Saturday, May 29, 2010

East, West homes best.

In his own inimitable way Wilf made it known that fancy hotels might be fine for a night or two but there is nowhere like home. Within two seconds of getting down from the back of the car he was careering round the garden like a puppy. A picture of pure canine joy. Soft toys were discovered, picked up and shaken ; starlings chased, and balls retrieved from those special hiding places under bushes. As he slumped exhausted in his spot in the kitchen, soft toy du jour in his mouth, there was an audible sigh of relief - "East, West .... "

First thing in the morning we'd gone for a long walk through the St.Emilion vineyards - some of the viticultural worlds most prized real estate. Wilf being a luddite at heart carefully and iconoclastically christened as many vines as he could. Russian oligarchs tasting the 2010 vintage may note a certain added piquancy . On the way back Wilf was prevented from visiting the two fancy vase d'Anduzes at the front door of the hotel - there is a decorous limit to how much christening a boy can do.

The shutters on the large rickety old farmhouse are painted a most dreadful dark green. The colour looks as though it had been used for a stage set of 'MASH' and then recycled to deepest France Profonde. Originally the woodwork on the house would have been left unpainted in the same, natural state as the front doors. However, over many generations they have acquired a patina of ever deeper, less arresting colour. To dip them in acid to remove the accumulated layers would damage, if not destroy, the underlying wood. The only alternatives seem to be either to have new shutters made or paint the existing eighteenth century ones with a new colour . Today Wilf and I shall venture into town to try to chose a new colour scheme - we have been told to look at 'taupe' whatever that is.

Plans are underway to start visiting Polish Lowland breeders. Thanks to those of you who recommended the Belgian and Dutch ones. Wee Alec or Wee Archie seem to have merged as the most likely candidates for names although Calvin reared its head on this mornings drive. Both kennels have litters due in July and are accredited by their national kennel clubs.


  1. Hmmm, are you sure you want WEE in the name for your puppy? :)

  2. Well people tell me that home's best, but I would like the chance to stay in a fine hotel with doting staff and delicious food in a beautiful area of France, and visit a vineyard, like Wilf did, so I could make the comparison for myself.... Especially as it's not me that has to pay the bills!
    Toodle pip!

  3. Hope Wilf is keeping up his fluids. We don't want him dehydrating.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. beautiful images! and your description of Wilf racing through the gardens is wonderful! sounds like the depression has lifted...for now...until the puppy comes! :)
    taupe is steel greyish...
    have a lovely weekend!

  5. My vote is for Calvin. Wilf and Calvin has a nice ring to it.

  6. For the 2010 wine from this particular vineyard I can imagine it being described as "having been christened with a slight burnt match or wet wool taste!" ;-)
    Your shutters sound as if they are the same color as my formica counter tops that our farmhouse had in the kitchen when we moved in. The color 'taupe' easily trumps that green any day--Good luck finding a new color! ~Enjoy your weekend!~

  7. It seems to me that when you're a beloved canine home IS like five star hotel with humans waiting on you hand and foot. My humans might want to stay in one, but I get great service right here and I bet Wilf does, too.

    wags, Lola

  8. "Home is where the heart is!"
    It sounds like you guys are having fun...looking ahead and planning...always a good sign! The prospect of a pup most likely has a large hand in this new energy.
    As for the looks beautiful as it is, why change it? Then again...
    "Home is where the heart is!"

  9. As time goes by, when we find a 2010 St. Emilion we will certainly appraise it for that added piquancy!!! Secrets known only to Dogs with Blogs!!!

    I'm happy plans are shaping up for visits to PONs breeders elsewhere. The trips themselves should be fun -- amd the "reward" - priceless.

    Calvin strikes me as a more interesting name for the wee lad to come. I like the contrast between the austerity of the name and the joyful nature of the future recipient. But then, future recipients have a way of telling you themselves what their names should be.

    xx Joan and the Barkalots

  10. I'm sure Wilf will begin teaching the puppy all the finer points of life as soon as he or she arrives. I noticed there weren't any girls' names on the list. You never know which dog will lay claim to you when you go go look at puppies! ;)

  11. Wilf may become a sought-after "christener" of wine if this year's wine turns out well!

    It is true. There's no place like home, even if the shutters are a funny color. Good luck with the "taupe"!

  12. Living dual life these days between a South Carolina coastal island and the island of Manhattan, I was initially concerned that Petey would find a return to city life difficult, after the freedom, spaciousness, and abundance of sand, grass and pine straw under his paws, instead of pavement and cement. To my surprise, he seems just as happy in NYC, resuming his visits to cookie-bestowing merchants on Bleecker Street and lolling in the small plastic pool at the dog run with the same blessed out expression as when he lies down in the ocean waves. Clearly home is where the heart (and food bowl) is.

  13. good grief. Had my comment written and it disappeared. Oh well, if that is my biggest problem today, I'm in good shape.
    I am writing down the name of the wine christened by wilf. I can see a new job in his future.
    Folks will get a bottle of the 2010 wine. "Oh, what a lovely bouquet! The taste. I think I detect a slight twang. It is lovely! Garson, another bottle please. Wait, We'd like to also purchase a case. Such an amazing wine."
    After 2010 patrons are disappointed. " Why it is not the same at all."
    "Ah yes monseur, our chemists are working night and day to replicate 2010. It was our best year!"
    Then, since it is unlikely they figure it out, you let them know the secret. It then comes out as PON bourdeaux,reisling, whatever and is wildly in demand, becomes a status symbol to serve and is hard to keep in stock.(I feel you can work out an equitable deal Angus) OOps, my mind just went off into flight of fancy land.
    Good luck on the paint hunting. (How many layers do you suppose are on the shutters?)
    I am happy that Wilf was thrilled to be home(let's face it, running free is a whole lot more fun than walking on the leash!)
    Glad you decided to look elsewhere for the pup. Seemed like something was just not quite right, didn't it?
    The right pup will come at the right time. 2 litters due in July. *sigh* I really wanted to see baby pics, but I will wait. (Hmmm. Angus, you DO realize you have gone from "just having a look" to picking names! ) Wee Calvin. I like it(don't know if you are familiar with the comic Calvin. There are many books with what used to be a daily comic in the newspaper.Actually it is called Calvin and Hobbes. Love him)
    My ethers are giving me some trouble, but seems to be ok so far today.
    Love all your pictures.
    Still thinking of all of y'all and holding you in our hearts.
    Jamie & the Texassundogs

  14. Home is always the best place to be. So, a puppy, a tiny puppy. WOWZA! That is a lot of work! Good for you. I can't wait to hear about all of the fun and to see that adorable face.

  15. I'm partial to Archie. It was on our "short list" when we were naming Bandit. Since you're picking names I take it a puppy is a given now, just a matter of when. I can't wait to see who captures your heart.

  16. Wilf

    It is wondewful to be home..nothing like those familiaw smells and sights even if you do get to go to such bootiful places and help footoowe vintages get an extwa special tang, hehehe
    smoochie kisses

  17. Edward loves to travel, but is always happiest climbing his own front stairs. Apple is happy anywhere.

    I do love the name Archie. Maybe Calvin. But, only if he's a Presbyterian.

  18. hey Wilf, is that your rickety farm house made from beautiful stone and the old green shutters? we love the look of the old places. we've never visited anywhere like that.

    good luck with the pups. we will be happy to see a new pup at your house.


  19. Haaa Wilf! The leggeds consumed a bottle of Saint Emilion 2008 last night but 2010 is bound to be a vintage year. Will Angus be supplying the tasting notes? Brother Calvin Canine as opposed to Calvin Klein? Eric

  20. I'm like you Wilf, home is the best, I don't care about the marble floors and Victorian drapes (ok, that just sounds bad). I prefer my home, my smell, my familiarity!

    I'm so excited for you, you might get a little brother/sister soon!

    ps. I love your BIG nosie!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade