Friday, April 30, 2010

The forgotten dog.

For three days last week Wilf slumped around the house like a canine version of a difficult adolescent - he didn't want to play, he didn't want to be tickled, he didn't really want to do much of anything other than eat , pretend to chase squirrels and be near his little brother. Over the last couple of days there has been a marked change in his outlook on life. With Digby slowly on the mend Wilf is once again back to being the 24/7 household jester. He is absolutely everywhere. Yesterday morning Yves, Ross the wild haired Irishman, and the morose lad in the blue bib overalls were presented with a ball within seconds of their arrival at the front door. While Ross sat in the van smiling angelically in his morphine induced haze, Yves and the lad were earning their keep by racing round the garden throwing the ball with a pouncing, yelping Wilf in hot pursuit.

The day soon got even better. As the mayor and the committee members arrived Wilf was there carefully sniffing each hand to see if they had remembered to bring sausages. Satisfied that there was nothing good to be had he settled himself down under the table where he snored manfully away while the minutes of the last meeting were read out loud. It proved to be an entertaining and useful distraction from the mordacious disagreements among the village folk over who had agreed to be responsible for what. Vol au vents remain a contentious issue. The latest rancour revolves around who will take telephone reservations for seats - the flower folk or the roads and byeways people? 'The font' displaying an unerring sense of diplomacy suggested that as everyone in the village was so busy doing so many important things perhaps the reservations could be handled by the local tourist office who have the phones and the staff. This ( to me at least ) practical suggestion will be the subject of discussion at next weeks steering committee. The gathering came to an early end when Wilf started to pass wind - an offshoot of the liver,beef and vegetable soup that was made for Digby but which Wilf wolfishly devours . Wilf, I shall be ever greatful to you for your exquisite sense of timing.

Digby is still sleeping twenty three hours a day but the gradual improvement continues. His temperature is back up to 37. Your comments about cottage cheese, scrambled eggs and other cures and treats are all duly noted and experimented with. Sourcing pumpkin for the pumpkin treats is proving to be a bit more difficult in this part of rural France. Thank you all so much.


  1. It would appear that Friday shall be a good day!


  2. Hi guys! Oh, this made us smile so much! If Wilf is getting back to himself then that is such a good sign for Digby, as us dogs are wise to these sort of things!! So pleased to hear that Digby is progressing in the right direction, albeit slowly. Yay, yay!!! :) Happy schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  3. Glad to hear that both of the boyz seem to be returning to their old selves.

    Might be useful to make more soup for future meetings.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. We came back to sniff through the last few days and see how Digby is doing. We are so happy to see that he is still improving and Grammy says that she will continue to pray for his full recovery and we all have our paws crossed for him as well! The Country Corgis

  5. Dear Angus
    Strange: yesterday I wondered how Wilf reacted to his brothers illness - and today you tell about it!
    Love your blog and your humour - even if the twisted way sometimes is hard to follow for one who dosn't have English as a first language. Glad that Digby is recovring - even if it its slowly.
    Best for the future for all four members of your family. EM in DK

  6. It sounds like yummier food is coming your way, Digby! Being sick does have its perks! I LIVE for my next meal!
    Keep getting better and better!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie & Mitch

  7. seems Wilf knows something that we have all been praying for...Digby is on the mend! I hope this trend continues as this disease is so insidious....
    did he like the stew? one of my tricks to get a sick dog to eat is canned dog food...i also boil skinless/boneless chicken breast and rice...nutrition, as you are aware, is a huge component to healing....
    my prayers are still with the Dig!

  8. Hi, You Guys...

    So glad to hear things are getting better...

    Abby xxxooo

  9. It's good to see that things are retuning to normal. Normal is comfortable.

  10. Oh, that all sounds most encouraging. Digby must be on the mend for real if Wilf is back to normal.

    wags, Lola

  11. Hey Mongoose
    Sounds like its all good news...Your sense of humour and creativity is back! Yippee! Love to the boyz

  12. We've been wondering how Wilf had been doing while his dear brother has been so ill.

    And we're still wondering -- not so much about who will take the reservations or if vol au vent is to be on the menu -- but what/who will be playng at the concert. Hip hop??? Zydeco??? Reggae??? We don't think so!

    We're so happy that Digby seems to be getting better every day -- and are keeping him in our thoughts and prayers (you all as well!!)

    xx Joan and the Barkalot Boyz

  13. I love Wilf for so many reasons, as must you! What a character! The whole scene sounds like the script from some hilariously funny movie.

  14. Smiles coming from North Carolina too. I am so happy to hear of more improvement. First thing every day I have to check your blog and see how things are going. I've wondered how Wilf has dealt with this also and am so glad he is back to his old self. Keeping fingers crossed for Digby, I really hope his appetite improves and he starts gaining more strength.

  15. I'm so happy to read your news. I can only imagine how relieved you are to have Digby continue to improve. My dog, K, has always thought that the special food was the best part of being sick... that, and the five small meals a day my vet always recommends.

    Your town committee sounds hilarious. My dog used to end meetings the same way when she went to work with me!

  16. Digs, we are glad to hear you are getting better albeit slowly. Rice and chicken is also good for the tummy. We could send you some if we can get Mum's magic card and have FedEx stop by. FedEx will take stuff anywhere if you give them the numbers off the magic card. You can also order stuff over the internet with the magic card. Mum hasn't figured out how smart we are yet, so we are using the magic card all the time. But I digress. We send lots of prayers and concern your way in France, which is very far away but close in our hearts.

    Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper Edwards
    in Oregon, USA

  17. Woooos! I am glad the forgotten dog is no longer forgotten, but are wishes and paws crossed are still with Digby, we are so glad he is starting to be on the mend.
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  18. i, too, had been wondering how wilf was handling digby's illness. i'm glad that wilf is returning to his normal, gregarious self. another positive sign that digby's on the mend. it sounds like you just need to find the right food or treat to peak digby's curiosity. i know you've received a plethora of suggestions, but i just wanted to throw in there that my dogs adore yogurt -- full fat, plain yogurt.
    i love the latest meeting minutes. wilf, you are my hero! haha. the font's suggestion was perfectly logical, and the committee would be foolish not to go with it. i can not, however, assure you that the committee will act logically. ;)

    the booker man's mama

  19. Here is hoping all is back to normal very soon!

  20. Glad to read the good news! You are in our thoughts and prayers with paws crossed.

    Much Love,
    Woofs and Hugz,
    Josie and Blues

  21. If I were you, I would consider feeding Wilf the wind-inducing soup before every single committee meeting.

    It is such a good sign that Wilf has perked up. He must know his brother is on the mend now. Saints be praised.

  22. Wilf glad to hear you also are getting back to normal!!! Digby we all love you.! The farm is still not ending the huge amount of positive energy push until Digby is back to his old self!

  23. Love Wilf's sense of timing, very amusing and sounds as if it came in handy. ~AFSS

  24. Since I'm not much of a cook, and since Tootie eats dry dog food (poor baby!) I 'm not good at suggesting tasty dishes to help Digby get well. I can, however, offer my never-fail recipe...lots of hugs and belly rubs. Tootie gets plenty of those. Wilf will like them, too.


  25. Phew! We are so relieved each morning to read continually good news! How are you and The Font holding up? Time to break out the champagne and some of the really decadent chocolate, diets be damned.

  26. Hi Digby,

    We are sooo happy to hear that you are on the mend. By this time next week, you will probably be the old Digby.

    Take care and continue to get well!

    Riley and Star.

  27. Oh we are very happy to hear about the improvement...poor lil' angel...we feel for them, both of them...keepin' the prayer comin' your way!

  28. It's been a few days since I've visited but I haven't forgotten you all! Digby is still in my prayers. Glad to hear that Wilf has started to perk up too!

  29. So glad that Digby is on the mend! He's a tough guy and a fighter. I'm sure Wilf was worried too.

  30. I checked your blog for the first time in a while today, as I am wrestling with the clip/no clip conundrum and remembered reading your thoughts on that ahead of our last hot, humid summer here in Tokyo. I was shocked and so sorry to read about Digby's illness. If it is any consolation, reading your stories, it is very clear to me that you have given Digby a perfect life from the perspective of a Polish Lowland Sheepdog.