Thursday, May 27, 2010

A 'solo' outing.

Beautiful weather so off with Wilf to spend a night in a hotel and buy some wine. We loaded up the big SUV with its ferocious air-conditioning system and set off for Bordeaux and the beautiful little town of St.Emilion. No matter how hot it gets the big engined monster allows us to travel in comfort up in the front 'zone' while Wilf luxuriates in his own sub-arctic microclimate in the back.

This is his first outing as a 'solo' dog so we were keen to see how he got on. Travelling with his little brother always used to be something of a lottery. Most times the little one would sail through a hotel lobby without a murmur . However, occasionally he would sniff the pheromones in the air and take a sudden and immediate dislike to a doorman or a bell boy - turning into a little white mound of loudly barking , constantly squirming fluff in the process. We eventually learnt that we should ask for a room with wheelchair access, that way we could avoid revolving doors, uniformed staff, and leg cockingly enticing statuary.

Wilf, being Wilf, is the perfect travelling companion. He likes everyone and views public places as a God sent forum to meet people and look for Jaffa Cakes and sausages. Yesterday was no exception . He trotted into the hotel lobby, sat while the doorman and reception lady chatted to him, and then did his best 'I've never been fed in my life' routine when two of the waiters came out of the restaurant to say hello. This routine works on the unwary. Within two minutes he was settled down under our feet with half a croissant. Thus far this butter rich morsel has not had a deleterious effect on the workings of his stomach. Give it time.

And to think we were worried that he might not like travelling without canine company.


  1. Reads to be the start of a nice trip...

    Enjoy all the sights and sounds and smells Wilf and work those folks for all the attention & treats - oh and try to make friends with the Chef at the hotel...he can hook you up with some treats that might not hurt your tummy...


  2. You know, I was not raised as a solo dog. I was married. Lived with my mate and made puppies. Then, after winding up in a rescue for some reason, at age 7 was adopted and I'm now the only dog. It's not so bad. I'm the center of the doggy universe and I find I'm getting used to it. There is sometimes thought about getting me a little brother. That would be nice in some ways and in other ways there are things I'm not sure I want to share - like Daddy. All I'm saying is that Wilf might well be finding compensations for his solo state. I'm glad he's not unhappy.

    wags, Lola

  3. I have a feeling that we will soon be calling him King Wilf! It sounds like he knows how to make the most of life! What a beautiful hotel!

    Tonight's the first night of the festival here. Madame Bay was still in Toulouse when you left, wasn't she?

  4. Oh I want to go on holiday in the south of France and stay in a nice hotel and travel in a big air-conditioned SUV. Please someone tell Gail to take me. Although I fear that with Gail I'd more likely end up in a bicycle basket.
    Lucky lucky Wilf. And those croissant things sound delicious. Are they a bit like butteries?
    Toodle pip!

  5. How reassuring! You are so lucky to be able to take you canine companions to paying establishments...almost unheard of here...but perhaps I need to look again.
    So nice too that you have the freedom to take a break. Wilf is really looking fabulous and relaxed.
    Sending kind regards your way!
    (is this the correct 'Calvinist' mode of greeting :)? )

  6. Wilf knows exactly what he is doing! Good to see he is settling in and doing 'solo' quite well by the looks of it.

  7. Sounds like a resounding success and lots of fun!

    I wish that dogs were allowed easy access to as many places here in the US as in Europe. I'm jealous. It's only been recently that many hotels allow dogs in them.

  8. Wow Wilf! I wish I was you!! Ya lucky dawg!! Well, actually, just the butter croissant part...we do enough travelling between our homes that I don't need to spend any more time in the car. I envy you the 'solo' part...I have to share the cage with Tiny and I swear the woman makes me crazy because she has to meow the first half an hour everytime we drive either to the house in the country or to the flat in the city. You would think she would catch on by now, but nooooooo! So Wilf, you could think of yourself as lucky in many ways! Croissants and your own space in the car. Lucky Dawg!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny (p.s. WHAT ARE JAFFA CAKES?)

  9. It looks like such a lovely place to spend the night. I can't fault the little(big)Digby after what he did and went through with his pack for being always on keen alert. We think of him daily.All of y'all.
    Wilf, sounds like the sweet mellow soul. Don't worry, be happy, and grab some food if you can!(The "They never feed me but a scrap here and there, my pleadings of may I have some more please kind sir* ala David Copperfield* are met with disdain. Oh please might I have a crumb?" Sound strangely familiar to most of the canine actors I have had!
    Hope the buttered (I'll call it roll,can't remember how to spell crowsaunt. ha-who said phonetics doesn;t serve you well;) sits well on his tummy.
    So glad the PONS breed club has decided to call it the Polish Lowland Sheepdog. Besides the P in PON. it was most difficult for me to pronounce. Having the memory of a sweet potato, I could mangle it once, then promptly have no idea! (Polski Owczarek Nizinny... really, say it quickly 3 times unless you speak the polish language! )
    I am being patient about puppy plans. Perhaps you are beginning your journey, keeping us in suspense.
    When Scooter makes his trip, he is looking forward to meeting Wilf and snagging all the sausage(and any other morsels!) Being a complicated route, it is taking him time, but he asked me to tell wilf he can;t wait!
    Stay well, all of you. Hugs to you, the font and wilf. Y'all remain in our hearts.
    Jamie and Sunny&Scooter
    The Texas Sundogs

  10. I’ve heard that St.Emilion is a lovely and amazing place! Along with purchasing wine I hope you had time and were able to enjoy the ruins and the churches on your outing—I’m glad that Wilf enjoyed the trip as well—I think his not having to share the spotlight is working for him in the “treat department!” Enjoy your day!

  11. Lovely pictures! Sounds like a good trip! I think Wilf is fitting in quite well being an "only" dog. Here, we cannot take our dogs where there is food, unless they are "helper dogs" for the disabled. We used to take Rough with us to motels that allowed dogs, he loved traveling!

  12. Wilf, isn't it cool when you can fool humans into thinking that you haven't eaten in days and they bring you foodables?

  13. Oh, I did smile at this. Traveling with our two is quite an adventure, always. Apple always lets Edward take the lead, as he is such a diplomat and greets everyone with the affability of a movie star with a new film to promote. Where things get a bit dicey is when he spies another dog. Some he likes, some he doesn't. And there is no rhyme or reason, at least to me, to his decision process. My husband says he simply won't tolerate any other dog giving him "the stink eye". Perhaps that's true.

    Your suggestion about "wheelchair access" is inspired. I'd never thought of that. We always ask for accommodations with a separate entrance. Our recent trip to the beach provided that, and it was perfect.

  14. What a great outing for you, Wilf! I'm sure your behavior, in public, makes your people proud! It's very nice that places like that allow doggies! We are getting more and more places that are dog-friendly, but we have a long way to go!

    Penny & Patches

  15. we think Wilf just likes being with you and going where you go.

  16. i'm glad wilf is enjoying his solo trip, and i hope the croissant isn't hard on his little tummy.
    those last 2 pictures are especially nostalgic for me. things just don't look that way here in the states! it's too bad!

    the booker man and asa's mama

  17. I think Petey and Wilf have the same attitude towards life: "Everyone's happy to see me and there may be cookies!" Took my boy down to the beach last evening where he immediately went up to a Hispanic family and insisted that they each take turns tossing the tennis ball for him. He then moved on down the beach, where we heard a shrill "Petey!" He was recognized by a family that he had engaged in some ball-play a few days ago. He continued down the beach this way, stopping at each person like a long-lost friend, dropping the ball at their feet and assuming the "okay, ready...throw it!" position.

    Must be a scruffy/shaggy dog thing.

  18. It's gweat to heaw of Wilf being so happy on this twip.He obviously has a gweat attitoode. I'm just like him. I once got to go to wome wif Mommi and Daddi and had the bestest time. loved evewyone, and evewyone loved me.
    Mommi and Daddi wewe in StEmilion a thousand yeaws ago..heaven they say.
    smoochie kisses