Saturday, December 5, 2009

The village Christmas fair.

A beautiful clear blue sky greeted me when I flung open the curtains this morning - a wonderful start to the day and quite a change from yesterdays drizzle. Over breakfast I suggested to 'the font' that we make the most of the fine weather and go into the centre of Toulouse for some sightseeing and a spot of lunch. Simply impossible. I was reminded that today is the day of the village Christmas fair and that Madame Bay is organizing the bakery stall. Gentle readers you may well wonder , as I do, how a village that boasts eight houses, a speed bump, a war memorial, two cows, a church, and ten street lamps can hold a Christmas fair. You might be even more puzzled to learn that it starts at at lunchtime and is planned to finish at ten this evening. Just how long can it take Madame Bay to unload her heavily armagnac laced tarte tatins and apple clafoutis? Apart from Madame Bay with her bakery stall what else could be competing for our attention between lunch and the evening hours? A full update will be provided tomorrow together with pictures. I somehow have the feeling that alcohol is going to be involved although sadly not the bottle of St.Estephe I had planned to savour over lunch in the Cafe de l'Opera in Toulouse.

Digby's joints are still giving him grief . 'The font' managed to entice him into the kitchen with the promise of a piece of croissant while Wilf was quickly harnessed up and taken out of the front door by me for a long walk. Oh the duplicity one learns as dog owners ! It didn't take Digby long to discover that his brother had absconded with me and the yaps of frustration could be heard following us down the road. He is now sulking on his bed in the kitchen, back turned as a sign of his extreme displeasure. Wilf is just happy.


  1. oh Digby, it is for your own good honey! i have to do the same thing...but little nelli is too old to realize what is going on and is always happy on our return...
    can't wait to see the pictures of the christmas fair...
    you town is very small, Madame Bay must be the queen?!

  2. Hey there Angus, Wilf & Digby
    Seems like you have settled in nicely into your new surroundings...albeit not having the finery of English Christmasses. Never mind - Christmas has not begun to happen yet in our neck of the woods either. I have to ask...why not make your own cake and pud'?
    (In our household we have 'the Christmas cake test' for any prospective suitor to our obviously didn't pass yours...(chuckle in the background!)
    Well, we are back from our short visit to the SA coast and hope to be a regular visitor to your blog again. France sounds like fun - except I have heard that they don't like the English...can that be true?
    Max's mom in SA
    ps Sorry to hear of the pooches ailments...hope they ease up soon.

  3. Oh, poor Digby! I feel for him!

    *fingers crossed that pictures of the Christmas fair include a photo of Madame Bay*

  4. I feel so for Digby - Java is having joint problems too - it's hard to watch our dear companions age.

    On a lighter note, I can hardly wait to hear about the Christmas faire.


  5. Gosh. That photograph of Digby in bed looks so much like Edward it is hard to believe it's not him. Of course, Edward's bed is covered in tartan, so I guess it is not him after all. I'm so sorry about Digby's joints. My two are still too young for that sort of problem, but we've experienced it with other dogs so we know it's distressing.

    I so enjoyed reading of your trip to London. Even in the rain, it's my favourite city. And Christmas cake from Fortnum's! Bliss!

  6. Poor Digby... my dogs feel his pain. You might consider Adequan injections - they seem to help our dog with elbow dysplasia a great deal.

    The fair sounds mysterious and fun! Can't wait to hear more.

  7. Digby breaks my heart. it is the same here, alas six dogs are difficult to walk by one person or both when we are here together. and Bishop's in the same boat with Digby, ol' joints.