Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eyjafjallajokull problems continue.

Walking with Wilf and Digby at dusk we saw the unusual sight of two planes flying over, contrails streaming behind them in the clear air. Both of us stopped in our tracks and stared skywards in awe. Let it not be said that country living has dented our street cred - we remain as sophisticated as ever.

Should I stay or should I go ? We've cancelled most of our travel plans for the next couple of weeks but I'm supposed to be in London for a meeting tomorrow night. In the papers this morning the headlines talk of another cloud of dense ash winging its way towards UK airspace. Londons airports remain closed today so it's anyones guess how the airlines will get their schedules up and running again overnight. I'll pack just in case British Airways manages somehow to get airborne . I'd put my chances of going at 60-40 against.

'The font' was the only one to show up for the exam. The invigilator was there, the papers were there, but the twenty or so Airbus engineers who had also been taking the course were scattered in different spots across the globe. Eyjafjallajokull has a lot to answer for.

Through all of this Wilf and Digby continue to be a source of hilarity. Wilf , who does not like to be away from the kitchen for long, has taken to sleeping scrunched up on the doorstep. This is textbook Polish Lowland behaviour. He has us all herded exactly where he wants us. More importantly if anyone should try to leave the flock he will be the first to know about it.

Today we have the next meeting of the village associations to discuss the concert. The programme has been finalised with the orchestra . Now all we have to do is temper the villagers over enthusiasm. A full report tomorrow.


  1. Lurker here, but Zach and I love the pictures of the boyz and the adventures of the family
    They're discussing on the radio how to pronounce the volcanic name--you can't imagine what it sounds like with a southern accent. Or maybe you don't want to imagine, it's not pretty.

  2. I've noticed that nobody even attempts to say the name of the volcano here. I hope the font passed her test!

    It sounds like more ash is on the way, so I'd bet that you're not going to London. Good luck, though!

    You have to love dogs for putting things in perspective for you! Even after the tornado, I still wouldn't want to get stuck over there with all the travel snafus!

  3. I'm impressed- you spelled the name of the volcano! Like houndstooth, I've noticed that our newcasters have given up on saying the name. It's just the "Icelandic volcano". I do hope that things return to normal but Mother Nature cannot be stopped sometimes...

    I love Wilf's strategy!!

  4. I was out of town over the weekend, and my return was met with unbridled joy from Edward, so incredibly pleased that the pack was all reunited once more. Herded... yes that's the word.

    Stay home, would be my advice. If it blows again, well, it will certainly be no fun for anybody.

    My thoughts are with you today as you attempt to do a bit of herding yourself at the meeting. Oh, I do know well what you're up against. I am typing this with a wry smile on my face! Bless you.