Friday, May 7, 2010

Little things

Out of the blue we've been exposed to a blast of bitterly cold, torrentially wet weather. In the rickety old farmhouse the downpipes are overflowing, the gutters are leaking, and the recent excavation work in the garden has turned into a sea of mud. The morning news broadcast is full of scenes showing the Pyrennees blanketed in an unseasonably late fall of heavy snow. Even Wilf who goes through life oblivious to the elements decided to stay indoors. One look out of the front door and he was back in the hallway on a blanket. He's adopted the attitude that he's not sure about global warming but is a believer in climate change.

Yesterday morning the committee arrived to finalise details for June's concert in the village church. Madame Bay was on hand to usher everyone into the dining room , her persona changing depending on whether the arrivals were 'floral village' or 'beautiful highways' adherents. After last weeks contented display of flatulence Wilf was relegated to the kitchen. The meeting started with an update on the mayors hand ( much better unless it's a really cold day ) , the surprising brisqueness of the new girl behind the pharmacy counter ( apparently she comes from Lyons so what can you expect ? ) , the health of the little lady in the purple hats mother, and the state of the kitchens in the old folks home. Hypocondria is a constant sub-theme of French provincial life. It was finally agreed that the Mayors wife would be responsible for taking the reservations, issuing the tickets and looking after the money. As Madame mayor only speaks French and some of the concert goers might be foreign ( no offence Ongoose ) she will be helped in this task by the Office de Tourisme in the market town . A top up of coffee, another pain au chocolat ( only if we must ), a story about someones aunt who is going into hospital in Toulouse and they were off.

Yesterday was a a good day. In fact it was a very good day. Little victories don't win wars but we recorded a number of firsts :

First time in three weeks Digby has played ball with his brother,
First time in two weeks he's eaten from his bowl rather than be fed by syringe,
First time he's had the strength to walk down the stairs in weeks,
First time since the Piroplasmosis was diagnosed that he's slept all through the night,
First full day in weeks that he's held down his food
and best of all
First time he's cocked his leg and stooped in ten days.

Little things are reassuring. With him eating again we're going to try him on fish and yoghurt ( he'll only touch fish ) and see if Milk Thistle can do anything for the liver damage. Any thoughts on gentle remedies for severe anaemia and jaundice ? Overnight his temeprature is rising again - back to above 39 - a worry. For today we're just going to focus as much as we can on the the positive developments.


  1. Those little things add up to hope. Realistic or not, how could you help it? It's clear his system is not shut down. What a fighter that little guy is!

    wags, Lola

  2. One step at a time, though that was list of steps. No advice, but we're thinking of you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. So pleased to hear that Digby seems to be doing more than just hanging in there, and that the planning for the concert is going well!
    Having been down in England for two days (Bertie in my lodger's capable hands) I got of the plane to torrential rain, an icy blast from the Arctic and adverts in the terminal for BP and Transocean drilling. Where else that the 'Oil Capital' of Europe, where it is surely colder even than S. France!
    Best wishes,
    Bertie is sending energy vibes (he has surplus) to Digby.

  4. Oh Digby, Digby - hope is a strong force and we all have hope out here in the blogssphere. What a fighter you are - we think you're amazing! Hang in there buddy - we're all rooting for you! Yayyyyy!! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  5. What a list! What a dog! I am soooo impressed! And amazed! And happy for you.

  6. Lots of positives.. Keep focusing on those and the power of the paw.. More hugs and purrs comming your way.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. Praise God, Praise God! Grammy is continuing to pray for you and we all have our paws crossed as well. We hadn't visited for a few days, and just did a quick catchup. We caught how very brave you were for your family and from that post, we know what a warrior you are! Keep on fighting, new buddy! The Country Corgis are with you in spirit!

  8. Oh Digby, we're willing yoo on to recover sweet boy. Purrs.

  9. Little things that add up to a lot, that's wonderful. Good on you Digby, hang in there.
    Sending positive thoughts to all.

    Eric x

  10. Digby sure is a fighter! have never seen this particular tick borne disease, more commonly known as babesiosis here. although i know that all breeding females are tested for it. i continue to pray for Digby to recover...and will see if i can get any advise from the docs at work today....

  11. This little things add up to a lot and as Digby eats more, he will strengthen. As far as the anemia goes, my only offer would be the mixture I feed my pregnant/lactating females. I mince up chicken livers, saute them in olive oil and then scramble an egg in it. You have to be careful feeding liver to dogs and not feed it over twice a week as too much of it can cause a toxicity to Vitamin A.

    My prayers still continue to surround your family.


  12. Digby, Digby -- we are so happy to hear the positive news!!!

    If love is the strongest force in the world, then you've got it made! The love surrounding you is coming from all over the world.

    One step at a time, sweet boy! We're with you.

    xxx Joan, Jake, and Just Harry

  13. Keep going Digby!! I'm glad that yummy fish is giving you strength. We're happy to hear about your achievements.

  14. Perhaps after the whole production of the concert is over, you could write us all an entertaining musical to watch? I do so love those stories!

    I'm glad to hear Digby is eating and doing other things! That's good news!

  15. First, I want to say that even though it was sad circumstances that brought me here, I am so glad I found your blog. I am truly loving learning all about your life in a small town in France.

    And to Digby - every day you never fail to amaze me. I continue to hope and pray. Keep taking those little steps and who knows where they might lead?

    Amber (Mayzie's mom)

  16. Those are all such welcome signs indeed.
    I am off to face my day with a lighter heart.

  17. Woooos Digby! Woo have all of our thoughts and prayers. Let us hope woo continue to improve despite the prognosis. I was diagnosed to die 3 years ago, and I got better (I had 3 strokes during seizures).
    New medicines, lots of hope, and even more love!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  18. I'm happy for those firsts, all such good signs. To see him play with Wilf must have made you smile. It made me smile just to think about it...

  19. I think that when you have a dog that's ill, you no longer take those small things for granted. When they've not done something in several days or weeks, these little things can do so much to lift your heart and spirit! Just know that we are continuing on the sidelines cheering you all on!!
    For Digby's diet, since you asked, I'll suggest Vitamin C. I'd say about 200 milligrams per day for him--This is a low end dose but it helps with the absorption of iron from the intestinal tract. But just be aware that it can cause diarrhea if he's given too much, and I know you don't want that to happen...I have also gotten iron supplements from my vet that came in the form of drops to put on their food.

  20. Woo Hoo, that may seem like small steps but overall it is huge.
    Way to go Digby, keep putting one paw in front of the other.

    Hamish & Sophie

  21. Oh Digby! FIGHT! You are in our thoughts and prayers!

  22. Hey there Angus!

    Yes, it's quite amazing how the little things become so pertinent and how one realises and understands their fragility! I am so happy for your good moments!

    Max's 'moment' today was when he lay on his back advertising his need for Tammy to play with him. It was so wonderful to see despite the fact that it was shortlived.

    I must say that your village, to a great extent, reminds me of the village in book "Chocolat". Even your little 'village' moments are exquisite!

    Carpe Diem!


  23. Hey there Angus!
    Im not sure if my last comment went through...
    I just wanted to say how pertinent and fragile the 'little moments' are when battling with our ill dogs. It's as if time stands still. I am so happy for Digby's little moments!
    Max had his own today...when he simply lay on his back sending out an invitation to Tammy to play. (I haven't seen this in weeks) It was wonderful despite being very short-lived.
    Hang in there!
    With love

  24. Digby finally I am sheding some tears of joy!!! Hopefully these little things will gain enough power and turn into some huge things!!!! We all love you! Hugs to everyone!!!!!!

  25. We're glad Digby is showing some positive signs. Looks like it will be an up/down situation. He sure is a fighter.

  26. Those small things do add up to a bigger picture - what a fighting body and spirit you have, Digby. Just get that temp down, dear pup. Thinking of you each day and all of you.
    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  27. Way to go Digby!! You are such a fighter! Keep it going!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  28. i'd say that's a list full of positives for sure! way to go, digby!
    i wish i could help, but i don't know anything about treating anemia or jaundice in dogs. i know some sun exposure is helpful for treating jaundice in humans...i wonder if it is the same for dogs?
    i'm disappointed that wilf was holed up in the kitchen for the committee meeting this time. ;)

    the booker man's mama

  29. Fight on Digby!!! So great to see him with that ball in his mouth --a sure sign he's feeling a lot better. We'll keep those prayers coming--apparentlythey can make it through volcanic ash!

  30. Oh, we are jumping for joy that Digby seems to be doing better. We found this website that had herbs, vitamins and foods that help with anemia

  31. we love these positive developments. Digby, you are a fighter and a true champion! we have a poodle friend who has a liver-compromised poodle and we'll ask her this weekend what special things she does. we're so happy that you are feeling better, Digby! the power of the paw is working for you. we are proud of you. we love you, kiddo!

  32. It is the magikhal powers of the nearby snows ;-)

    We are furry happy to read of these fursts in so long akhtivities!

    It is all the love being generated from within and around the world!

    Mom has had a FB furiend (who reads many of our blogs but doesn't blog herself) ask this message be shared with woo:

    Diane Arcadi May 6 at 4:29pm
    Hi Phyllis, I just read about Digby on Khyra's blog. please pass along our well wishes to his parents & Wilf. It's so sad... I went through "the inevitable" with my Izzie. Just let them know there's someone clear on the other side of the world praying for them, & shedding tears for them... & will be praying for Digby tonite


  33. Are those Wilf's eyes or Digby's? Hilarious either one but particularly if Digby. We cont. to pray and send kind, energetic thoughts from Silverwalk where lately the energy is off the wall!

  34. I have tried to post 2 times now with some info I have found. Especially a site of a British couple living in France that have gone down this path. Please email me at thetexassundog at g mail dot com so I can get it to you!!
    Hoping they can help

  35. Years ago had a Keeshond that contracted ehrlichia. Related hemmorhagic tick bourne disease. I had some liquid syrup for the anemia, also used calf liver(small amount of water, barely cooked-poached?) for anemia. He also had blood transfusions. It took some time, but he made it.
    Hope one of those 2 folks can help further. We are rootin for you, the "font", Wilf, and Digby, dear Digby with that Texas sized heart ;) Well done and hugs.
    Jamie and the Texas Sundogs