. His appetites robust, the thought of Kelly puts a jaunty spring in his step and he's become pretty adept at playing touch rugby by using just scent and hearing. Whatever happens dogs have an attitude that seems to say " You may live longer than I do, but I will live more ".


  1. Live for today!!

    Stormy (in Saudi Arabia)

  2. Hey there Mongoose.

    I've sent a link to you - with the hope that it gets through your 'spam' folder. I think you might like it. Please look out for it.

    Thinking constantly of you guys.

  3. Wilf always lives life to its fullest! We looked at the moon, too, but didn't see much difference either.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  4. We could all learn a lot from Wilf - how to count your blessings, make the most of what you can do and not dwell on the things which are now impossible.

  5. Funny, the champagne-fuelled humans we are staying with in the big house near Aviemore thought just the same thing. Same size moon as usual! A new scientific theory is been born, hypothesis - champagne consumption shrinks perceived size of moon....

  6. Living life to the fullest - we have a lot to learn from our dogs.

    I had margaritas instead of champagne last night and the moon seemed the same size to me too - but it was bright!!

  7. The full moon was simply gorgeous here in Brittany, orange, above the sea, it was amazing. I don't know if it is the sea, but in fact, the moon seems to be bigger than usual.

    Happy to read good news from Wilf, hope it will go on for a long time.

    By the way Angus, we are March 20th, Wilf's anniversary is coming soon, don't forget to tell us the exact date, for an all around the world "verre of champagne" for him.

    Enjoy this Sunday Wilfee, cuddles and bisous, my sweet.
    AmitiƩs to you Angus, and the Font.

  8. May there be many more jaunty-stepped days. :)

  9. Dearest Wilfee, In your wise way, we know you will revel in this springtime day; you are always in our thoughts..DBH

  10. A jaunty spring in his step on the first day of spring, way to go Wilf :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  11. We were unable to see the Super Moon due to the clouds, however we did look for it. Glad Wilf has a new love-interest which is putting a spring in his step, that alone may carry him a while longer. He seems to be pretty stubborn, which is a good thing. Enjoy your day little buddy.

  12. Without a flashlight we walked up into the field in back of us to get a better look at the moon. I've never done that and had to admit that it seemed pretty bright, but that could have been because we walked into the field...

    But it's always a good start to my day to read that Wilf is 'okay' and we look forward to that continuing as his birthday draws closer!

  13. Just caught up on the posts of this past week...always so happy to see Wilf's sweet face and read your interesting posts about your daily lives. I think I will redouble my efforts to catch up with you every day...I don't want to miss any reports. I pray for his continued survival and for your emotional strength. Every day a blessing and a gut-wrenching dose of reality. I thank you for sharing this bittersweet journey that you, the Font & Wilf stalwartly face. May God continue to bless and keep you all.

  14. my moon looked different!!! it had a green halo around it...and so bright... but it could have been the effects of a couple of G&Ts!!...keep living it up dear wilfee..xx

  15. Well, we had too many clouds last night to even see the super moon. I was really disappointed.

    I think dogs do live by that motto! That first picture looks like he's glowing.

  16. Happy Spring! We don't have any spring-like weather here today. Hopefully Mother Nature will get her act together and warm it up.

    I looked at the moon too last night and didn't see much difference either.

    When I read your post from yesterday, I didn't realize for some reason that the blood was from Wilf. Yikes, very scary! I hope you've seen the last of it.

    I had a cat who peed blood regularly. He had a lot of kidney and bladder problems though throughout his whole life. Still didn't make it any easier to see it all the time in his litterbox.

  17. We watched that big ol' moon rise last night as it came up blood red/orange above the Atlantic Ocean. We were visiting friends in Portland, Maine at the time. I think Narrative is correct - perhaps having the perspective of watching it rise over the ocean made the difference. So glad Wilf is getting the hang of touch rugby again! Hugs to all.

  18. We had a cloudy sky last night, but I saw the big moon on Friday evening. It looked bigger to me at that time, even before I knew it was supposed to be bigger.

    Cheers, Wilf, the most loved dog on the planet!


  19. Prim Parisienne; is that what you call her? Your are too kind, just too kind.
    We are relieved to hear that one of your regular vets was on duty to answer the font's questions. God only knows what heartless answers would have been given by the Parisienne. We are sure the font is a strong person, but it is never easy to receive less than good news when you are alone.

    The moon, with our weather, looked really no different. Big, round luminous moons of all types are beautiful. But we must admit we love and find most delight in Cheshire moons. The smile in the sky.

  20. Wilf
    Anothew lesson leawned.Thank you!!!
    You live life twooly to the fullest pawsibull. I can just imagine you playing touch wugby and the bounce in youw step when you'we neaw youw lady love
    no pain! just joy!
    smoochie kisses

  21. Enjoy your Sunday, beautiful Vlfee!

  22. Wilfie,big scritches & a bowl of coconut ice cream. Keeping you & yours in our thoughts.
    Fay & her girls in stormy N.CA

  23. it was a nice full moon, but not didn't quite live up to the hype.

    Wilf knows how to be happy. humans could learn a lot from dogs.

  24. We didn't fine the moon to be one bit different than normal here in Virginia, US either! Very interesting.

    So glad to hear that Wilf is still feeling spry and is enjoying every single day :)