Thursday, March 3, 2011

" What can be done ? ".

This is the third night in a row that Wilf has slept solidlly all the way through . The recent problems with truncated sleep seem to be behind him. Diabetes management is undoubtedly a process of trial and error. It's not just the diet and insulin dosage. We're coming round to the view that last week he was hugely stressed by a further deterioration in his eyesight. Now that his flock is around him and he's in a firm routine he seems better able to cope with the blindness. Thankfully, through it all he maintains a ' better to light a candle than curse the darkness ' zest for life.

Madame Bay is busily hoovering upstairs. Our saintly septaguenarian readying the house for a mid-morning council of war. Another brick has fallen off the church tower. In the process it narrowily avoided the mayors secretary, who was sitting on the churchyard bench below, enjoying the sunshine. At ten thirty the mayor, the deputy mayoress, the little lady in the purple hat and the convenors of the ever feuding Village Fleuri and Beautiful Byeways committees are coming to the house for an emergency session. " What can be done M'Ongoose. What can be done ? ".

Hopefully, the deputy mayoress will bring a biscuit for Wilf. It can also be expected that the delegation will finish off the last of the chocolate Bath Olivers. I'm betting that our little get together will last two hours. 'The font' says two and a half. After all , this being France, everyone must say something at length. Twice.


  1. Sorry to read the church tower is disintegrating. Hope the meeting produced a solution that's not too expensive.

    Good to read Wilf continues to adjust and is once again sleeping well. Must be Kelly :) One is never too old for l'amour; or at least, we hope not.

    Jed & Abby

  2. Oh, I was recently at a meeting where some participants needed to speak ad nauseum; I understand your concern for the length of your consultation re: falling bricks. Wilf's nose is wonderful. I now see his thinness. So glad you stayed home this week.

  3. Hey Wilfy, the longer the meeting, the greater the biscuit opportunities!

  4. i hope they bring jaffa cakes.. else.. just don't let them in Wilfee :)

  5. We're with Bertie.....

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. What ever happened with the dead pigeon and the clock?

    I think 'the font' is right about the amount of time the meeting will take, I think 'the font' is right...

  7. thanks for a good always!
    hugs to Wilf..

  8. I'm voting for them to bring sausages for Wilf, their host.

    The church tower disintegration sounds scary, especially for the poor person who was narrowly missed. I hope that you can figure out a solution.

    Ah yes, alien life forms in Colorado!

  9. I'm glad that Wilf is feeling more settled and secure.

    Gee, that meeting kind of makes me feel better about going to work today!

  10. How interesting that those "foreigners" who were allegedly "taking over the village" are looked to for advice in a village catastrophe. Whenever we have to make a decision about something, we always ask, "Jake, what do you think?" We're sure that Wilf, when similarly questioned, will have the answer to the problem: "Coconut ice cream all around!!"

    xxx Joan

  11. A word of advice. Slip some biscuits into their hands if they arrive without them. WIlf will never know and the afternoon will run smoother.

  12. It's wonderful to hear Wilf has been sleeping through the night. The stress of your absence combined with his vision problems haf really talen a toll. Diabetes and stress: a bad combination. We are so glad you chose not to travel. Your family loves and needs you. You are their rock. Chocolate Bath Olivers? The guests will eat until they're full and if there are any left, they will find their way into purses to taken home for later enjoyment. Better kiss those biscuits goodbye.

  13. It is very good you stayed with Wilf during this time. I love him from here...such a good fellow.

    I hope the brick / spire fixers won't do to the church the same that happened to your ancient wall. ?? Good luck with that. It looks beautiful in the picture. Nothing like a committee of government bureaucrats to decide. Is the church not owned by the parish? Curious.

    XXXOOO to Wilf...

  14. Well I just had to look up what Bath Olivers were and now I know!! :)

  15. Wilf looks decidedly relaxed in today's snaps. Glad to hear that he's sleeping thru the night. There is nothing like a solid night's sleep, for both beasts and humans.

    Keep going Wilf,lovely boy!

    With love your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  16. Never a dull day in your neck of the woods!
    Sending special hugs to Wilf...what an amazing lad!
    Lotsaluv too,

  17. Hopefully the meeting was productive!
    Hugs for Wilf!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  18. dogs love their rountine and it's got to be especially reassuring for Wilf with his deteriorating eyesight.

    we hope that the dilemma of the falling brick can be solved.

  19. Get the Christmas decoration farmer to shin up there to have a look

  20. Did the deputy mayoress bring Wilf that biscuit? I hope so.