Monday, April 5, 2010

That bell. That hair.

It's now 8.30 in the morning and so far nothing has stirred in the village. It's a French national holiday and total silence reigns supreme. Apart from the chatter of the birds the only noise is the hour marking dunk-dunk-dunk of the church bell . It continues to chime eleven times - twice - every hour day and night. As we returned from the morning walk 'the font' noticed that the hands on the clock face have somehow got stuck as thirteen minutes to four. Another running repair by the mayor is in the offing.

Wilf seems to have recovered from whatever was ailing him. He enjoyed a long post lunch walk yesterday afternoon and managed to squeeze in twenty minutes of 'hide the toy' before he turned in for the night. It could be that he's arthritically feeling the cold after having had a lot of his fur trimmed off. Digby is having a bad hair day - the top photo of him emerging from the front door for his morning constitutional says it all.


  1. I can totally identify with Digby--He looks like I feel on some mornings!! And I'm glad Wilf is feeling a bit more himself at the start of your week, I hope it continues!

  2. Digby has bed head, just like me this early morning. I stumble out of bed with one thing on my mind: coffee. Hope Wilf gets to feeling better soon. Is there a picture in a previous blog post of the clock and bell tower?


  3. Woooos!I totally love Digby's fur in the morning look. I wonder if my fur could do that too?
    Happy Monday!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. Help, please. We're having trouble distinguishing your two boyz since we don't have the advantage of 3-D all around shots. What are their most evident physical differences (besides the temporary bed hair??).

    With us, it's easy: I, Jake, have a short tail, one ear up, and mostly ginger jacket markings. JH has a long tail, two ears down in traditional WFT fashion, and black jacket markings.

    We love the photo of your boyz, but aren't always sure whom we're looking at.

  5. I love that Digby photo!!! I thought exactly the same thing - a bad hair day!!!

    The clock being stuck is too funny. And, I'm really glad that Wilf is feeling better. Great news!

  6. I thought about Wilf yesterday afternoon. I was so dreadfully lethargic after Easter services and holiday lunch. All I could manage to accomplish during the whole of the late afternoon was a nap. I swear I think it's something in the air. Everything is blooming out like silent fireworks.

    I am thrilled Wilf is feeling better and I identify totally with Digby's morning appearance.

    And I hear that clunky bell whenever you mention it... it makes me laugh and reminds me of The Nine Tailors by Dorothy Sayers!

  7. I'm glad to hear that Wilf is feeling better! The boyz hairdos always make me smile in the morning.

  8. Yeah, Wilf! Digby, I completely empathize with your hair - I have much less but looks the same when I get up :). Enjoy the silence!

  9. i'm glad wilf is feeling better today!
    my dear digby, i know how you feel. that is some morning hair for sure. *hugs*

    the booker man's mama