Thursday, April 29, 2010

The slurping zebra.

Having spent the last week worrying about high temperatures we now have a new twist to the tale - low temperatures. Digby is reacting badly to the cortisone and his temperature has fallen sharply to just 36.5 degrees.He's also started to drink manically, slurping down a bowl of water every hour on the hour - day and night.The sound he makes as he hoovers up the liquid would do justice to a large herd of zebra at a watering hole. What goes in must of course come out and this morning he and his nursing staff were out in the garden for a 'pit stop' at 1.34 and again at 3.50. If the standard of posting starts to decline put it down to sleep deprivation.

Despite this latest setback we are both becoming much more confident that Digby's on the right track . What a horrible, horrible disease this is - jaundice, liver damage, anaemia and who knows what else all roled into one. He had his seventh set of blood tests yesterday and there is no sign of kidney problems - that is a huge relief. After the daily trip to the vets 'the font' spent much of yesterday making a healthy soup of beef, liver and vegetables to try to get iron and nutrients into his system. Digby, the intended recipient, wasn't sure about it but Wilf loved his - and his brothers.

The joiners came unexpectedly yesterday morning to continue with the installation of the library. Yves, Ross ( the wild haired Irishman) and the morose lad all showed up at eight. Ross has somehow hurt his back and is on morphine. He sat on a chair watching the other two work, his neck in a brace, and a pharmaceutically enhanced smile beatifically etched on his lips. He looked for all the world like one of those ninth century Irish saints in the midst of a vision. The morose lad has had his head totally shaved by his girlfriend ( badly) and was doing his adolescent best to look menacingly cool, a gauloise dangling unlit from his bottom lip. Something in me wanted to tell him that the light blue bib overalls detracted from the studied froideur. Digby spent much of his day positioned on a pile of blankets in the hallway to observe the comings and goings of our inept , glacially paced, woodworking trio.

Today is the day for the next committee meeting . On the agenda approval of the poster for the June concert in the village church. The two mutually loathing groups are due in half an hour. What's the betting the mayor starts off by saying there's no politics in this village?


  1. We're so happy you have retained your great sense of humour. Sounds like everything else around you is normal.....(slightly askew?)

    Still hoping Digby improves....and gets a little soup.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. I would think that all of this water is nature's way of flushing the toxins from Digby's system. It's good to hear some of the "Angus we all know and love" returning to your post. That makes me feel like Digby is indeed doing better.

  3. cortisone is a "miracle" drug...but it does cause, what we abbreviate, PU/PD...polyuria/ you just described!! i can't tell you how relieved i am to hear that Digby is seemingly heading in the right, i know how awful this disease is....a true testament to what a fighter Dig is!! i continue to pray for his full recovery, and for you peace of mind....

  4. So glad to here Digby is on the mend. Continuing to send healing purrs. ~AFSS

  5. We're so glad to hear that Digby is showing signs of recovery. Let's hope for the best!!

  6. Angus,

    Sounds as though you as well as Digby are starting to feel better!

    When our boychiks are ailing, we often give them pumpkin -- plain canned pumpkin, not pie pumpkin -- and they love it. It's a sure appetitie tempter.

    Hope the good news continues -- although we at first were picturing a black and white Digby when we read your headline and weren't quite sure as to what we'd find.

    xx Joan

  7. Hurray for Digby! The special soup is a wonderful idea. So happy things are looking up.

  8. I'd be disappointed if the mayor didn't start with that! I'm hoping for fisticuffs over the poster, along with photos!

    I'm so glad to hear the Digby seems to be on the right track! Hopefully, as the cortizone wears off, he'll start feeling more himself!

  9. The news of dear Digby is sounding good!...I am sure his nursing staff are going to need a Carribean vacation after this. Still thinking of you guys and holding thumbs for his full recovery.

  10. Woooos! we are happy Digby seems to be responding well, so sorry about the lack of sleep, Mum knows a lot about that, my fault I fear... nothing like having a sick dog to watch over all night. I will be keeping my paws crossed fur him and Mom and Dad, go take a nap!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  11. Each morning since Digby became ill, your blog has been the first one I've read and I continue to let out a "sigh of relief" that he continues to improve--It is a tribute to his spark and fight, and to your care!

    Angus, you describe everything so well and vividly that I have quite a vision in my mind of what the joiners look like--Tell us, did Madame Bay come to the meeting today again wearing a chintz turban and matching house coat?

  12. Happily and luckily the liver can regenerate. I had such a strong feeling that he would pull through. I can't tell you how happy I am today to know that he is recovering.

    What a horrible, horrible illness.

  13. Yes, our late beloved Wire Fox Terrier regularly got cortisone shots for back pain with the same results. Keep the mop handy! Perhaps the visitors today will boost Digby's spirits. Glad to read such an optimistic post! Now on to the great poster debate!


  14. I'm sending Digby a big ole Scottie kiss for his nose....schhhmooooch! That should make him right as rain soon. SHE feels your sleep deprivation. Puffy is soooo old, he likes potty breaks once or twice a night. She considers it a rare treat when he sleeps through the night. No doggie doors here. Too much wildlife get inside as it is. Yesterday the Mr. found a humongous froggie sitting on the side of the toilet contemplating the shower. Good thing he got a visual before he seated himself on the throne. He might have had a test of his new defibby thingy right there!

    sniffies all around,


  15. Wonderful news to hear that Digby is continuing to get better. All paws crossed for even more and bigger signs of good health.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. I'm thrilled to hear that Digby is improving, even if a tiny bit at a time. It does sound like a truly horrible disease. What a fighter he is. You and the font are pretty good fighters too!

    We've experienced the steroid-induced drinking too... it's certainly inconvenient but worth the good effects of the steroid.

    Paws are crossed that Digby continues to improve.

  17. You are in my thoughts and prayers Digby....

  18. i echo rocky creek's sentiment. i'm glad things are starting to return to normal and that digby is continuing to improve. i think digby might be holding out for a cheeseburger or something. ;)
    the booker man's mama

  19. Hi,
    Really glad that Digby is getting better everyday.
    Your post echoes the return of normalcy to your household.Made a very good read.
    And i am sure Wilf is glad, not only to get his playmate back but also to lap off his delicious left-overs!!

  20. Such a deep sigh of relief from this quarter. Horrible disease indeed. I'm so glad Digby is back with us. No doubt the insatiable thirst is a result of the cortisone. Have you tried giving him scrambled eggs? That's my go to dish for sick dogs, and they always seem to love it. Mind you, this is a different version of "sick", so use your judgment.

    I am afraid that, with Ross on morphine and Digby on steroids, and the mayor coming over with warring committee members in tow.... well, you are in for quite a day. My thoughts are with you.

  21. Have a great day, Digby. We hope you keep doing better.

  22. We are AireZenning like crazy, Digby! Keep getting better, PLEASE!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  23. It's lovely to hear that Digby is on the upswing. Keep fighting, Digby, you can do it!! We're all rooting for you! ♥

  24. Keep up the good work!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom and I would love some soup - is there any left?

  25. our prayers for Digby's health.. Be strong, everything will be OK..


  26. Keep that sense of humour and it will see you through. Sounds possitive news which is good to hear.. Keeping paws crossed and purrs comming.. Hugs GJ xx

  27. Ha! Nice try but we ain't taking THAT bet...

    We are tickled pink that Digby seems to be on the mend, and that's quite a feat for a BT!

  28. aw man you guys are having it tough but we are heartened that things are on the up _ go digby!

  29. Great news that Digby seems to be on the mend. Eric x

  30. Digby,

    We are watching you every day. Mum says to tell your rents that Dottie drinks like a maniac and pees like a race horse and our vet said it is fine as long as the kidneys don't care. So hang in there! your best days are ahead!

    Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

  31. Y'all remind Mommy of the people from A Year In Provence. Y'all could write an updated version of the book.
    Sally Ann