Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A peaceful night.

Insulin injection administered Digby's been carried outside and is sprawled out on his bed in the morning sunshine. An increasingly proprietorial big brother has adopted a blocking position next to him. So far today Madame Bay has tickled him on the head and the local farmer has stopped at the garden gate to talk to him. By lunchtime he'll have seen the mayor, the local builder, and the children from the school bus. In farming communities like this the importance of the dog in the scheme of things is understood and people react in a quite unselfconscious way.

Yesterday Digby spent his day being spoilt rotten by his boys. Although he can't really move it was clear that for a while at least he was back at the centre of the pack he first knew nine years ago - no pain, no discomfort, just adventures and contentment. He'd fallen into a blissful sleep by the time 'the font' drove the family to the airport for the last flight back to London . Although he's now stopped eating we're so,so glad that we didn't do anything to deprive him of this period of pure happiness.

Tonight the village unveils its pride and joy - the reconstructed sixteenth century pottery kiln. We'll split the festivities so that Digby isn't left alone. I'll go the grand opening while 'the font' will mingle with the crowds at the 'apres unveiling' gathering in the village hall. Madame Bays contribution to the proceedings is an armagnac based punch. Before leaving the boys tried it - the phrases 'industrial alcohol' and 'quite a buzz' were heard.

Can I once again thank you all for your kindness and support. In a hard hearted world it would seem quite illogical that people should take the time out of their day to think of a small dog in France. Perhaps that's the joy of it all - the world is illogical,unsolicited words of kindness from strangers do mean something, and hard heartedness isn't universal. Thank you all.


  1. Hi

    I came over from Jan's Funny Farm and I've read through your April and May posts.

    I don't know what words of comfort I can further add. Digby showed such bravery defending your home in Italy and he is showing that same courage now. With Wilf by his side and with his human family to protect him from any more pain, he is in the best place he could ever be - surrounded by purest love.

    Take care

  2. Beautiful photographs, despite the sadness. Our thoughts are indeed with you.

  3. Hello there all of you!
    I pop by every day to see how our boy is doing...so glad to hear he's comfortable. That dreaded feeling of not wanting to leave the house is all too familiar! Im thinking of you all and praying for comfort for Digby (and everyone else)
    Sending lotsaluv

  4. PS...Thanks for keeping us all posted despite the difficulties!

  5. We have been constantly coming over to your blog to check out Digby's condition... We are really glad that the family have come home to see him and surround him with all the love and comfort that you can give. He's been so very brave and we still hope dearly that he'd be able to fight and win this battle.
    Thinking of all of you with much love...

  6. This is the first blog I went to...just had to check in. Digby looks so very sweet and comfortable.
    For once, I'm glad this world is illogical. A little dog in France has stolen the hearts of so many many people...what a wonderful thing despite the circumstances.
    We love you Digby.

  7. Just checked in to see how Digby is and although you find yourself in an awful situation, I must admit I feel a little envious of you living in such a dog friendly country, with your kind friends and neighbours stopping by to see how the pup is.

    We are currently on a two year posting to Cyprus and you'd struggle to find a less dog friendly country... snakes, poison, an islandwide ban on dogs on the beach and locals who are terrified of or hostile towards dogs.

    At least Digby is enjoying the warmth of the sun, and the warmth of those around him, and in the blogging community...

  8. We are very glad that Digby had a peacful night and we hope he has many, many more. We are crossing all our paws and hoping he can fight through this thing!

    Penny & Patches

  9. Good Morning Angus,

    As is my wont, your blog is the first thing I check when I get up in the morning. Digby is receiving amazing care from you and your family. My thoughts and prayers continue to surround you. I do appreciate you keeping us apprised of the situation when it would be so much easier to "suffer in silence". As you said in your post, there are a lot of caring people out there in this illogical world.

    Hugs all around,

  10. Good morning! We're glad Digby and you all had a peaceful night. That was our wish for you.

    Love from our Boyz to yours -- illogical or not!!!

    xxx Joan and Jake and Just Harry

  11. Our first blog too...your small dog in France has global support and love heading his way....please know that...you are walking your journey with him, but our footsteps are shadowing yours...

    We send you our love...and prayers...

    Love to all...

    Scruffy, Lacie, Stanley and Mumsie

  12. Just stopping by to check on Digby & the rest of you...

    As the 3 doxies said, Digby has stolen our hearts...And, the love you feel for him is so apparent in your words...

    You all remain in our thoughts & prayers...

    Much Love,
    Abby & her Mom xxxxxxoooooo

  13. The photos say it all. The one of Wilf napping by his wee brother truely tugs at one's heart. Continuting to hold you and family in our hearts from here across the atlantic. Illogical indeed, but wouldn't have it any other way.

  14. Hey - if we didn't feel it we would write it. Every dog is precious! Scratches and strokes for both doggies.

  15. What wonderful pictures - glad he's comfortable and in the sunshine - the love for Digby is understood.

    Holding tight in our prayers and thoughts...


  16. That is wonderful that you are able to put Digby outdoors so he can smell the fresh air and meet his friends. Wilf is so sweet the way he stays close by. We're still rooting for him to pull through this illness. I don't think he wants to go, and is fighting to stay with you.

  17. Good mowning Digby
    I'm so glad you awe comfowtablle and so sowwounded by love..West sweet boy and soak up all ouw stwength to keep you pain fwee.
    Youw bwothew and family awe thewe.you awe safe, and fuwwevew loved
    smoochie kisses
    ASTA and mommi

  18. I'm so glad to hear that Digby had a peaceful night and that despite his illness, he is still able to find small joys in life.

    Digby was one of the first things I thought about this morning. And you're right. It's not logical at all. I've fallen in love with your little dog and I've never even met him. But I suppose compassion and love aren't logical. And I'm so very glad for that.

    Amber (Mayzie's Mom)

  19. Well, I tend to think that dogs bring out the best in many of us. It's really as simple as that!

    Good luck with this evening's festivities! I am sure there will be lots to talk about tomorrow!

  20. Along with the townsfolk, we are all gathering at your garden gate, to whipser sweet words in Digby's soft ear and offer you a bit of comfort. The world is much smaller--and more tender-hearted than we'd ever imagine--because each of us knows the love of our fine dogs (and cats, too.)

  21. We understand too about the world being illogical, despite wars, hardship and politics, I still believe that the average human is good at heart, which is why we all feel blessed to know you.

  22. We stopped by to see how little Digby is doing - that first photo of Digby and Wilf is so sweet - and sad. Sending our continued good thoughts for all of you and Digby.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  23. I can add nothing to the other comments above - they express how we feel much better than I could ever manage. I am so glad Digby had family time - I'm sure he is having sweet dreams.
    Hugs to all, Susan, Jack & Mickey

  24. Digby, sending more healing and comforting purrs your way. Enjoy your day in the sunshine.

  25. Sending more sweet woofie kisses to you all. Our pawreyers are continuing for comfort and strength to all of you, but especially for little Digby.

    Virtual long distance hugs,
    Bonnie and the support staff

  26. woofs, we too had to come check...glad u all had a peaceful nite...Digby is one lucky boy to have so much love..

    b safe,
    ~rocky and mama~

  27. the past 30something hours our old man Bishop has been throwing up? But come to find out it's my fault in my attempt to spoil the farm. I asked a dear (dog mom) friend her opinion before whisking him to the vet yesterday. she told me the special smoked bones I bought them all are high in fat and bad for his old pancreas....to which I felt horrible(& this morning he seems fine)! BUT- Yesterday mid day after cleaning up one of his messes I put his face in my hands and started crying and told him I couldn't lose Wilf and him in the same week. Give Wilf extra kisses from the farm, he is lucky to have you both.

  28. Dearest Digby, We send you and all of your family love, love and more love and peaceful time together.


  29. And I meant Digby in my comment with Bishop yesterday. I'm an idiot-sorry old Wilf!!! Keep laying with your baby brother...

  30. Digby,
    I have been following your battle and I am sad that I didn't get to meet you before this horrible ordeal.

    As others have said, we walk this tough road with you and think of you all day long. Praying for your comfort, Digby.


  31. No need to reply - just stopped by, as we do each morn, to see how our favorite boys are and the rents ( "rents" as in parents - we're Yank dogs so we have our own lingo at times).

    Digs - you're so lucky to have this time to say good-bye. Have a good sleep in the sun.

    Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

  32. We are glad he is not is pain - so touching to read that Wilf is lying furry close to his bro and that so many have come to visit him. It sounds like you live in a wonderful community and I'm sure the punch was a hit (direct?). Give Digby huge hugs from us. We are thinking of you lots and lots.
    With Huge Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and family

  33. I feel as though Edward and I are seated there on the stone step beside Digby and Wilf. He is so much in my thoughts. As are you.

  34. We're happy to check in this morning to find that Digby had a peaceful night. Thank you so much for keeping us posted each day. Despite this illogical world and unconventional medium, we've grown quite fond of Digby and your family. It was great to read that Digby is able to be the center of attention and that he can relish these moments.

  35. Digby is in our thoughts and prayers. He is a special boy even though we will never meet him. By our little world of blogging it seems like we have known him for a long time. Rest well, Digby, my friend....

  36. That fighting spirit of his is just unwavering, a remarkable thing. May the sun continue shining down on Digby to warm him and comfort him. And may you continue to be comforted by your loving community and compassionate strangers who feel a strong connection to Digby's plight, making none of strangers really.

  37. houndstooth has it right. i really do believe dogs bring out the good in people.
    i'm thankful that digby has gotten to spend a joyful time with his boys, and wilf is such a good brother to stay by digby's side.
    sleep soundly, digby! we all love you.

    the booker man and asa's mama

  38. we're so glad that Digby is receiving so much love and pleasure from spending time with his family. we are there for you in spirit and we are sending our love across the distance to you. Digby, little fellow, be brave and rest easy, little friend. our hearts are with you.

  39. One thing I have known for a long time: Dog people sniff each other out and once found - they form a strong pack. They support each other in good times and in bad - just as the wild packs of wolves to in the thick of the world's forests.

    You and Digby are a part of a pack - a world wide pack of dogs and dog people. In your time of need we surround you with our love and our support and our tenderness. We are here for you. We wait with you. We cry with you. We will mourn with you. That is the way of the pack.

  40. The first pic says so much...

    Thanks for the update...

    Khyra and Her Mom

  41. Hi Digby,
    We are watching over you. We are reading through your previous entries to know you, Wilf and your family better as we are new friends.
    We keep our paws crossed in prayers. We stay by you in these trying times.

    -Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & the Piappies

  42. The Bougalou BearMay 4, 2010 at 7:01 PM

    Dogs, they never cease to pull us together, don't they?

    Look at Digby's accomplishment here: a little white scruffy dog in southern France now knitting together a world wide network of love and concern...There must be a philosophical lesson somewhere in there.

    The Power of the Dog, it never ceases to amaze indeed.

  43. We wanted to come back to see how your sweet boy is doing. He (and you) are in our purrayers.

  44. I'm late leaving my thoughts even though I continue to check your blog first thing in the morning. But just as you and everyone feels, I'm thankful that Digby is comfortable and surrounded by those things in his life that he loves the most, and who love him the most!
    I'm also glad that you and the Font are able to get a small break and go to the village festivities because all good caregivers need a break now and then!
    I continue my prayers for all of you and precious Digby!

  45. wilf sounds like the purrfect protector and digby must take so much confort to have him by his side through this difficult time. of coise all the spoiledness everyone is giving him will no doubt make him feel loved and cared for as he should feel. you continue to be in our prayers most everynight.

    the pittie pack

  46. Dear Digby, Wilf and family - you are all so special, we just wish there was something we could do that could help. You are constantly in our thoughts - the whole blogosphere is right here beside you and not a second goes by without someone sending you love and positive vibes. Much love - JD, Max and their humans.

  47. Checking in to see how Digby is feeling, our prayers continue.
    Love you Digby.

    Hamish & Sophie &
    their Mom & Dad

  48. First thing this morning, rushed to check on Digby and y'all (on so called smart phone) Now I have computer. Yes, we are in spirit stopping by giving our gentle pats and whisperings as Petey said. "in your own time Digby. There are lessons you are teaching to your own family and to us all. We are learning. Thank you for your strong spirit. Another well done boy. Another kiss on the head." And to you Wilf. Don't anyone ever try to tell me that Dogs are not compassionate, wise beings and in many,many ways far more intelligent in the things that truly matter. As Scout and Freya said, it is simply the way of the pack that we surround and TRY to do our best to protect and lend support.
    Angus,I know you and the Font grow weary and sometimes wonder what to even pray and hope for when looking upon your friend of 9 years in this condition, and his brother looking on. My heart hurts for you both. It is a very hard road you are traveling. Hopefully the lessons being taught to us all by these sorts of despicable journies will become clear.
    We hold you in our hearts. We hope and pray for the best outcome.
    Digby. No one will forget him that has been visiting y'all. God Bless
    ((((((hugs)))))) from
    Jamie & the Texas Sundogs

  49. I second the thought that the first picture of the fur-kids together says it all. Very happy he is comfortable. Keep us posted.

  50. my momma has blurry wetty eyes of happiness and sadness, happy that digby is so surrounded in the love but sad that it seems even wilf knows that things are not good, still we are pawing for a miracle! loves and licks doyle and mollie from NZ

  51. Just checking in, as we do each morning and sighing with relief that Digby is still enjoying the sunshine and love of his family.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  52. WE are constantly thinking of you all and hope Digby has another good night.

    Molly, Taffy and MOnty

  53. Doing the daily check on Digby. I think of him often and wonder how he's doing.

    I'm glad you were able to get away and have a little fun. It's good to take some time for yourself now and again!

    Will continue to keep you in my prayers.

  54. You once wrote a touching post about "grace". It's hard to define but obvious when you run across it. This post is full of grace.

    My thoughts are with all of you. I'm so happy that Digby had his blissful time with his family surrounding him.

    Your last paragraph brought a tear to my eye. I couldn't agree more about the blogging world that I've accidentally discovered.

  55. To the lamp of love:
    may it burn brightest
    in the darkest hours
    and never flicker in the winds of trial.
    ~Author Unknown

    We will keep your family and that little sweet angel of yours in our prayers....


  56. We continue to keep paws crossed for comfort and peace.

  57. I keep checking back for updates and feel so sad that you are all having to cope with such worry - I am stuggling to cope with the progress of the disease - so glad we do not have it in New Zealand!
    Anyway - I am sure they are doing all they can - and whatever happens, you are caring for him beautifully, ensuring his every comfort and surrounding him with love...
    I almost dread coming here - but the worry and not-knowing is worse than the news I might find :(
    Thank you for sharing it with us.
    With tears in eyes

  58. Checking in on the little fluffy white pup and his caretakers. Glad you had a restful night. Might Dig like a taste of armagnac based punch ?? Not sure what armagnac is..but I can guess it's alcoholic !!!

    Zach is keeping his paws crossed for the boy and the family and saying prayers nightly.

  59. Oh do take care of YOU! Digby is being watched and prayed for globally. It is the bond between our furbabies, that bonds us to others who feel that way!
    Give Digby a big puppy hug and doggie kiss, from everyone here!

  60. We were sent over by Khrya. Digby is a doll! i read through your posts. i can't believe all of this came from a tick bite. sigh. i'm so sorry. My dog Juno may have autoimmune disease as well, as she had a similar thing happen to her last year for 2 weeks that went undiagnosed. she was hospitalized for a week. I can't use Frontline or advantix on her, but used a collar. i didn't know about the brown tick bite though! how aweful! Just terrible and i'm so sorry Digby is going through this. it's heart breaking.

    Paws crossed by Wild Dingo, Loki and Juno

  61. Digby. Before we go to sleep tonight we wanted to check in to see how you are doing. We hope you are still resting comfortably. We know you are surrounded by love.

    You will be the last conscious thought in our minds, the last loving embrace from our hearts and the last prayer from our souls as we slip into sleep tonight. We so hope to find, tomorrow, when we awaken, that your strength has carried you into one more comfortable day, supported with love and caring from all around the world.

    Including love and best wishes from us.
    Jake and Fergi and Family

  62. I heard about you from Asta...I hope and pray you will continue to fight Digby. You will be in our thoughts...