Sunday, April 4, 2010

Le jour de Paques

We woke to a beautiful Easter morning here in deepest France Profonde. On the morning walk with Wilf and Digby a sudden rain shower crept up on us from an otherwise cloudless sky. It soaked 'the font', the boyz and myself to the skin in a ninety second downpour- the four of us scurried along the lane laughing at our unpreparedness . On the way back Wilf and Digby zigzagged back and forwards seeking out every puddle and rivulet to scamper through - the muddier the better. The boyz unfettered joie de vivre is a reminder to enjoy lifes pleasures when and wherever you can find them.

When we finally got home the local farmer was feeding the two cows across the lane .He took one look at these dishevelled figures marching towards him and helpfully said that showers on Easter Sunday mean we're in for a long hot summer. You heard it here first.

Wilf's behaviour continues to cause some concern. His coat is silky, his gums red, his appetite voracious, and his playtime skills undiminished. He spent a happy half an hour playing the 'biff' the swing game yesterday afternoon. Yet somehow he seems more lethargic , almost langourous. His little brother managed to sit on him last night - an action that he usually ignores with elder sibling magnanimity but which elicited a quite uncharacteristic hint of a growl. It's one of those situations where there's nothing you can put your finger on but something says keep an eye on him. The thought of a visit to the vet over the long Easter holidays is entirely academic.

To all of you thank you so much for your comments and a Happy Easter to one and all.


  1. Joyeuses Pâques à vous!
    I have been out of town for the last couple of days and am getting caught up on your blog--I don't know what to add about Wilf other than maybe he's having some pain from arthritis--I do hope he feels better soon--I know how it is to worry about our 4 legged family members.

  2. Perhaps Wilf is experiencing some mild pain, maybe arthritis? Not knowing how old he is, I am only guessing. If he gets nippy with Digby that could be a definite sign. Your land looks beautiful and idyllic. Please show pictures of the outside of your house sometime. How old is your house, is it a farmhouse, etc. Those of us in the US can only imagine the region in which you live. Happy day to you!

    Liz from Oklahoma

  3. Happy Easter! Relieved to see Wilf wasn't playing his game with the Easter Bunny. Hope all is well and he just has a mild case of Spring fever...

  4. Happy Easter, M'Ongoose and family!

    Of course you know, you caused the rain by bathing the boyz into that electric white condition the other day. If they'd been wanting for a bath, you wouldn't have gotten a drop of rain.

    I sincerely hope that Wilf is alright! Give him a hug from me.

  5. such great pics!
    follow your intuition on your beloved Wilf...time for some diagnostics...after the holiday! i'll have him in my thoughts....
    have a peaceful day!

  6. Wishing you a lovely Easter! Yes, do keep an eye on Wilf, although it's probably something simple. Edward does get sleepier when it's pollen season here. Is that a possibility? Wilf has never spent a springtime in France, has he? Maybe something is beginning to bloom that he is reacting to.

  7. I agree seeing the vet after Easter. Wilf should not be this sleepy for such an extended amt of time suddenly. Perhaps it is the pollen and season change...I pray so. Wonderful photos :).

  8. I know how attuned we all are to the slightest change in behavior of our adored furry ones. And usually we're right if we notice something out of order. But it is spring after all, and perhaps Wilf does have a touch of spring fever.

    Enjoy Paques -- and let us know as the days go by if indeed those showers result in a long hot summer. Here in South Florida, we'll have one no matter what -- and we hope you don't have to join us in that!

    The Boychiks

  9. Hi Everyone

    Thanks to all of you for the insights into Wilfs lack of get up and go. I think that Kim, Ninny and PT&E might be onto something - perhaps it is the onset of painful arthritis or an allergy. He has so many layers of protection that I don't really think it can be a tick disease. He seems much better today - alert and relatively full of gusto. I'll keep an eye on him and hope todays improvement continues.

  10. Hey there Angus
    I loved your tale of getting soaked...nothing like getting drenched to bring you down to earth.
    Im sorry to hear about Wilf. I vote to listen to kks...she's the Vet Tech!...which means...follow your gut feel!
    We have you in our thoughts!
    ps..the recent political happenings here bring much cause for concern...I'm sure you are aware of them.

  11. I won't hurl a bunch of uneducated medical guesses at you, but this does sound a lot like the way Sola acted when pancreatitis came on. Hopefully you're dealing with something a little more minor...

    Happy Easter! ♥

  12. happy easter to you all!
    i hope wilf is okay. he'll be in my thoughts.

    the booker man's mama