Saturday, May 1, 2010

Great day. Shame about the night.

A great day for Digby with his temperature heading back towards normal. During the day he
ate four small meals of chicken and rice - each of which was enthusiastically enjoyed. For the first time in over a week he seemed to be aware of what was going on around him wandering over to the gate to bark at the two cows in the field across the lane. On top of it all there was no doubting that the mischief element was back in play.

The night wasn't so good. We had a heavy rain storm - the first in six weeks. For some reason the sound of the deluge upset him . End result - Digby and the four meals were soon parted . It was an up and carry him out at 1.30, 2.30, 3.30 and 4.30 type of morning. We thought we were going to lose him at this time last week so we've come a long, long way. But what a dreadful disease this is. This morning his temperature is back up, he's alarmingly incontinent, and he's trembling again. Two steps forward .....

The really great news is that the family will be here tonight for the Whit holidays. Wilf will be elated but Digby will be on cloud nine.


  1. Elation is good BUT Khloud Nine is even better!


  2. I think this is one BIG step forward and a small-small one back, but I am back to keeping fingers crossed - he obviously needs more peace to make another big step forward.

  3. Hey there Angus!
    Hang in step at a time!
    Sending lotsaluv

  4. Enjoy your family's visit, Digby! More AireZen is comin' your way!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. I am praying for your strength and comfort.

    Sending love and prayers all the way from America...