Monday, March 21, 2011

Cheerful wholesomeness.

Ever since we started blogging all the photos have been taken with a mobile phone camera. A useful discipline to keep things current. This morning we've switched over to using an iPhone. The hapless Sony Ericsson sent to that drawer in the kitchen where all unloved household gadgets finally end up. We're still getting to grips with using the new i-lens. Tomorow will, hopefully, be more in focus.

A bad night for Wilf. Lots of pit stops and heavy drinking. The insulin and diabetes simply not working together. With sleep impossible we're up early and in town at first light. Parking spaces to be had and the cafe quite empty. At the bar three, serious, pre-seven am imbibers. Wilf settles down under the table , nose protruding, while I collect a coffee and a bowl of water. From reading the local paper you'd believe that France alone is acting in Libya. No mention of the coalition until a solitary paragraph on page three.

The supermarket has had one of its startling nocturnal makeovers. Its turned into an Easter grotto. Aisles of Easter bunnies and tulips. Rows and rows of grinning chocolate rabbits exuding a cheerful wholesomeness. Spring is well and truly here.

A quick detour down to the stream for Wilfs quick pre-breakfast paddle and drink. When we get home the nice young vet is there talking to 'the font'. She's been worried about his blood loss and wanted to drop off a new product that coats lesions in the stomach and intestines. ' It's like gut mud ' she says unexpectedly, in English, as way of explanation . A reminder of just how kind and thoughtful people can be.

If things don't improve by mid-week Wilf may go in for a blood test . Then we'll know about his kidneys. Every dog knows that ' three things cannot be long hidden : the sun, the moon, and the truth ' .


  1. Sorry to hear about Wilf's bad night. Hope he'll have a better day today. Your vet is very kind.

    Our love to the fluffy fella. We are counting down to his 10th birthday.

  2. What a blessing to have such a thoughtful and caring vet. We do hope the 'gut mud' helps.

  3. Good Morning Angus! Any picture with Wilf in it is a good one!! But you've mentioned before that you take your pictures with a cell phone and I admire your ability to do that so well because I've never been able to, no matter how many times I've tried.

    What a kind and caring vet to do a house call and bring a new medication--Dropping by for that is unheard of here! But I hope it does the trick and that today and this evening will be uneventful ones for you both. Know we're keeping you all in our prayers.

  4. Yes, I too am sorry about Wilf's deterioration. What a blessing to have a kind, compassionate vet at a time like this.
    Sending lotsaluv

  5. Hope the mud Wilf can enjoy many more paddles in the creek.

    Hot cross buns started appearing here about six weeks ago, as did chocolate eggs, bunnies, bilbies...

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  6. Wilfie, maybe a little more KEllie-Therapy will help as well? Holding our paws and fingers crossed for the most beautiful polar bear dog - love from Southern Italy Susanne Daisy and Foxiie

  7. Keeping our paws crossed for Wilf. Wishing him a better night sleep tonight. Hugs to all.

  8. Good morning sweetest Wilf. Photos this morning are wonderful, even with the new phone. Sorry to hear about the less than restful nights, but happy to know you have a doc that still makes house calls. Must know how wonderful you are. I wonder if there are carob Easter bunnies?

  9. I hope it's just another off night for our favorite PON. I love the phrase "gut mud" though, and am thinking hard about how I can use that in a conversation today!

    If only more people knew the same thing!

  10. I hope Wilf is having a better day. Love the "gut mud" I hope it works. I think the fact that the vet came to visit Wilf at home shows how special he is. I love reading about his daily adventures, even when it is just a trip to the stream.

  11. Keep fingers crossed dear Wilf that this magickal medicine will work and your guts will be "muddied" in no time flat. Can't waste precious daylight to explore and sniff can we now? Let's hope this evening is more gentle on you darling boy. Keep going Wilf...

    With love your Canadian pals (who are bracing for yet another winter storm)....sigh,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  12. we know we are not meant to be sad, but its hard not to be today it just dosnt seem fair! loves and licks xxxx

  13. We wish you very much good luck, Wilf, and how can you miss with a vet who makes house calls, parents who love you, and a huge fan club who offer prayers for your well being?

    Stella, Jo and Her Z-ness

  14. Sending pawsitive energy to you, Mr. Wilf.

  15. Sending comforting thoughts to you all. We so enjoy Wilf and his adventures. We've fallen a bit in love with him :) Praying that the 'gut mud' works its magic.

  16. Dittos to all the comments above. And, Angus, you have been a superior photographer with the old phone..and these are good, too. Your photos and stories are priceless.

    Hugs and love to Wilf by the boatloads.....only so much a body can take, but it seems your vet is very good.

    Thinking of you in North Carolina.

  17. 1. I will take a dark chocolate bunny please
    2. Wow, drinking before 7 am. Pretty awesome! 3. Hoping the gut mud works magic for the family fellow.

    Great pics at the market. I LOVE my iPhone.

  18. Praying that the "gut mud" works. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  19. All these years of trying to keep our dogs away from mud, and then Wilf's vet perscribes it!

    I hope Wilf sleeps better tonight, and if he does need mid-week tests you are able to see the same nice vet then and when he gets his results.

    Riley (and his mum)

  20. Keeping my fingers crossed for you all.
    Much love , and an extra special hug for Wilf, also from Maud and Millie, Tilda and Thomasina, and Gibson.

  21. beautiful pictures and lovely post....
    glad you got the cheerful Vet!
    thoughts are with you and Wilfie..

  22. You remain in our hearts and our prayers, dearest Wilf We hope you can feel our love as well as the love of all of your friends around the world. We know that you are receiving care from a vet who really CARES for you and that is a blessing.
    We pray that the new medicine works and your glucose level finds it's way back under contol. Physiological stress of any type wreaks havoc with diabetics. Hang in there, love.
    Thank you for the truth. You are in our prayers too, Angus and The Font.

  23. your vet is very kind. we're hoping that the gut mud does the trick for Wilf.

    the iPhone photos are great. congrats! i just got an iPhone recently and love it.

  24. I thought your pictures turned out great! I want some of those chocolate bunnies.

    Breaks my heart to hear about Wilf not doing so well. I hope it's just a one night thing and that the new medicine will help exponentially.

    Wilf is always in my prayers and will remain there always. I still pray for Digby too.