Monday, December 14, 2009

Education completed.

A bitterly cold start to the day but the snow that was supposed to fall overnight has somehow missed us. The two boyz stuck their noses out of the door at first light but faced with frost on the grass and a wall of glacial air they turned on their heals and retreated to their respective beds for some additional beauty sleep . I went off to the bakers in town for the croissants alone - so much for mans best friend. Let's hope their lack of energy is a seasonal thing and that they'll revert to being more active come the spring and the brighter,warmer weather. Wilf is having less exercise but consuming as much food as before - a check on his waistline will be in order later today.

Lunch yesterday with the nuclear physicists was a convivial if intense affair. My knowledge of lithium and deuterium and the benefits of fusion over fission is now as complete as it is ever likely to be. As compensation the wine list was wonderful and a peaceful 20 minutes was spent studying it while 'the font' engaged in meaningful conversation. Everyone chose fish so the bottle of Chateau Figeac was replaced by a Grand Cru Chablis. Strange,when I was a child cod was the most of mundane of foods but overfishing has elevated it to luxury status alongside turbot and halibut.

' The font ' is off to Paris for the night , ie shopping. A beef stew has been cooked for me and left in the oven. All I have to do is remember to heat it up and of course take it out again at roughly the right time.


  1. Geesh!...Times are tough, hey Angus!?! (hehe!)

  2. It sounds like France suits you! I hope 'the font' has fun shopping!

  3. Max - A bribe is a bribe ! A weighty lunch in return for having control of the wine list.

    RCS&J - Proving to be much easier than we thought and with a very few exceptions the people couldn't be more welcoming

    Houndstooth - As sure as night follows day 'the font' will have fun shopping !

  4. I'm so glad that you found a Christmas tree but horrified that it fell over. My fingers are crossed that it's now standing upright, ornaments attached, in your home.

    Actually, I might enjoy lunch with a nuclear physicist who was capable of communicating with non-physicists. I love getting a window into unknown territory. But, many scientists have lost any sense of how to tell lay people about science... perhaps your lunch partners were not part of that faction and you learned something!

  5. HI Wilf and Digby,
    Glad you are staying warm and safe inside. Don't worry about waist lines, when spring comes they will get right again.
    Hope you have a good holiday season.
    Bambi our dog, Happy our cat and me Fern