Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time for some new thinking.

While Digby dozes I channel surf. It's amazing what's on French television between one and five in the morning. The shopping channels are a source of amazement, a pure Aladins cave of delights. How is it possible to have survived without cleaning devices that can target all those difficult areas that other products just can't reach or sets of kitchen knives with blades made using the latest NASA technology ? Last night I was particularly taken with a device that enables you to wash your windows outside and inside at the same time. Magic.

After twenty minutes of being amazed by what human ingenuity can dream up it's time to move on and surf the soaps. I've been following Scrubs, Dynasty ( my goodness is that what the 70's really looked like ?), Friends, CSI Miami ( is there anyone left alive in Florida ?) and Cheers. Two new series appeared this week - The Gilmore Girls and Glee. It's a bit difficult following the plot in French but as far as I can see the Gilmore Girls is about Lorelei who runs an inn , has a daughter called Rory, and a haradin of a mother whose name I've yet to catch. Lorelei seems to spend her day drinking coffee with a tall man wearing a baseball cap. Apart from that nothing else happens. Glee seems to have even less of a plot. Evil gym mistress hates well meaning choir teacher . She tries to get him fired but his choir sing beautifully, win a medal and secure his future . Perhaps the story lines will develop and the reason for the antipathy between the two teachers will become apparent. There again maybe not.

Digby's weight has fallen from 25 kilos to just 18 kilos over the last two weeks. The latest antibiotics have stopped the infection but induce severe nausea. The only way he can eat or drink anything is if it's dribbled into his mouth with a syringe. We've now decided to stop the antibiotics altogether and try to get some weight back on him - time for some new thinking . A happy hour was spent trying to get him to eat - tiny slivers of minced chicken, liver, salmon and roast ham were all rejected with a turn of the head. Then a breakthrough. Poached white fish. He used to have this as a puppy as a special treat. For the last six days he hasn't had the strength to move but as the cod simmered on the stove he unexpectedly arrived in the kitchen . Something deep, deep in his memory triggered a response. We tried a few tiny flakes which were wolfed down. At five he managed to eat some fish and porridge out of the palm of my hand. His first solid meal in a week ! Even better - a peaceful night - the first small victory against this horrid disease. At this rate I might be able to stop watching soaps in the wee hours.


  1. Digby is just a-ma-zing!
    And you - stop watching soaps - take up knitting! :)

  2. Hi Digby - we are filled with joy at every little moment of happiness that you are experiencing - you are one super-amazing doggie! We're with you in spirity little boy and are willing you on through every day. Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  3. Oh Digby,
    The thought of you wemembewing youw favowite food tweat fwom puppydom makes us smile..I wish we wewe el o quent like youw Angus..but witing has nevew been ouw stwong suit. I feel I am thewe with you, watching you take those tiny bites..and then actually wolfing something wondewful..I will dweam of that tonight. It's 2:45 hewe in NewYawk, and mommi stays up weading when she can't sneep(which is so vewy often) she gets out of bed, goes to the living woom..sits thewe fow a while, weads..I follow hew evewywhewe. meanwhile Daddi is fast asneep. Luckily i don't get bags undew my eyes like she does fwom these night time wandewings.
    Maybe, now she'll sneep..knowing you awe having some west too

    smoochie kisses

  4. Hey there Angus!
    We celebrate every small step together!
    This battle with food gives new meaning to the alternative word, 'GRACE", i.e. that pause and reflection just before a meal. The value of each morsel become deeply understood as we watch our dogs battle their appetite.
    Digby is wonderful! What spirit! What a fighter! What a loving family!
    Hang in there...our thoughts and prayers remain with you...even in the wee hours of our own mornings.
    With love

  5. That he ate makes me so hopeful! Will continue to return for updates.

  6. Wot wonderful noos to hear! We are continuing to send Digby get well purrs.

  7. Such a welcome thing that he is eating a bit. The aroma of favourite foods is a powerful enticement. Can you give him anything for the nausea? Maybe some car-sickness medicine?

    Actually, The Gilmore Girls is not too bad, for television. There is a lot of off the wall references that I enjoyed. I rarely watch TV, but I did sometimes see that one. The mother is named Emily, and she is indeed a harridan. I've never seen Glee, but it's getting quite a chunk of attention here. Would you believe I've never seen a single CSI? Miami or otherwise. Nor have I ever seen American Idol.... which no doubt places my citizenship in question with some. Whatever happened to old black and white movies on in the middle of the night? Movies like Murder at the Gallop with Margaret Rutherford? Remember her?

    You all are in my thoughts, Angus.

  8. Each little step makes us so happy. Fingers/paws crossed.

    Night time television sounds like cruel and unusual punishment!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  9. Hi Angus and Digby and the rest of the Family,
    I haven't posted a comment before, because I'm a relative late-comer to this blog. I lost my dear 10 year old pit bull two years ago, and miss her every day. I've been reading your posts and praying for all of you. The word Grace is so present in my mind. It's such great news that you thought of giving Digby his puppyhood treat! I'm so happy he wanted to, and was able to eat. My best thoughts and wishes to you all. Lisa

  10. Well done Digby for eating your fish meal. Loads of Airezen on its way over to you.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  11. Shhh, keep it up dear Digby! Fish have been the source of miracles in Biblical times--maybe they will be miraculous once again. At the very least, savor every delicious morsel!

    I skipped Gilmore Girls but a neighbor who we share our late night dog walk with is a big fan. I do enjoy Glee. If you haven't seen the Christopher Guest movie "Best in Show," rent a copy! The actress who plays the mean gym teacher on Glee is hilarious as a tightly strung professional dog trainer. Even if the plot of Glee seems too simplistic, enjoy the musical numbers by some of Broadway's best.

    Please try to get some rest yourself, Mongoose.

  12. That is so sweet that Digby remembered the fish. When Milly and Shelby get a special cooked meal it is chicken and rice... of course, we also eat that sometimes ourselves, so it confuses them a bit. They spend all their time when I am cooking it in the kitchen under my feet... so, of course, they get a small bite, even when it's not for them. :)

    Glee- We watch it, too! We love it... but, there's not really all that much of a plot and we feel like it's meant to be more of a silly show that you don't have to think about. It's good though!

  13. I've seen the "info-mercial" for the window-washer--Does Madame Bay do windows?
    The Gilmore Girls...The Mom's name is Emily...Some considered it a magical show--Not in a wands and broomsticks sort of way, but in a "sitting on a window seat, watching snow fall, drinking hot cider (or coffee, if you’re a Gilmore) and savoring a great book" way. Even though it ended 3 years ago, there's talk floating around of a movie. I was not much of a fan, but a couple of co-workers couldn't get enough of it. I only watched it sometimes but still managed to keep up with the plot.

    But I again marvel at the strength and spirit that Digby has!! Finding something that an ill pup will eat can be a challenge. But what a good feeling when you do find that something they cannot say no to!! I know appetites can change, and I hope that Digby will continue to enjoy this nutritious meal! I'm sure Wilf does!! My prayers and thoughts for all of you continue. I think they are being heard as you all seem to be finding strength and peace.

  14. Hearing that he eats a little solid food gave us hope. We are so happy that he's eating. It is a victory no matter how small it is. Please know that we are cheering you on, Digby!

  15. Try yogurt to help settle his tummy and to combat the affect of the antibiotics. Great with the fish! High in protein and easy to digest. Just what the dog-tor ordered!

    I wonder if he wouldn't feel a little better, too, with IV fluids for a few hours. His insides must be so parched.

  16. So glad to hear he ate a bite! Maybe he will be more interested in food today. You are a wonderful Doggie Dad and I know your presence with him throughout the night is very comforting & calming. Keeping you in our thoughts & prayers.
    Susan, Jack & Mickey

  17. I'm sure you transported Digby back to his younger days with that poached cod. I'm glad he was able to eat a bit. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

  18. I'm glad Digby has found something that suits his culinary tastes! I hope it helps he regain his strength.

    Glee is one of my guilty pleasures! I love it, but we're in the third season here.

  19. Another wonderful surprise. Poached fish. How clever of you to have remembered that Digby liked it as a puppy.

    We're hoping for more of these lovely surprises -- and are keeping you all close in our hearts and minds.

    And yes, we can testify that there still are a few people (5 million or so) alive here in our very diverse always bizarre South Florida community!!!

    xxx Joan, Jake, and Just Harry

  20. Woooos! Just to let woo know there are still millions left in Florida....
    I am glad Digby found something he remembered and liked! We are still sending our love, prayers and keeping our paws crossed fur all of woo!
    -~puppy kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  21. A little step is better than none. So glad to hear that Digby ate some. Kudos to the humans for their perseverance. Paws continue to be crossed.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  22. Every small step is a giant victory!


  23. The fish was a stroke of genius. I'm glad that Digby ate a little bit. Someone suggested yogurt to help his tummy recover. If he'll eat even a little, that seems like a great idea.

    Your description of late night TV made me chuckle. I've never seen any of the things that you described but you made me just a wee bit curious about what's on my TV when I'm usually sleeping!

    I'm glad that you tried some new thinking. I hope that today has brought another tiny step forward. I am thinking of you.

  24. Digby, I read your blog for the first time and feel compelled to pray that you and your family are strong enough to cope with and conquer your illness.
    XO Mary Ann and GSD Mattie

  25. Oh Digby....that's so great that you actually got up to eat the poached fish! Every little step counts.
    Thinking of you, buddy.

  26. DiGBY!!!!!!!!!!
    Hell yeah old boy!!!
    I have everything crossed so tight for good luck it's all turning white!!!
    I will fill the Grand Canyon full of fish if it will get you better!
    Hugs to you and the font and bear hugs to Wilf.

  27. Could it be that this little white dog with the touseled hair will surprise us all? Oh we cling to that hope in the face of all odds against it. (Miracles seem to have been in short supply, but Digby seems to be the recipient of some. Digby with the heart the size of Texas!)
    I do not know if you wish to hear any wonderings on my part, but I do wonder about hydration and as an alternative to IV fluids, subcutaneous boluses of fluid can be given, which can easily be done at home. (fluids to be obtained from vet of sterile saline. I wonder too about the injections of insulin, as in humans, the dose is dependent upon food intake... ) Just a thought as it is totally your call as to how to handle Digby at this time.
    Asta is right on, Angus. your writing has us feeling we are quite nearby, and that is saying something as I imagine Texas and your little village in France are very different! :)
    As an aside, I am glad to know I am not the only one who becomes enamoured of products that seem to work miracles as seen on the shopping channels and infomercials! I do not know how I manage to live without some of them ;)
    To you and the "font", please know we keep you in our hearts in this rollar coaster of a ride. Since Digby and Wilf live in the now, without the dwelling on of all the possibilities(would that we were so lucky, hu?) we hold them in our hearts in a different way. Soft pats, kisses on the fuzzy heads and soft whispers to Digby and Wilf as well as we drop by your little village.
    Hang in there.

  28. Sorry Digs, the poached fish just made Mum gag a wee bit. But if its what you want, Mum said she would even go fishing in the Mary's River next to our town for some. Now the porridge - not a problem! Take each day and savor the small victories (and savor the treats too). We love you Digby, but you knew that! BOL!

    Your pals in Oregon, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper Edwards

  29. yes!! i'm excited you found a food that digby accepts. :) i also think you should try a little yogurt for his tummy. it really does do wonders.
    now i have to admit that glee is one of my favorite shows on television. there is a's just rather involved. haha.

    the booker man and asa's mama

  30. Glee-fully enjoying poached fish with the Gilmore Girls!!! Smiles in Alaska xoxoxo

  31. Digby -- you are such a fighter! Rest welll, my friend....

  32. We are happy to read this today. One small, encouraging step toward ending the late night TV surfing. Sending purrs and tail wags for Digby.

  33. Oh my...we read this with prayers that Digby will continue to take a little more nourishment....dear sweet Boy...

    And how very lucky to have you for a family...and you him...

    Keeping you in our thoughts constantly...

    Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley

  34. Oh Digby! What an amazing Digby you are!

    No.1 of The Poupounette

  35. Behold the power of fish!

    Thanks fur sharing the image of Digby perking up when his snooter khaught wind of that tasty dish!


  36. Digby,
    Every day I hold my breath as I check for Angus's update. Whew...dear boy, enjoy every morsel of fish!Keeping you & your family in our prayers.
    As an aside I always put every family member on acidophilus when on antibiotics.Helps the tummy.
    Thinking of you in Northern California,
    Fay & family

  37. OmDOG - he's so special what a WONDERFUL moment you guys have had - we'll hold tight in our prayers.


  38. woofs, soo glad he's trying to eat..I think he mite do well with IV fluids too...even just a little..i went surfing on the web the other day, and went to a site where dogs have survived Lyme Disease with the help of Chinese Herbs..I dont know if that would help Digby or not, if u woulld like more info on it, follow this to my blog and leave a comment and i will try to find the site again..u r all still in my prayers, and thinking of u with love..

    b safe,
    ~rocky and mama~

  39. Digby's not giving up. He's obviously got more living to do. Keep fighting, Digby, and take in as much nourishment as you can to keep yourself going. ♥♥♥

  40. Dear Digby,
    We are overjoyed to hear that at last you have found something that you really feel like eating. Hope you don't get bored of it too soon. Keep it going boy, you will bounce back. we know you will.
    we love you very much and are with you as you fight your way back to health.
    wags n licks, Ginger and Buddy

  41. The Bougalou BearMay 6, 2010 at 9:35 PM

    Way to go Digby!

    Glee-fully read your news...
    Still keeping all on-board paws and fingers crossed.

  42. woofhoo digby that is fabulous news and fish is so good for you too, keep going wee boy you are furry much on our minds!!! we wonder if some natural yoghurt might be good probotic yoghurt maybe - our vetty suggest our momma lightly coat our foodibles with it when we were taking antibotics to encourage the good bacteria... loves and licks!!!

  43. Digby remembering the fish treat was such a sweet story. I hope he has more and more happy moments!!

  44. Sounds as though the sweet woofie is not ready to give up the fight yet.. A good sign he came looking for the fish.. Hugs GJ xx

  45. It's hard not to hope. At the very least, Digby is doing things on his own terms. Generally, when you're at the end of the road, either human or other mammal, you don't want to eat anything. Digby wasn't ready to end the journey at that moment. Here's hoping against the odds that he pulls this out.

    wags, Lola

  46. We are feeling encouraged again, Digby! Our paws remain crossed for you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  47. We are still hoping against hope. We are glad to hear that Digby is hanging in there. We don't know about Miami, but we are doing okay here in Key West, Florida.

    Essex & Deacon

  48. We are so happy you discovered the food Digby will eat, and pray with all our hearts he continues to mend. We love you Wilf and Digby!!

  49. Digby - I'm so thankful for these little joys that you are experiencing with your family. You are so beautiful and so are the ones who love you.

    Amber (Mayzie's mom)

  50. Digby, and your moma. It appears you are on to something. What good news to read that the poached fish tempted your appetite and challenged you to go fishing. We are so hopeful. We especially hope that food in your tummy gives you the strength you need to keep battling this monster. Our paws remain tightly crossed for you and we keep you all in our prayers.

    Jake and Fergi and Family xxxxoooo

  51. My human likes Glee. I think. . .

    paws are still crossed for you, digby.

  52. Good Digby.........VERY GOOD....and having been there, I can tell you I would be buying truckloads of the fish to have on hand....anyway that he wanted it prepared.
    Thankful tonight for a bright light...must be the light in his eyes!