Saturday, December 12, 2009

Enjoy the sun - snows coming!

The two boyz spent much of yesterday afternoon sound asleep on the terrace. After lunch Wilf sauntered out of the kitchen door and slumped down onto his spot by the wall while Digby settled next to him - canine happiness , carefree slumbering while soaking up the winter sun. They had better make the most of it - the weather is set to get cold. From 18 degrees yesterday a sudden cold snap taking us to -7 and accompanied by heavy snow is forecast for Monday.

We drove all over the area yesterday morning looking for a Christmas tree - but to no avail. They had all gone. The garden centres were empty, the florists stripped bare. There were two or three straggly ones left in the supermarket forecourt but they were the sort of trees with all the branches concentrated at the bottom that no one will ever buy . Faced with the possibility of a Christmas without a tree 'the font' asked one of the check out staff if she knew where at this late stage we might be able to buy a decent looking one . The young lady promptly disappeared only to reappear a few moments later with a large brown box, prominently marked 'made in PRC ' and with a picture of a luxuriant fir glued to the front. An 8 foot tall artificial tree. We've never had an artificial tree before but beggars can't be chosers and from the picture on the box no one should ever be able to tell the difference.

Assembling the tree was easy. After five minutes of joint effort, we had a handsome 8 foot tall douglas fir look alike rising proud on the terrace ready to be decorated. We stood back contentedly to look at our creation. The reason we've never bought an artificial tree soon became apparent. The trunk was made of eau de nil coloured artificial fur while the foliage that adorned its wire branches glistened bright blue in the afternoon sunlight. Lesson - beware shop assistants selling you the last remaining Christmas tree from stock. I'm off with the boyz in the SUV this morning to see what we can find in deepest France profonde. Anything has to be an improvement over the Nanjing State Fir Tree Factory product.


  1. And the Christmas tree search is on!! I wait until the week of Christmas, but since VA and NC are covered with Christmas tree farms, I can usually find something. Maybe in a different light that tree won't look so "blue". Have you been singing that Elvis song around it??


  2. Good luck today!! My neighbors sneak onto my land and cut down trees, making me furious because trees are so precious. But, since you're a friend of mine, you're welcome to fly to Colorado and come cut a tree from my land if you so choose. I don't know how much the airline will charge you to take it to France but it might be worth it!!!

    BTW, we have new signs this year - "no Christmas Tree cutting" - feel free to ignore them!

  3. We wish you good luck in your tree search! If you get desperate, maybe you can have Madame Bay stand by the window and hang a few ornaments and some tinsel from her! We'll be looking for tree pictures soon!

  4. Goodness, they do run out early in the french countryside! I always have the picture of the French bringing in their trees on Christmas Eve...but I suppose that is only in the movies. Wishing you great luck!!

  5. RCS&J - It would take more than an Elvis song with this tree

    KB - Thanks for the offer

    Houndstooth - the image that conjures up!

    PT&E - Even better - the village Christmas decoration has gone up. A large single white star - rather touching in its isolation.