Thursday, April 8, 2010

One year on. Time to be grateful.

Work on restoring the rickety old farmhouse seems to have come to an unscheduled halt. The joiners, the plumber, the tilers, the electrician and the roofer have all failed to reappear. A series of phone calls failed to establish where they were or when they will return. As a result the house was serenely quiet - too serenely quiet. In the absence of any tradesmen to herd or corral Wilf and Digby settled down in the kitchen to observe lunch being prepared - their 'ever hopeful' faces turned to the chef . They then moved to the courtyard for a serious afternoon nap. The two of them slumbered on the cool gravel oblivious to the gentle mooing of the cows on the other side of the lane.

Readers of our previous blog will remember just how abruptly our lives changed on this very day last year. Now here we are a year on marvelling at our new life and being overwhelmingly grateful to be alive and to have each other. For the friends staying with us, ourselves and the two boyz it could all have been so different.Time is a great healer.


  1. We wish you lots of happiness in this new setting...and may history be wrapped up as wisdom!
    Did you see the fiasco in the "current affairs TV programme"? (here)...whew! tensions are still extremely fragile!
    Take care and celebrate this day! Hugs to the boyz too!

  2. a year, time is the great glad for you that is the past, and now you have peace and calm....(at least while the workers aren't there!)
    a major event that you all seem to be healing from....still so hard for me to imagine something so awful...just so nice to say a year has passed....
    darling pics of the hounds!

  3. Oh no! Is the end of Paques the beginning of the summer holiday for French tradesmen?

  4. I haven't read the entire story of what happened before, but I've gathered enough to know that it was a horrific event. I am glad that you are all okay!

    We all need a day of peace and quiet once in a while! I'm glad you all got to enjoy one!

  5. I'm so glad that you're healing. I cannot imagine something so scary but, all of you, including the boyz came out of it OK. That is something to be thankful for.

    I'm sure that the disappearance of the workers is frustrating - but enjoy the peace and quiet!

  6. We are glad you are all healing in spirit after such a horrific event. Mean people suck!


  7. It took some time (about an hour) to go back through yours posts to read about the horrible burglary you experienced in Italy, but along the way I delved happily into musings and descriptions of beautiful landscapes and daily activities that you so eloquently write about. It's as if I know Wilf and Digby personally now, and I am reminded again why I love reading your blog. Thankfully you are alive to greet each new day with an appreciation for life with each other and your boys.

    Liz (aka Ninny) from Oklahoma, USA

  8. Angus, We just spent a moment looking back on your previous blog to remind ourselves of how you came to be in this new setting, one year later.

    While we had started reading your blog when you first moved from Scotland, we had lost track and thus missed the violence that resulted in your move to France.

    Reading it all, we found the quote from Seneca --"think of every day as a new life" to be good and appropriate advice.

    But we did find one constant -- Wilf's and Digby's irrepressible love of life!

  9. Thankfully, time is a wonderful healer. For that we are forever grateful.

  10. Wow - has it been a year. we are so grateful.