Saturday, December 26, 2009

A lovely day.

Christmas in the old farm house was well nigh perfect with weather to match. Despite, or perhaps because of, the temperamental boiler, the lack of beds, the missing DHL parcels and the peculiarities of the electrics a day of laughter and happiness was had by all. Wilf and Digby were to the forefront of the action in their role as family clowns. As each present was unwrapped they would sit , side by side, in front of the recipient watching in unadulterated fascination as the gift emerged from the paper. After a cursory sniff to make sure there were no sausages left hidden in the parcel they would move on to the next recipient, where the whole process of sitting and staring would be repeated. Their attention didn't flag once in over an hour - 'surely' , they seemed to be saying, ' there has to be something good to eat around here ?'. Tears of mirth flowed. The boyz have understood that they are not family dogs , they are family.

Jokes from the crackers:

Q: What fish sleeps the most? A: The kipper

Q: What did the woodworm say as he walked in the bar? A: Is the bar tender in here?

Q: What do you get if you cross a snowman with a vampire? A: Frostbite


  1. i love this...."they are not family dogs, they are family" so sweet and true...
    beautiful pic of the countryside, looks like the weather was beautiful....
    we had rain all day....
    on fridays and saturdays i get up at 4:15a..the other days at 5p...i'm an early riser naturally...:)

  2. "The dogs are not family dogs. They're family"... A perfect saying. I couldn't agree more strongly!

    I'm happy that you had a fun day!

  3. I can just picture the boyz sitting there at each gift unwrapping! I really hope they got presents of their own after all that!

  4. I have to agree - family "dogs" are truly family. I hope the boyz finally got those sausages.


  5. KKS - That takes strength to get up at 4.15. It must be pitch dark at that time in the morning as far north as you are.

    KB - The two of them certainly don't think they're dogs - they act more like eternal toddlers.

    houndstooth - they got a special lunch

    RCSJ - Sadly, with Wilfs post pancreatitis digestive system they are out of bounds - he did get some plain chicken and vegetables and an extra helping of porridge.