Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wilf biffs the swing.

What is going on with the weather ? On our morning walk at the light industrial zone it was a marrow chilling six degrees. Wilf comes pre-prepared for this cold weather but for those of us without a thick double layer fur coat it's decidedly bracing. Here we are in mid-May in the south of France and the heating system in the rickety old farmhouse has been turned on again.

The schedule had me heading back to London tonight to give a speech tomorrow . Overnight, the flights from Toulouse have been cancelled due to VFC - Volcano Flight Chaos. It didn't take them long to come up with an acronym for it - asign that it's going to become part of everyday life? . The way it now stands Wilf will be able to have my undivided attention all week. Avoiding a room full of serious men in dark suits and even darker ties is no loss. I know where I'd prefer to be.

Wilf still stands peering out through the gap in the front gate waiting for the family to be reunited. We'll just have to give the grieving time. Last night we played the 'biff the swing' game for the first time in nearly a month. I put a soft toy on the swing in the garden and he rushes over , ears trailing in the slip stream, and biffs it with his nose. The biff sends the swing flying, the soft toy falls off, Wilf retrieves it and so the game is repeated over, and over, and over. Rug surfing and now biff the swing. Slow progress. Slightly worrying is the way that he's developed his Colitis again - a sure sign that he's stressed.


  1. Things do look a bit iffy flight-wise, don't they? We're glad that Wilf was up for a game and hope his colitis will subside as his life resumes a routine.

  2. Hi Wilf! We are farther north of you (in Prague), but we have the same weather. We have been asking ourselves the same question...WHAT IS WITH THIS WEATHER??? Instead of being outside playing in the grass and sunbathing, we are inside soaking up heat by the fire. This is not normal and we would like to complain. Maybe we could get a petition together and we could all sign it. What do you say? Purrs and stay warm, your pals, Lautrec and Tiny

  3. Wilf is healing good to hear, and glad you will be home all week due to the VFC...i could think of a few other acronyms!
    Wilf is looking a bit disheveled...i guess i would too....:)

  4. Stress is not a good thing for anybody, people or puppy. I hope things get better soon.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. I'm glad to hear that Wilf is up for a game or two - grieving can be a long process. How are you holding up?

  6. Good to hear Wilf is 'coming along'. 6 degrees in the south of France!? Then we don't have a prayer for warm weather here until August!!!!

  7. Maybe it's a good thing about the're home all week, so Wilf can be near you. Our weather in Oklahoma is strange, too. Twenty degrees below normal, sunshine with thunder. 26 tornadoes in one day. Of course, it's May....crazy weather like that is normal for us in May. Hope Wilf gets better soon. Lots of love and attention is always a good thing.


  8. Our weather is a bit out of sorts too--One day I have jeans, long sleeve tee, and a denim shirt and the heat is on, the next I'm turning on the air conditioning and looking for something cooler!
    The volcano is also on the news here again this morning, but it falls 2nd to the news of the terrible oil spill in the Gulf.
    Perhaps Wilf is seeing something at the gate beyond what anyone else can...I hope he feels better!

  9. Paws khrossed fur normalcy to get khloser each day!

    PeeEssWoo: WhatevFUR normalcy is BTW!

  10. I thinks it's very good that you're going to be home with Wilf all week. I bet that'll help him out a lot! That sure sounds like a fun game. I like to "biff" things with my nose, too. Only I call it "bopping" things with my nose. Either way, it's fun!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. Angus,

    We couldn't help but wonder what all those serious men (and women?) in dark suits would think if, on your next speech opportunity, you regaled them with tales of Wilf and Digby instead of the scheduled topic.

    Just askin'

    Scritches to Wilf. We're so glad he seems to be feeling better. Baby steps.

    xxx Joan

  12. No doubt it will be good for Wilf to have you around all week. So volcano's are good for something. I did have to laugh at the "Volcano Flight Crisis". It sounds like the name of a new, cranky rock group.

    I'm happy Wilf feels a bit more like playing again. Any thoughts on a new companion for him?

    Edward and Apple are more than a little envious of your cooler weather. It is hot here now, and humid. Apple dozes atop the air-conditioner vents. It is bath day today.... clipping tomorrow.

    Best to you, Angus.

  13. Of all the pictures, Wilf standing and waiting at the gate grabbed my heart and made it hurt for him. I imagine you and the "font" are spending much time going through grief work yourselves. Playing with the solitary PONS must be bittersweet. Happy to engage him in play, while remembering the little brother.
    While we only had little Shamus 5 months, he did bring renewed spring to Sunny, the soon to be 9 year old Stanard Poodle. Perhaps there will come a time for you all.
    It sure is no surprised that Wilf is feeling stressed. Thankfully he will do a little rugsurfing and swingbiffing. Sorry the is no pool for the sploshing!
    Hang in and heal.
    (I too would prefer being home to play games with Wilf to facing a room of buttoned up businessmen. Hands down)
    Y'all stay in our hearts here in Texas.
    Jamie and the Texas sundogs

  14. pS I think if you put that picture of Wilf with his hair all askew next to the definition of "bedhead" in the dictionary, it would be spot on.

  15. I can see you're really broken up over those cancelled travel plans! ;) I'm sure it will be good for Wilf to have your attention in the meantime.

    I do recall that Hawk, especially, went back and forth over the grieving process for quite some time. He was so attached to Treat, waiting for her to guide him in everything. When she was gone, he was so adrift, even with Blue and Lilac to help guide him. I'm betting Wilf bounces back, but in his own time!

  16. It's great! I read the title and almost jumped out of my skin with excitement. My iPhone taking the two seconds to load the post was way too long. :) I wanted to read the post instantly after that title! Glad the ?vfc? has given you a few extra days with the font and goofy Wilf. Wilf will get better with time, 9 yrs is a long time to have his wee bro around. You all will get better adjusted and the memories will carry you. Hugs and love from the farm.

  17. Do you think that maybe Digby has taken advantage of VFC to help Wilf and his family to heal?

    Hope Wilf feels better.

    We agree with Jake we think Digby & Wilf would be a wonderful topic for you to speak to them about...might have a new awareness for them.

    Take care lots of AIREHUGS & AIREKISSES for all!

  18. poor Wilf. it's hard to understand when your brother doesn't come home anymore. we think a new family pup might distract him.