Saturday, May 22, 2010

Liberal and conservative.

Summer has arrived and with it the heat. To avoid the circotherm effect Wilf and yours truly headed off into the local market town bright and early. By quarter to seven , after a detour to the lamp posts in the light industrial park, the place was already beginning to heave with activity . A bowl of water for Wilf and a quick pre-breakfast cup of coffee for me amid the beer and absinthe drinkers in the cafe on the square . As we sat there , me in the sun, Wilf snug and secure under the table , there was just enough time to muse that with each passing year my outlook on life becomes more liberal while my stomach becomes ever more conservative. There was a time when beer for breakfast would have been a great pleasure - now the very thought of it leaves me cold.

Then off to the bakers for the baguettes and croissants. While there Wilf pondered the relative merits of the lemon meringue pie or the wild strawberry gateaux. He and I were in absolute agreement - both!

Walked back to the car via the tourist office. In the window a strange notice for what appears to be a concert by the French Navy bagpipe band. Can such a thing really exist ?

PS. Bougalou Bear - we'd be delighted.


  1. I find that my stomach had become conservative first thing (muesli and fruit rather than black pudding and tattie scones for breakfast please) but re-discovers its radical and adventurous edge as the day progresses!
    Your comment about the gateaux reminds me of an over ambitious cycling tour a friend and I undertook in N. France a few years ago - we stopped at every patisserie, surveyed the choice and deliberately selected the cakes with most calories..
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Is Wilf's hair standing on end at the thought of a French Bagpipe Band?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Blog Mom snorted when she read this post. (She must have learned the snorting from me.) She said her stomach has also become much more conservative and less adventurous as she's gotten older - and she's pretty old. She used to be up for trying almost everything. Now - not so much. Me either, but I can tell everything I need to know by sniffing.

    The French Navy Bagpipe Band sounds like something not to be missed. Could you take Wilf? Does he like to sing along? Because this sounds like the perfect thing for a singing type dog.

    wags, Lola

  4. Such lovely photos. Wilf really knows how to pull off that spikey hairdoo!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. Love Wilf's new look!

    He's totally right BOTH!!!!!!

    Beer for breakfast - NEVER but no coffee either somethings just smell so bad..

    Not too sure about that French Navy Bagpipe thingy - might be a little too much whining.

    Hope you guys have GREAT Weekend.


  6. Loving Wilf's new hair do!!


  7. We'll go for the liberal outlook on life and never mind the beer for breakfast!!!

    Intriguing concert poster. I didn't recognize the word Caussade -- but Wikipedia says it's a place in the mid-Pyrenees. Right?

    With red bagpipes?

    Ah, sweet mysteries of life!

    xx Joan

  8. So very true. Although to confess, my stomach has always been a bit of a straight-laced conservative. But I find I do become ever more liberal as the years pass by.

    I am concerned about the chocolate torte in the baker's case. Poor Caroline. Did someone forget to pick up her gift?? Or is that such an ubiquitous name that one is always there and ready?

    As for our British section.... oh, we have Hob Nobs, Smarties, Brown Sauce, Mushy Peas...(in a can...), Cadbury chocolates, Orange Shandy, Jersey Creams, Walker's crisps, Fox's Ginger Crunch Creams, Boland's Custard Creams, PG Tips, Yorkshire Gold..... oh, on and on.

    My "conservative" stomach allows for the Yorkshire Gold and the occasional Hob Nob only, whilst my husband is well-acquainted with many of the sweets.

    Oh, of course, my favourite... which is Horlick's Light Chocolate Malt... is never stocked. Sigh.

  9. What a wonderful Saturday morning for you and Wilf. He is looking very punked out these suits him! I concur with your L&C leanings these days, even though an occasional bloody-mary (only one) is quite wonderful in the AM. NOTHING....and I mean nothing beats a French bakery any time of the day or night. I envy you.
    Hugs to Wilf, have a great weekend

    KT and Lady

  10. Hmmmm.. French Bagpipe Band. Well, if there is a picture of them they must exist, but it seems, uh, wierd.
    I do love the bagpipes, but had absolutely no idea the French partook. (I have a friend in Scotland that LOVES men in kilts. May have something to do with a pic she took from behind where the man in kilt caught an updraft....just sayin...nice-uh-well you know ;}
    We had one for my mom's funeral but I felt rather gypped as it was a SHE. Not the same at all.
    Again, I offer to send a parcel. Up to you.
    I wait with baited breath(whatever does that mean???) to see pics of the pups. Isn't it strange that a litter would be on the ground at this time.....hmmm. I agree that the "font" has it all sorted. after all she IS the Font of all Knowledge! (your words in your Italy blog which I read all the way through)
    Digby lead you to this litter I believe.
    Jamie and the Texas Sundogs
    ps I agree with Wilf and yourself-both pies!!!

  11. oh ps much to many's chagrin, my mental outlook is conservative(partly has to do with being from a military family-a test said I was Centrist...)
    Beer for breakfast, not so much! ;}

  12. how about that strawberry gateau for breakfast? it looks devine! :)

    the booker man and asa's mama

  13. Neither"liberal" nor "conservative" as we grow older..."creative" is best! :)

  14. Hugs to Wilf. My Mom says she likes the bakery picture best!
    Cat Mandu

  15. Wilf!! You wild thing!! You make my heart sing!! Even if you are a dawg!! Purrs, Lautrec (Weezdabadcats)

  16. I'd take both of those desserts, too! To heck with conservative stomachs or waistbands!

    I just know you're going to attend that concert so you can tell us all about it!

  17. I love Wilf's new fur look!

    It sounds like a relaxed and interesting walk that you and Wilf took early in the morning. I agree about beer for breakfast... but I wouldn't have liked it even in my wilder days. Both cakes would be my choice too!!

  18. Love the new 'do!


  19. Oh yes please....strawberry gateaux every time! Ps Loving Wilf's new
    hair do! Sue x