Saturday, December 19, 2009


Wilf and Digby adore porridge. In these arctic conditions we boil up enough oatmeal at breakfast for ourselves and for them .They wait patiently side by side in the kitchen like two canine gourmands, relishing the smell of the porridge while it cools. When its ready they hunker down over their bowls where amid much lip smacking and delighted snorting it's quickly demolished . We find that Wilf gets indigestion and allergies if we give him wheat based food ( an after effect of the pancreatitis) but porridge he can eat to his hearts content. Not surprisingly the boyz muzzles require a thorough cleaning post breakfast to remove the last of their breakfast from the long fur around their mouths.

We are anxiously waiting for new beds to be delivered from London. When we first moved in, seven weeks ago, I ordered replacement beds for the ones we had left behind in Italy. It is only now, with the imminent arrival of family,that the manufacturers dilatory approach and frequent last minute delays in getting them to us is becoming irritating. Having been told they would be here on Friday ( at the latest) they are now promised (firmly and finally) for Monday - snow willing.


  1. Porridge - yum! Are Wilf and Digby salt or sugar men? And have they approved the replacement beds?
    Cheers! H.

  2. delighted snorting, my favorite sound!

  3. Snow willing leaves a lot of room for "no-shows". You need to have them be more specific. What does it really mean: Will only the possibility of snow according to the weatherman prevent them from coming? Will a 1cm layer prevent their arrival?

    Today I am a cynic and my foreign roots are showing. I will check again to see if they actually come through on Monday.

  4. Hamish - They are honey addicts - not very Scottish but it suits them.

    Shane Rocket - You'd be very happy around here - both dogs and humans snort happily all the time.

    Bev - It seems that you have to battle over everyhting these days. Fortnums still haven't delivered and the ebd people were supposed to call an hour ago to say all was well. We shall see on Monday.

  5. Hello Angus

    I hope you are settling into France ok.

    If you need any info or help in anyway, ping an email and I'll try to help.

    Good luck and settle in.

    Rub your doggies ears for me.

    All the best


  6. While I enjoy hearing my dogs eat, what I really liked and was very calming was hearing my horses eat - chewing on hay and grain. I would sit in the sun and listen.

  7. Edward and Apple feel the same about scrambled eggs. They each get a taste in the mornings. On two identical pink transferware plates.