Friday, April 9, 2010

Paris and back.

A quick trip to Paris to see if the manufacturers still make the antiquated cooker that dominates the upstairs kitchen. Much to everyones surprise they still do. It is now marketed as a 'classic'. An identical model, but in an unforgiving dayglo orange stood proudly in the showroom window. The staff seemed to be keen to do a 'great deal' on this latter day Vesuvius. A quick check of the price and instead an executive decision to order spare parts was made.

The weather in Paris on Thursday was grey and overcast but this morning dawned bright, clear and cloudless. A perfect day to do some hurried shopping at the Kiehls pharmacy, the wine store, the blue cake shop and the funny little shop that stocks Italian risotto rice before heading off to Orly. Never, ever travel in France on a Friday. The airport was packed solid and the flight was one seat away from being oversold. To make the journey even more enjoyable the heating on the Airbus was set at maximum - clearly the French like to travel in aircraft cabins that mimic the Sahara in terms of heat.

Wilf and Digby were overjoyed that the pack was reunited. Digby was literally speechless - at moments of great emotion he breathes in and out at the same time. This results in him making a series of short pig like snoring noises. Comical.

More tomorrow.


  1. That is...a very orange stove! Classic Brady Bunch is what it makes me think of. Actually, when we bought our house, the kitchen was still painted in that lovely shade!

    Wilf looks so much larger than Digby. Is that a trick of the camera, or are they really that much different in size?

  2. Houndstooth - I guess the kitchen has been repainted since you bought the house? No, it's not a trick of the camera. Wilf is a showring perfect PON. Digby by contrast was undoubtedly the runt of the litter. It took two years for him to overcome a variety of ailments and start to grow properly. Even today he weighs in at 20 kilos compared with Wilfs 26. What he lacks in size and stamina he more than makes up for in the intelligence stakes.

  3. The boyz looks so nice n clean for spring. I am forever being hosed down this rainy spring. And I'm not a fan of the garden hose. Cold splashy water. Brrrrr.


  4. I must say the stove has good "bones" despite the color.

    Don't kid yourself - I still have puppies and will have until the last one leaves in mid-May. The clan is down to 6 now - a more manageable size.

  5. i agree. that stove does look nice with the exception of its ridiculous orangeness.
    i'm glad you had a nice visit to paris, though i'm sorry the flight home wasn't as enjoyable.

    hugs to the boyz!
    the booker man's mama

  6. While the orange is a tad garish, the stove is actually retro-cool and if it works, that's a real bargain. Shopping in Kiehl's in Paris must be a treat! Must have been a fun trip, except for the flying torch airbus back home.


  7. Dare I say it? I like the orange stove. Pretty fab, actually.

    Okay, I'll go back to my boring almond stove now....