Sunday, May 9, 2010

The guardian.

Off bright and early with Wilf in the car to the local town. First port of call the greengrocers for the ingredients for a new recipe 'the font' wants to try for hot strawberry and rhubarb pie. Then to the market for some fresh asparagus before finally stopping off for a coffee at the rather rundown 'absinthe drinkers' cafe under the arcades. No matter how early we get there the bar is always full of locals having a pre-breakfast beer or glass of absinthe - one of those culture shocks that come with life in deepest France profonde. Wilf sat contentedly with me at a table outside enjoying the sunshine and people watching.

Fridays storms have gone to be replaced by endless blue cloudless skies and a warm cosseting wind. We came home on the back roads past an old pigeonniere tower standing alone in the fields- most of them have gone - snapped up by holidaying Parisiens and incorporated into bijoux weekend homes. It would have been wonderful to have stopped the car and set off with Wilf for a brisk walk through the wild flower meadows towards the Pyrennees but the ever present spectre of piroplasmosis is changing all our routines.

Digby had a quieter night after the strong toxic reaction to the medicines of the night before. He had a simply wonderful day outside with his brother, playing in the sunshine and forgetting his aches and pains. We enjoyed it every bit as much as he did. This morning he's peaceful but subdued. Wilf is sitting proprietorially beside him on the sun drenched front doorstep. One of the interesting discoveries is the strength of the bond that exists between the two them - brothers and best friends . Little brother and guardian.

Later today the little market town will be gearing itself up for the Victory Day celebrations. We'll drive over again before lunch to see what is going on.


  1. Interesting and lovely pictures of your world Angus!! It sounds like your day is off to a good start--I hope it continues!!

  2. Wonderful to see the photos of the French countryside. I am so envious of those green fields!

  3. Oh how I pray that he is turning the corner toward health - oh, how I pray.

  4. The photos are just beautiful. Still have high hopes for Digby. What a wonderful brother Wilf is.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. The weather looks glorious, not like wet and gloomy London that's for sure. Pleased to hear that the little soldier had a peaceful night. Sue x

  6. Thanks for sharing these great pikhs -

    We are glad to see Digby is holding on and still savouring what life has to offer -

    As for the absinthe, I have a bottle - and from time to time I try to appreciate it -

    So far, not found 'it' -

    Khyra & Phyll

  7. Beautiful photos today - so glad to hear that Digby is enjoying life.

  8. When I lived -- and worked -- in Paris years ago, I remember that same cultural shock of finding the bar where I stopped for my early morning cafe au lait filled with others ordering their calvados or similar strong eye openers.

    Loved the scenery but most of all loved the image you painted of Digby playing with his brother.

    Happy mother's day to the font -- and our hopes for another peaceful day to you all.

    And if Digby is up to it, loving scritches behind his ears. And the same for brother and guardian Wilf!!!

    xxx Joan, Jake and Just Harry

  9. Continued crossed paws here for you Digby.

  10. What beautiful pictures of your countryside...

    So glad to hear Digby perked up & was able to enjoy some outside time with his wonderful brother...I bet Wilf enjoyed seeing Digby feeling better, too...

    Still praying...

    Abby & her Mom xxxxxxoooooo

  11. So glad to hear that Digby is continuing the fight and hope it is one he will win. Your day looks like a good one and sounded like a great way to spend a day.. Hugs GJ x

  12. What a journey that little dog has been on. I hope that these are all good signs - they sound very good. At the very least, Digby is having some happy days. And, I love reading about Wilf watching out for him. What a wonderful big brother.

  13. My first step in the morning is to check on Digby, even before I get out of bed. (my iPhone which sleeps beside me is the culprit for this luxury) :) Wilf- you are a great BIG bro, and Digby is lucky to have you. Wilf know there are scores of people wishing and praying for the wee brother of yours to pull through and join you on your adventures. Digby, keep fighting the fight little guy we love you. The photos are amazing, my fav is the top two. I'm a sucker for some architecture and singage. The cafe is amazing!!! Love to all, hugs & scratches to those two sweet boys

  14. That last photograph looks as if it was painted by van Gogh. What a magnificent blue sky.

    How heartening to hear that Digby had a day in the sunshine. Hopefully there will be more!

    Love to you all!

  15. Hope the pie turns out well, it sounds delicious! Loved going on your jaunt and the accompanying photos... I was quite taken with your wonderfully descriptive phrase "weekend bijoux houses"

  16. Happy Mother's Day to you! I love the image you describe of Digby playing in the sunshine with his brother by his side. I hope he continues to have happy days with his family.

  17. Good morning(or evening) to Digby and his guardian, Wilf. I had noticed from days ago Wilf positions himself to be near his brother in the pics you have shown. What a natural bond those 2 have, I am sure Wilf is very aware of things gone awry and is watching Digby with canine concern(possibly a brother's admonition to" Come ON Digby. Knock this off!! Hurry up and staighten yourself out bro!") Who knows the conversation, I am glad they have each other as well as you Angus, and the "font".
    Hooray for days,hours, or moments that are enjoyed by Digby and the rest of his family.
    I hope soon these moments string themselves together without the plunges into the fearful times. That the rollar coaster ride stops with the highs and lows. Digby, boy, your heart is brave and strong , as is your brother's, and we MAY have mentioned before, it is the size of Texas. (You would have to know a Texan to know we do not bestow that honor on just anyone. Wait, by way of the internet you DO know some Texans.)
    We hope for more peaceful nights and days in the sun dear Digby. We must give a kiss on that fuzz head, and whisper well done to you, and to Wilf too, as we stop by your garden steps.
    Angus the pictures of the countryside and town are wonderful.
    When we lived in Greece for a time(poor Greece now) we noticed the it's 5 o'clock somewhere rule to be well in force. As far as the absinthe, well, I feel about ouzo and the retsina the same way. Not so much....When told I needed to cultivate the taste for it, my response was "why?" ;)
    Happy Mother's Day to the "font" She has her boys and her boyz. I hope the boyz gift her with another peaceful night and day.
    Once again, we have enjoyed dropping by, and thank you for your courage in sharing this time with us. Difficult would be quite the understatement, hell would be much more accurate. Being human and not as wise as the dog, instead of living in the moment, we humans tend to wait for the shoe to drop when on a ride such as y'all have been experiencing.
    Thank you for your graciousness in allowing us to be a part of this journey. Again, I do not know how you do it.
    We will continue to hold all of you in our hearts, I think you have made a permanent place there now.
    Fight on dear ones, know you are loved by so many. Well done.
    Jamie and the Texas Sun Dogs
    PS I am known for being too wordy, sorry......

  18. Happy Mother's Day to The Font! (And you too, Mongoose as you've certainly done your share of mothering the past few weeks.) Continue to savor each good day - hopefully an hour of play will do a world of good!

    Your pals,

    Petey and his Mom

  19. we're glad to hear that Digby had a good night and is enjoying his brother. we think he is going to pull through this.

    those are pretty photos of the french countryside.

  20. I love that picture of the tower by itself, standing against time. I hope it's a portent that Digby will stand and weather the storm as well. It sounds like he's having some good days, which I am so thankful to read!

  21. The Bougalou BearMay 9, 2010 at 6:40 PM

    DIGBY IS PLAYING?! Wondrous news...:)

    The Bougalou Bear is extremely envious of your blue skies and warm winds; Our neck of the world is under a bitter gale, blowing something that looks suspiciously like, gag, snow.
    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours'weather...Oh but we do!

  22. It must have been really great to watch the two yesterday. Probably made Wilf's day too.

  23. A brother's love can sometimes be all that holds you in place - We believe that love has amazing healing powers sometimes not for the body but for the soul - Wilf & Dibgy's bond is greater than this illness...

    Lovely pictures of the country side - Thank you for sharing your part of the world & your wonderful boys Wilf & Digby.

    Take care and hold tight we've got you.


  24. Hello and Happy Mother's Day!

    We are happy to know that Dilby is ok today. We also enjoyed the ride in the countryside. It is very pretty. That last shot looks like a painting.

    Wilf is such a good brother, to watch over Digby. Hang in there, buddy.

    -Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & the Piappies

  25. Thoughts, prayers & good wishes still coming your way. Bless you both for your love and devotion to your boys.

    We lost one of our best friends on Friday. Duffy a yellow lab who was our friend and companion for over 11 years. Early March saw his best friend, Sadie a black lab, gone also. For over 11 years they were the main focus of our lives. What wonderful memories we have but also a very large hole in our hearts.

    Mickey, our 18 month old Wheaten Terrier is helping to fill that hole but he is also grieving now. He looks very much like your guys and those big brown eyes are so very sad now.

    Hug yours tight and know that we care deeply for you all.

    Susan, Jack & Mickey

  26. Such a relief to hear that Digby had a better night last night! Hopefully from this point forward he will continue to just get better and better.

    You live in a beautiful country!

  27. I bet that Wilf is playing a huge role in Digby's determination and fight to beat his illness. What a wonderful bond they have. Keep fighting, Digby! ♥♥♥

  28. Hooray for a wonderful day! And two wonderful furry boys! May it continue onward and upwards.

    Wiry love Eric xxx

  29. Your pictures are so beautiful...we continue to pray for dear Digby and send him so much healing...

    Scruffy, Lacie and Stanny

  30. Oh my...we just read your last post..if some are commenting on perspective, please know we respect your are living this situation..not us as readers...

    We would never presume to know better...we admire you for feeling your way day by day and allowing Digby to live with grace and dignity...

    Tons of love,

    Scruffy, Lacie and Stanny

  31. This is my first time visiting your blog, I think it is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Wilf and Digby are adorable and I wish Digby all the best in getting back on his feet.

  32. the weather looks absolutely lovely! i hope you enjoyed your day in the sunshine. wilf is such a loyal companion and brother. digby is in the best hands and paws. :)

    the booker man and asa's mama

  33. Thanks so much for the update, pictures and narratives. So happy things seem to be moving in a positive direction for Digby. Our collective fingers and paws are crossed and ... always, simple prayers for the Digby be be well.

    KT and Lady

  34. Strawberry & rhubarb pie presents a dilemma - cream or custard?