Monday, May 17, 2010

Out for a walk.

Another cold morning. Much more of this and we'll have to arrange a delivery of oil for the
heating system. While we shiver Wilf is out in the courtyard revelling in the unseasonal chill and demonstrating that PON's rather than humans are perfectly adapted for the climate of southern France.

At breakfast this morning all the coffee mugs had disappeared. Twenty of them hang on hooks in the kitchen and they've all gone. If the family had been at home then this would have been quite unnoteworthy. However, as it's just the two of us it's truly and completely bizarre. The rickety old farmhouse must have a gremlin with a coffee cup fixation.'The font' has asked me in a quasi accusatorial manner to check 'my' office. Hmmmph! As if it's possible for me to have secreted them all there.

As the weekend started we thought we had three options with Wilf

  1. Do nothing and let him see out his days as the only family dog
  2. Adopt a rescue dog
  3. Bring a young pup into the fold
Over the weekend we've discovered that the two rescue PON's in the UK have found homes. There aren't that many PON's around so to have found two was quite a result. This leaves us with options 1) and 3). If we go for a new puppy then the first thing we have to do is find one ( finding a young PON is not as easy as you might think ). We feel very comfortable with our breeder in Derbyshire but it looks as though you can't get a pet passport to export a puppy from the UK to France until they are at least 12 weeks old and have had a rabies injection. At the moment there are no puppies anywhere. If we go to a French breeder then we have to start doing some homework to make sure it's not a puppy farm. Finally, we have to decide whether it should be a male or female. If another male then he should have the temperament to fit in with , and learn from our older fellow.

Out with Wilf yesterday afternoon. He is beginning to play again and the worst of his Colitis seems to have passed. The village was completely deserted. We found this strange 'vine' figure sitting on a bench by the church - we couldn't work out whether the hat and bandana were spooky or merely chilling. Whatever; one wouldn't want to stumble across it late on a dark February night. The cows in this part of the world seem to exude contentment. Wilf certainly thought so as he stood and stared at them for a full five minutes as they peacefully chewed cud.


  1. Hi Angus
    Just catching up after a weekend out west with Bertie. So pleased to read that Wilf is slowly showing signs of being more himself. As for the second dog thing - weighing up the options whilst giving lots of extra attention to Wilf - that's what I'd be doing too.
    Best wishes,
    Bertie says "Second dog, I want a second dog, why can't we have a second dog here!!!"

  2. Happy news that Wilf is enjoying life a bit. We're sure that the right puppy/dog will turn up when you least expect it.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. I would like to suggest 'Van Het Goralenhof',Breeders in Belgium.I have a PON from a breeder in Wales who is a good friend of this lovely lady.She lost a beautiful pon last year to an illness and will know how you are worried about Wilf,she may even have some advice regarding Ticks.Her beloved Anto and my pon have the same dad the international champion Walor.Good luck, Bev,Rupiec(Roo to his friends)

  4. A puppy could be just a tad too tiring for Wilf....if only you could have someone, who owns a PON, stay with you for a week (!!), maybe you could determine if Wilf would like a companion or the vine person!!!

  5. A bit of an ignorant question perhaps, but, aside from your obvious love for this particular breed, what would be the barriers to another dog from a different breed?

  6. We did quite a bit of homework before getting a companion for Edward. As he was almost a year old when we adopted him, we thought that a puppy might be a better idea, and a female one might cause less competition. We did something right, because it was love at first sight between the two. Apple idolized Edward from the start, and Edward was more tolerant and protective of a puppy than I think he might have been with an adult dog. They are fast friends now. Funny though, Edward is certainly the alpha dog, and Apple definitely likes it that way. If she gets to the door first, she'll always step aside and let him go out before her. They are endlessly fascinating to watch, especially when they're playing.

  7. a dilemma indeed...i would check out the puppy situation...can't hurt, maybe there won't be any available, but good to find out what's out there...i think Wilf will be OK with whatever happens! (he's looking more like himself today) :)
    love the pics!
    and interesting about the coffee mugs...let us know if you see the gremlin!
    have a peaceful week!

  8. We agree with Daisy, Kendra & Bella, when you least expect it you will find what you are looking for.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Mom

  9. I have been thinking about getting a second dog for a companion for Molly, I'll be following with interest with what you decide to do.

    Gill in Canada

  10. We think you should take a wait and see approach right now the right one will come along soon. And good idea to invite a pup for a sleepover or playdate and see if Wilf is interested.

    So glad to hear he's perking up & everyone is feeling a little better.

    Have a wonderful day!!


  11. With eight years difference between my two children, when the older one left for college, the younger one suddenly felt like an only child. And so it went until she, too, left the nest. She has often said she would have liked a sibling near her age to play with and feel close to. You will know when and if the time is right for Wilf to get a playmate. Maybe you can use this time of waiting to do your homework. I'm sure you will let us know what you find. Best wishes, Liz

  12. I wish you the best of luck with your decision and possible puppy hunt! I have my own opinions, but I certainly know that you'll decide whatever you do based on what you think is right for Wilf and your family. I've had younger dogs keep our older ones very young, but they can also really be an irritant for others.

    That vine man looks creepy! If he starts talking to you, run!

  13. We're all for the puppy as long as you keep and don't send it to our house. I have a hard enough time being the Alpha Male in our house. Pros of having a puppy:

    ~ They smell good
    ~ They don't eat too much
    ~ They can't jump on beds (at first)
    ~ They smell good
    ~ They give good licks

    Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

  14. Hey there Angus!
    Thank you so much for your recent comments...I hold on to your every word!
    The house is probably feeling really empty with just Wilf around...but I am sure THE RIGHT dog will find his way to you!
    I love that floral apparition!
    It seems that our 'winters' are warmer than your summers!...and Im not complaining.
    Tell those Mongeese that I am also bubbling with excitement! We are waiting with open arms!

  15. An unsolicited comment -- but you must be used to those by now!! Last night, I glimpsed your bright header with both Wilf and Digby on it -- and thought it lovely to still see his dear face.

    Having had Jake alone for the first three years of his life, and Jake and Just Harry, a rescue, for the past five, I'm definitely a believer in a two-dog household. Our Boyz are not as close as Wilf and Digby were, but they do seem to enjoy being two and not one. Friendly rivals comes to mind!

    In the meantime, as you find the right answer, I'm so happy to see Wilf is feeling better -- and hope you and the font are as well.

    xxx Joan

  16. What to do.....there's probably no correct answer to this. Listen to your hearts.

  17. Your Wilf is adorable. Looks like he has already found some friends in the cows. I am an only cat, and I love it!
    Cat Mandu

  18. I have found page here in Germany were it says that PON-Germany is looking for a new family for a 3 year old well-educated PON who has lost his owner:

    My best wishes


  19. Oh my goodness. The vine man is on the creepy side if you ask me!?! Walk.Slowly.Away.
    I am not going to give advice as I think this is an intensely personal decision. I said yesterday what bringing a 3 month old puppy to the house did for my soon to be 9 yr old. Initial reaction-was better kill the intruder in the yard. (Keeping in mind I did not have another person to help with introductions) It was all bluster and soon she was once again acting as a pup with him. Since he has gone, she is back to her older acting self.(She loves her chihuahua buddy, but a 52 lb dog just can;t play very well with a 6 lb dog!) I will get another pup one day, but my circumstances and having to put a puppy down affected me in many ways that now makes me know it will take some time before I can again.
    Y'all will do what is right for you, the "font" and Wilf.
    And fate,and/or Digby may have a hand in it I think.
    Those look like some contented cows. Thanks for the pics you share as we enjoy them all.
    Keeping you in our hearts and prayers.
    Jamie and the Texas sundogs

  20. ps Fess up Angus. Those cups were in your office, right? ;}

  21. Wilf seems to be doing okay and am so happy to see that. I'm stuck with puzzlement over your description of the missing coffee mugs - how incredibly bizarre! I couldn't possibly give advice about another PON or not, but I am sure you will know as time passes how to move on your thoughts.
    With Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and family

  22. I kind of felt like I needed to get a second dog after my cat died. I'd leave the house for 5 minutes and when I'd come back, my little chihuahua would just cry and cry. He didn't like being left all alone. I wasn't ready for another cat so I got another chihuahua. It's a personal choice and can be a difficult decision but whatever you do, I know it'll be the right choice for you and your family. Glad to hear that Wilf seems to be doing a little better each day. Still keeping him in my prayers.

  23. WIlf told me he'd prefer a younger girlfriend. Oooh, and maybe with a little French accent!

    Your pal,


  24. i can't believe it's so chilly over there right now!
    i happen to think the vine man/woman is cute! it probably would be scary to come across the figure in the dark, though.
    good luck to ya'll as you consider bringing home another dog. there are definitely lots of things to consider, but i have no doubt that you will make the best decision for wilf!

    the booker man and asa's mama

  25. I'm sure you'll figure out the best thing to do. Can't help but advocate a bit, though, for Wilf to get a buddy.


  26. We'l be waiting to hear.......and know that you will make the right choice!
    Hugz, Nancy & G-dog