Thursday, April 15, 2010

Boyz fun.

The four footed members of the family thoroughly enjoyed the frenetic activity associated with the installation of the new heating fuel tank. The shouts, expletives ( both in English and French) and occassional screams that reverberated across the garden only added to what was , for them at least, a glorious day of fun and frolics. As pipes or septic tanks were uncovered the two boyz would hasten over to take their place in the circle of incredulous and gesticulating spectators. They seemed to enjoy staring at the mechanical diggers latest revelation. As a family we now know that the rickety old farmhouse has got at least three septic tanks . Two of these have been emptied at some stage in the last decade.The third , most odiferous one , has sadly been left to its own devices. French plumbing at its archaeological best.

In the midst of all this excitement the two joiners, Yves and his wild haired Irish sidekick Ross, arrived at the front gate ( unannounced) and asked if it was a good time to come and measure up for the library. Why not? The more the merrier.

As the last of the workers left Wilf and Digby each settled down with a well deserved rice cake .Satisfaction shone from their faces.They had shepherded twelve workmen, stood on the edge of a malodorous precipice without falling in, conned the joiners into throwing the yellow ball and tracked down some wonderful new scents. A truly glorious canine day. Yours truly didn't enjoy the day to quite the same extent but certainly relished the sedative effects of the first of what proved to be 'several' glasses of rose.


  1. Well... Edward unearthed an entire family of opossums in the back of the one am. Lots of little possum babies included. He picked up Daddy possum... and was headed down the pathway, en route to the house, when my husband, alerted by that special "bark", confronted him and told him to "drop it". Thank God, that is one of the commands he always obeys. And Thank God he just wants to bring in his find to show me, never wants to rip it apart. So, tell the boys it was good times over here as well.

    Rose, did you say? Several glasses?

  2. and well deserved glasses of rose!! :)

  3. Wow! Well, at least the Boyz were entertained!! :-) I do think the only thing missing from this entire operation is Madame Bay!

  4. I'm sure the boyz did a great job of snoopervising and everyone enjoyed them. They probably could have used a medicinal dram of rose too! The joys of living in an old farmhouse.

  5. Ah, what a boring life our Boyz lead by comparison. An occasional foray to the edge of the driveway to see first paw what that telltale rumble of the UPS truck comes from. If timed right, the opportunity to jump into the Postal lady's vehicle to sniff at the mail. And twice-daily romps on long lead over the adjacent golf course and into the sand traps. An occasional workman to challenge. But no malodorous precipes to stand by. No hordes of workers. No frenetic shouting matches in a combination of French and English.

    How sad. But there is always wine (for us). Mostly red. Sometimes white. Occasionally rose.

  6. PT&E - Possums? If the boyz only knew the jealousy meter would fly of the dial. You must have Edward well trained. Wilf would have dropped it but Digby would be found licking his lips and looking diabolical.

    kks- Agreed

    Kim - If Mme Bay were to be involved my consumption would have been measured in bottles, not glasses.

    Rocky Creek - Glad you understand that it is purely medicinal

    Jake - Sounds blissful. Can we swap?

  7. Oh, but the boyz had things fully under control, obviously! How would the world survive if each and every dog didn't supervise workmen everywhere?

    How long will it take for them to bury all those septic tanks back up? How many more bottles of wine does that equal?

  8. That's our kind of fun! Even Alpha would have enjoyed the Rose!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  9. Oh my goodness... I'd be scared to do that much digging around here. We just learned recently that it's legal to bury a human on any land parcel larger than an acre (without notifying any authorities). We started wondering how many bodies there are under our feet.

    I'd be beyond terrified if a digger showed up!!

    I'm glad that the boyz had a good day! Nothing like a human septic system to fascinate a pair of dogs...

  10. Looking forward to hearing about the design for the library