Monday, May 24, 2010

Puppy visit delayed by 24 hours.

It's going to be hot again today, very hot, so off with Wilf to town for a thirty minute walk , a coffee, and the breakfast croissants at six o'clock. The town was humming and the beer drinkers at the cafe were already licking the froth from their lips by the time we arrived at 6.35. This morning we walked up from the square to a rather anonymous looking building that houses what is said to be the best 'artisinal' bakers in town. A recommendation of Madame Bay. The smell of freshly baked croissants caught Wilfs attention fifty metres down the hill leading to an immediate, and marked, increase in speed. If we did this routine every morning that hour glass figure might reappear.

It's another national holiday in France. The fourth this month after May Day, Victory Day, Ascension Day and now Pentecost. Both we and the kennels had overlooked this fact until a late night telephone call asking us to delay until Tuesday. Tuesday it is. A firm promise to take lots and lots of photos.

Yves, Ross his wild haired Irish side kick, and the morose lad in the blue bib overalls have e-mailed to say they will ' be back on the job on Thursday. Just as well as their tools are still outside where they left them last week. At least it can be said that national holidays don't interrupt their schedule.


  1. AAARRRGGGHHH Tuesday. Well, we will just have to wait. (yeah, France has fiftybajillion would think a holiday would be a good day for a puppy visit. That must be more of an American thing.)
    I am sure the motely crew will show up as promised...bwahahahahaha
    love the 3rd pic of Wilf. Seems to be bowing his head after a bowl cut!
    (Are all the cars in France little munchkins???)
    Can't wait for Tuesday(you sure no holiday looms that day?!?!?)
    Y'all stay in our hearts-all of you 4.
    Have you seen the Digby out of the corner of your eye, not knowing if it is a trick of your mind or him? Happened to me after each of mine left.
    You are thought of often in Texas.
    Jamie and the Texas sundogs

  2. Just wondering did the croissants live up expectations?
    Personally I quite like the idea that in France, places still shut down properly for bank holidays!
    Cheers, Gail

  3. Hope Wilf doesn't confuse a puppy with his stuffed sheep. Don't think pups like being biffed.

    Us dogs still think we should be getting our 6 a.m. walk, even though it's dark and cold. SHE won't get up until there is some light though.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Ok ok.. we will wait another day for the puppy pics then... we were soooo looking forward to seeing them!!
    Our mom says she wants to relocate to France cos there seems to be more holidays there... (we think that's only her excuse.. the real reason for wanting to move to France is clear and simple - S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G!!)

  5. can't wait for tuesday.....

  6. We guesses we will have to stop by Tuesday to meet the puppy. We are going to inform our humans that today is a holiday, so we deserve some TREATS.

  7. France is sounding better and better. Lots of holidays and dogs can go to restaurants. I'm going to ask the humans why we don't live there. Looking forward to learning about the puppy.

    wags, Lola

  8. Gah! I was hoping for puppy pictures today, especially after reading the sad news of Max. That's okay, I'm betting there will be oodles of cuteness coming from the blog tomorrow!

    I'm glad the French holiday schedule is keeping up with your renovation schedule!

  9. When I moved back home to the US after six years in Paris, I remember being outraged at how few holidays we got to celebrate at my new workplace.

    The only holiday I regretted when I lived in France was le toussaint -- all saint's day -- actually my birthday (no comment) and everything I would have liked to do -- museums, bookstores, restaurants -- was closed. And to make things worse, the weather was oftem gray gray gray.

    We are eagerly awaiting the results of your visit to the kennel!! And the verdict about those croissants! Were they the best?

    xxx Joan and the Barkalots

  10. So nice to know that in other parts of the world, a holiday is exactly that, a real holiday where everything stops and people relax. Here in the states, holidays are big money and stores run sales. Can you imagine rushing off to go shopping on Memorial Day, a day originally designed to honor deceased military veterans and loved ones? Doesn't make sense to me. Fresh croissants after an early morning stroll does make perfect sense, and Wilf would be a perfect companion for that delight. Can't wait for the puppy pics. Enjoy your day.


  11. Wooos! Tuesday, puppies, what fun. I understand about the workers, they are not much better here in the states... there are tools strewn about the bath, the yard and the garage right now,with a layer of dust on everything, including me!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  12. Darn. I wanted puppies.
    Though patience is a virtue, I've heard.

    I still shake my head at those early morning beer drinkers. Perhaps they never went to bed?

  13. Darn those pesky French holidays! ♥

  14. Hey Angus and font(may I call you font and leave off "the"?)
    I wanted you to know that had I known at the time that Dear Digby had been helped, we would have shared the poem we left for Max with you also. It speaks to me alot when that awful duty calls.
    PUPPIES TOMORROW!!!!! As you said, not that many litters around. I still think it is no coincidence that there is one now. Digby is leading you.
    Thinking of all of you here in Texas.
    Jamie and the Texas sundogs

  15. Can't wait to see the puppy!!!

    Sounds like you have gotten yourself a new exercise program :)

  16. I got a whiff of puppy breath - just a tease.

  17. Ummmm I fowgot what I was going to say, got so distwacted by the thought of fwesh cwoissants.
    I can't wait fow the pictoowes of the kennel visit..I was so happy to see the big smile on Wilf's face.
    mommi thinks all those holidays make fow a mowe twanquil life tha ouw wun awound a mewwy caw one
    smoochie kisses

  18. Oh my...what a post...puppies and early morning beer drinkers...

    I'm thinkin' that you might change your mind about the mornin' beer drinkin' when thinkin' about puppy raising...

    Yeppers...Mumsie did three pups in two years...she said something like remembering puppyhood is sorta like remember the pain of only comes back to ya when your going through it...again...

    Though Stan and I were perfect pups...Scruffy had Mumsie thinkin' bout early mornin' beer drinkin' twenty four hours a day...!!

    Keep us posted on the visit...

    We're holding our collective breath!!

    Hugs and kisses,