Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Asparagus and melon.

Up at the crack of dawn and off to the local town with Wilf and Digby. Another perfect day - blue skies and the gentlest of breezes. The market was humming at seven o'clock with the locals restocking their larders after the long holiday. Magically, the first white asparagus of the season was already for sale - thick stalked and firm. The stall holders were charging €11.50 a kilo , so it's decidedly pricey and three times the cost of the local green variety. As the harvest gets into full swing the price will come plummeting down. The local melons also made their first showing . Tempting, but they haven't soaked up enough sun yet to make them truly sweet. The local strawberries which appeared in the market last weekend are now everywhere. From our time in Italy we've learnt to enjoy the fruit while it's in season and do without when it's not. There is nothing like an English strawberry for its flavour and texture but these 'gariguettes' come pretty close. I bought a half kilo for breakfast and lunch.

Wilf seems to have recovered from whatever was ailing him. I'm putting it down to arthritis but will keep an eye open to make sure it isn't pancreatitis related. Last night he rug surfed in the hallway for a full half hour before falling into a contented sleep. More importantly the mischief quotient is fully restored - a sure sign he's on the mend.

'The font' has decided we are going to buy bicycles . Digby's bad hip now means he gently ambles along smelling each and every daisy as he goes. As a result there is absolutely no cardio-vascular benefit to be gained from the shuffling morning walk. As we live on top of a 400 meter high hill let's all hope that this latest health crazed cycling idea is soon forgotten. It's not the going down that bothers me but the coming back up. I can only pray that the technology of bikes and gears has come a long way since I last sat on one.


  1. Oh that local food sounds delicious.
    I can certainly relate to the problem of the 'shuffling morning walk' and associated lack of cardio-vascular exercise. That's how it was with Hamish for the last couple of years. Just be grateful that you have nice weather (mostly). A morning shuffle in the snow/ice/gales/sleet/rain/haar is not the ideal fitness regime.
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS. I'd go for a bicycle. Technology has improved....

  2. I think the Tour de France is taking French life a little too far.

  3. beautiful images! and glad Wilf seems to me on the mend! :)
    bikes huh?! will you be fashioning baskets for the hounds! :)

  4. Biking sounds fun to me, but to be honest...the hills haven't gotten any smaller! :)

  5. Looking at the amazing fruit, I am reminded that although the US enjoys an abundance of foods, sadly most of it is either grown or produced elsewhere for our consumption. Our fruits and vegetables are usually imported from Mexico or a South American country whose agricultural standards are not as carefully controlled as in the US. Because it's cheaper to do so and the bottom line is profits. This summer I will delight in shopping at our very own farmer's market, where quality is assured. The church and bell tower look beautiful against the clear blue sky! Now I can put a picture with your posts! Thank you!

  6. Technological malfunction on my first comment, I think. I wrote a lot and it went nowhere! Anyway, I'll keep this one short and just say the bell tower and church look beautiful against the clear blue sky. It will give me a point of reference when reading future posts. Thanks!!!


  7. That first picture just melted me! What a sweet face! I am so glad to hear the Wilf is on the mend and back to being himself.

    As far as fresh strawberries go, I'd be snapping those up as fast as I could get them.

    Bicycles don't like me. I can completely feel your pain! I'll pray for you, M'Ongoose! And I agree, it's always the going back up that gets you!

  8. Gail - Scotland would be the most perfect place in the world if the sin only shone more. Speaking to my brothers further down the coast I'm not missing the weather!

    WW - A gastronomic tour on our very own doorstep

    kks - Don't think either of the boyz would be keen on going into a basket. It would need to be a big basket for Wilfy!

    Life w me - Point taken.

    Ninny - Sorry to disappoint but the picture today is of the church in the local market town. The village church is much less grand.

    Houndstoorh - Your prayers will be most welcome. I've moved the converation onto petrol powered lawn mowers. That's 35 years of diplomacy in action.

  9. So glad that Wilf is feeling better. Rug surfing! We need video!

    Bikes have come a VERY long way. I bet that you'll love it, after you've done that hill enough times to gain some fitness. Have fun!!!!!

  10. oh, that white asparagus is devine!! i am rather jealous as it is hard to find in the states. it's completely worth the price. :)
    with regard to the bikes, you could always get off the bike and push it up the hill. ;)

  11. BOL! I want to see you guys on bikes! SHE says the only biking she wants to do is downhill so it best have a motor assist for uphill. Forida is flat for cycling, but the gradual rises are deceptively l o n g. Lazy cow! One of our neighbors has a lab that is lame and she puts him in one of those kid trailer thingys and hauls him around so he can get out every day. Do I get to ride in a nice basket? Nooooo. It's hup hup hup long enforced marches for my wee little short leggies. I have to scurry to keep up! We do 2 walkies...one with both of us and it's the slow shamble with Puffy...then the 'put on yer sneakers and go' with me.

    The boyz are looking happy now that it's spring.

    sniffies all about,


  12. We have the opposite problem, I suppose. We have fabulous bikes, but can't seem to leave those four big, brown eyes staring at us when we start to leave. So we take dog walks instead.

    I'm so very happy Wilf is back to mischief. And I do hope you realize how fortunate you are to have those strawberries so close! They're gorgeous.

    My husband just told me.... we are off to the island tomorrow for my birthday. With both dogs. Edward does love the beach!!

  13. Bike baskets for the pups! Got ours from cynthiastwigs.com. Sturdy market baskets and roomy enough for dogs up to 30 pounds - or a day at the market! Those fruits and vegetables look gorgeous. Do I need to send you my recipe for young garlic soup?

  14. Those market pics made my mouth water - yum!

    Sorry - i read you a lot on the dreaded google reader, but today I am here in person and just wanted to say i look forward to your posts... even though I don't comment a lot!
    My two dogs are aging too... I can relate to so
    much of what you tell us lol. I adore the way your two play with toys... mine just seem to destroy plastic items... yesterday it was my special foot scrubber grrrr