Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Falling culinary standards.

The cold weather snap continues - after four days I guess it's no longer a snap, more of a spell. Madame Bay does not like the cold. She arrived yesterday dressed in here 'stave off the chill' attire of black leggings, what appeared to be a black cocktail dress, and a formidable black padded jacket. The tout ensemble was offset by a rather frightening day-glo turquoise pashmina. The stridency and idiosyncracy of the pashminas colour stood as testimony to recent , and not entirely beneficial, advances in the chemical dyeing process. On her head was perched one of those felt Peruvian hats with ear muffs and a point that tips forwards. A set of pan pipes and the image would have been complete. Oblivious to the heat being churned out by the central heating system the windows were soon flung open, the duvets hung out to air and the house was echoing to the sound of the nostalgie channel and Madame Bay's very own sing along versions of Olivia Newton Johns top hits . Wilf and I headed out for a long walk with the sound of "Fizzeekal, fizzeekal, les ges fizzeekal" echoing in our ears.

While the warmly wrapped figure in black and turquoise was atonaly hoovering the upper corridor , Yves, Ross and the morose lad in the blue bib overalls arrived to start work on the decking in the garden. Ross informed me that the methadone for his bad neck was working well . Somewhere along the line he seems to have got confused between methadone and morphine - even in the local health system here in deepest France profonde methadone would be an unusual treatment for lumbar pain. Some things are best left unchallenged. I asked Yves why they were starting work on the decking when the library was only 7/8ths finished . This simple question got an 'oh la la' in reply , a sure sign that he had been caught out. 'Oh M'Ongoose I wait for the paint to dry'. After twenty minutes they all disappeared announcing as they left that they were going into Agen to get a special cutting blade . That was the last that we saw of them.

The concert is now only three weeks away. The posters are still lying very visibly on the mayors desk in the town hall. A meeting to remind everyone of what their agreed responsibilities are seems to be in order. The first whiff of looming disaster ?

Wilf continues to make progress. Swing biffing and rug surfing have returned to being central parts of the daily routine. 'The font' is back off to London this morning for two days so it's dawning on him that culinary standards are about to take a major turn for the worse.


  1. I like the idea of blakhk and turkhwoise but...

    As fur Wilf, I think he and Digby will let woo know!


  2. Sounds like things are getting back to normal, except the weather. Wouldn't it make sense to work inside if it's cold? But what do I know, I'm a dog.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. I'm sorry, I couldn't quite focus on the rest of your post, I'm stuck on the vision of a turquoise pashmina and ear muffs adorning the fashionista known as Madame Bay...

    ~~I'm so very glad to read that Wilf's spark and zest for life is returning!!

  4. love the visual in my mind of Madame and the workers! too funny!
    glad you are all healing...
    hope your day is peaceful?!

  5. Madame Bay - as much as I love the image you conjure up for us, one day I think you must delight us with a picture of her.

    Have you and Wilf considered walking at meal time to a nice outdoor cafe.......

  6. Sounds like discovering life is recoving in the south of France. Airlines flying, Wilf surfing, M'Ongoose confused !!! Can't you take a pic of Madame Bay from a distance, pretending to take one of Wilf. I would love to see the hat, maybe mom would buy me one???


  7. Wooos! The visual woo presented of Madame... stuck furever in my memory, now lets get fizzekal!

    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  8. Oh, Madame Bay, how you amuse us over here! I would really like to see that hat! Now all I can think about is the episode of Glee where Sue Sylvester sings that song.

    At least switching to your cooking will help Wilf with his much needed diet!

  9. Hey Mongoose.

    This Madame Bay sounds like a modern day Sangoma...???... are you sure about her? Perhaps the open windows are an exorcism of some sort.

    You are sooooo funny! I don't think I've yet come across someone with such a plethora of words at his disposal...yikes!

    Sending simple greetings to you all.

  10. Great visuals......thanks!

  11. One of these days you will have to grace us with a photo of Madame Bay -- although, even as I write this, I see her very clearly thanks to your verbal artistry.

    Woofs to Wilf from my incessantly barking boyz.

    xxx Joan

  12. I cannot quite decide if I want to see a photo of Madame Bay or not. On the whole I think not. I fear that seeing an actual picture might spoil the spell cast by your words combined with my imagination. A bit like when a favourite character in a book is played on screen by a totally unsuitable actor!
    Cheers, Gail.

  13. I had whinged for years over my lack of closet space, due to the fact that not only were the closets provided in an old house such as this decidedly miniscule, but mine were also filled with guitar cases. Finally, the blessed workmen arrived to build a studio in the back of the property. My husband, the songwriter, who usually spends his days in solitude in front of his Mac, with just his ideas for company, was fascinated by the crowd of unusual characters that showed up every morning. He would come in, practically rubbing his hands together in glee, and say... "Ah! Life's rich pageant!".

    He had song ideas for months.

  14. I love your writing style! Hugs to Wilf. ♥

  15. I'm sure that all Wilf truly cares about is being with you☺

  16. i didn't see what you where meaning with this, "Fizzeekal, fizzeekal, les ges fizzeekal" until i said it out loud. then i laughed out loud.

    poor poor Wilf, maybe the font needs to cook in advance for him. hahahaha.
    what am i saying i know how to make macaroni&cheese and dog biscuits. that's it. :)

  17. Madame Bay sounds most interesting...

    Woofs and Licks for Wilf,
    Maggie Mae

  18. Your writing is terrifically wry and wonderful - I can picture Madame as well as your porch helpers very well and chuckle and giggle with a nodding head. (Mom loves France and all things francaises!!!) Glad Wilf and life there is easing a little bit.
    Sammie and family

  19. your words paint such vivid pictures we love it!!!

  20. I have found that if I pour a little chicken broth over Tootie's dry dog pellets, she eats them better. Which is a distinct improvement over not eating them at all. Madame Bay reminds me of the batty aunt on the television show "Bewitched."


  21. Your Word picture of madame Bay is so much bettew than any pictoowe could be. It's like when mommi weads hew books and then is howwified when someone makes a movie of it and gets it all nevew lives up to the mental image she has
    I'm sending smoochie kisses to Wilf

  22. Please tell me you have a book editor . Peter Mayle should be quaking in his boots.

  23. madame bay cracks me up! i can totally picture her in that crazy outfit singing off key...
    oh, and somehow i'm not surprised that she is responsible for the disappearance of the coffee mugs. :)
    hugs to wilf -- i hope he's not too unhappy about his diet!

    the booker man and asa's mama