Monday, May 10, 2010

And when we arrive at the end of our journey ?

While Wilf and Digby slept we drove to the local town for the Victory Day festivities. We arrived too late for the release of the homing pigeons or the cart horse parade but we did manage to catch the judging of the best baguette competition. By the war memorial a young lady with a rather severe haircut and an 'eighty a day' voice was singing 'Old Amsterdam' in an increasingly emotional manner. Helped along by a mornings uninterrupted imbibing the customers at the little bar on the square were moved to tears by the rendition. They were equally emotional about her next song - that famous French classic 'Uptown Girl' or ' Hup toon gill' as it became in translation. What Anglo-saxons are capable of doing to the French language the French are equally capable of in return.

We bought some Hidcotte lavender for the garden, some of the award winning loaves, and 'the font' bought some foul smelling sausage much beloved by Swedes and other continentals. It was a thoroughly enjoyable hour. Perhaps it wasn't the most sophsiticated trip out but it had a refreshing innocence to it that has long disappeared in other parts of Europe. In this farming belt the link between man and nature remains unbroken.

Digby had a peaceful night but the disease continues to work remorselessly away . He's not in pain , he's displaying a remarkable tenacity but his eyes seem to say ' please make this better'. It's over a week since he was able to hold anything down and the end of his journey is close. This morning to our shock and surprise we found that he had simply disappeared. One minute he was at the top of the stairs the next he was gone. We looked everywhere for him until 'the font' found him in the drawing room stretched out on one of the old Turkish carpets we brought from Scotland. He's got to the stage where he wants to be alone with the comfort of old familiar scents and memories. The drawing room is out of bounds but at this stage he's decided 'what the heck'. Independent to the end. I think there will be mischief and laughter in heaven tonight.


  1. With each post, we hold our collective breath. Will this be good or bad news? Valiant Digby. Our paws and fingers are crossed....not actually sure why...speedy, painless end, or a miracle.

    Thoughts are with you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. And it will be the best kind of mischief. Digby, you have been a real lesson in grace and courage to all of us.

  3. Dear Angus!
    I've also got lump in my throat this morning with what's to come for Digby. What I've learned with Max though is that when you realy think this is the may not be. I wish you courage and strength. My love and prayers for you all still cross the great expanse of sea and land. May you be surrounded with love.
    PS. Again...thanks for your resolve in keeping us up to date with you! It is greatly appreciated. You are on my mind constantly.

  4. It sounds like Digby is almost ready to go on his next big journey. It is so painful to let him go ~ and yet it is the greatest gift of all to be prepared to let go, when he decided the time is right.

    We too hold our breath, wanting a miracle, yet prepared for news that Digby slipped painlessly onward.

    We read this on someone else's blog earlier today and it seemed appropriate to tell Digby:

    The dream is not over,
    The dream is just away
    And you will fly
    Like some little wing
    Straight back to the sun
    The dream was never over
    The dream has just begun

    With love and purrs from Milo and Alfie and our Mom xxx

  5. At all stages of life, even towards the end, our beloved dogs demonstrate their own distinctive personality, and we love them even more for it.
    Very best wishes to you all,
    Gail and Bertie.

  6. Milo and Alfies comment I think says a lot.. Keeping you in our thoughts wth love at this difficult time.. Love Carol and GJ xx

  7. Sweet Digby has stolen the hearts of so many...Our's included..

    Like the others, we pray for a peaceful journey for him...But, still pray for that miracle, too...

    You remain in our thoughts & prayers...

    Abby & her Mom xxxxxxoooooo

  8. Whatever the day brings, we wish you all the best of our hope and love.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. We're thinking of you all.
    Maggie, Milly, and Shelby

  10. O Digby. Every time we read about you Mum and I cry.
    You are so loved. There are so so many prayers and wishes floating around the globe hinking of you right now.
    Great Dane snuggles to you and your family.
    Love Major

  11. you will be in my thoughts especially today. please give sweet digby a hug for me.

    the booker man and asa's mama

  12. You have taught us much Digby in the time we have shared... love is endless and knows no bounds.
    May there be comfort at the end of your journey and memories that last forever for those you leave behind...
    Susan x

  13. Saying a prayer for Digby and for the rest of your family. I don't know if I would have the same strength as you do.

    Gill in Canada

  14. Digby is on my mind so much throughout the day....such a fighter! We are praying for him. I am certain he can feel all the love for him from all over the world. Rest well, my friend.

  15. Angus, it does sound like he is separating himself from his pack and that is a very normal thing to happen.

    My thoughts and prayers continue to surround you.

  16. Digby is doing what all of us will be doing one day - completing his portion of the Circle of Life. Some of us begin our lives with a much shorter journey than others but we manage to pack as much adventure and memories into a smaller distance.

    My wish for you and for your family and for darling Digby and his brother, Wilf, is that all of you come to embrace the Circle of Life and come to peace knowing that all of you will be together again one day and that there will be no more circles - only infinity.

  17. Angus,

    Words fail me this morning. Other than those needed to send you all our love.

    Can this really be the end of the journey? My heart and mind are at war -- one knowing it must be so; the other refusing to believe it.

    But it's not in our hands. It's in sweet Digby's fluffy mischievous paws

    xxx Joan

  18. Rest my friend. Then you shall run free


  19. We'll keep praying that Digby finds comfort and peace in these next few days. He must be seeking out the familiar, bless his heart.

  20. Please know that your blogging friends are all standing with you and The Font today, scratching Wilf behind the ears and whispering softly to Digby of the endless meadows, multitude of chase-able squirrels, and platefuls of Jaffa cakes to come. You can't see all of us, but I know you'll feel our presence and support...

    Your friends in New York,

    Petey, Mica and Jane

  21. I hadn't yet gotten here to comment but in the meantime saw the post that follows -

    All along so many of us said he'd let you know -

    They usually do when they can -

    That's why we owe it to them to do what we can -

    And why you did give him the best gift of all - for it hurt you the most -

    Thinking of you with tears flowing -


  22. We are full of sadness but will pray our strongest prayers for Digby's welfare and comfort as he fights the brave fight. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you in this troubled time.
    - The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties