Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's all the fuss about ?

Roses were on sale in the market square at €2 for a bunch of 20. The local grower simply can't get them shipped by air to Amsterdam. Instead of having his flowers sit idly in storage he's sensibly getting rid of them at knock down prices. I felt sorry for him and bought five bunches.With the benefit of hindsight this was beyond rose overkill - more like rose addictive disorder. To make matters worse he generously threw in two bunches of paeonias for free. Every vase in the rickety old farmhouse is now brimming over with blooms and the place is beginning to smell like a West Hollywood florists.

The local supermarket was chaotic. People have woken up to the fact that the closure of much of Europe's air transport system will go on for much longer than expected. Staples were being diligently stocked up on. It wasn't exactly panic buying but the check out lines were longer than they were at Christmas.

Yesterday was spent rearranging travel plans. Trips to London and Warsaw were cancelled as it dawned on us that travel will be suspended for just as long as the volcano continues to erupt. 'The font' is supposed to be taking an exam tomorrow and we don't know if the papers have arrived or if the test has been cancelled. The great and the good are in the same boat. The Norwegian Prime Minister had to fly from Washington to Madrid and then arrange to drive all the way to Oslo. That's kind of like flying to Seattle to get to Brooklyn. The German Chancellor somehow made it to Lisbon and after driving to the north of Italy was about to get on a bus to Berlin.

While we worry about American friends who are stuck in London - " yes of course you can stay in the flat, the only problem is how do we get the keys to you ? " - Wilf and Digby are enjoying themselves. Their checklist is easy - lunch, dinner, treats,games, toys and tickles.


  1. Wilf and Digby have the right idea! Humans make life sooooo difficult.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Hey Mongoose
    I am following the news by the second! Whilst it is incredibly alarming, what a reality check this is! I believe there are mounting 'food' concerns for the UK!
    We have these kinds of 'reality' checks here when we experience the frequent and unscheduled power cuts!
    As for the 'flat' in London...perhaps give the Locksmith free reign.
    I love the fact that you have the opportunity of being 'in a bed of roses!'
    Hope your friends are ok...Can you imagine if this continued to the middle of June?!
    (I admit that part of me says 'bring it on!' simply because I think the human race, particularly big business, has an elevated opinion of itself)
    Be safe and hugs to the canines

  3. Our lives here in Virginia go on pretty much unaffected by everything in your area of the world. But living around the Washington DC area on September 11th,(my husband was at the Pentagon) I know all too well what canceling flights and limiting travel etc., can do to your life--So I guess more flowers may be coming?

    By the way, I don't see anything on the Boyz itinerary that includes seeing the fair Claudette...

  4. It is amazing how dependent we are on air travel. I was just reading on before coming to your blog and it does not sound like there will be much relief in the coming week either.

    Enjoy the flowers.

  5. Have you noticed the quiet of no planes? Where we live, the world is so quiet, and it became silent after 9/11 when all planes were grounded here. I kind of liked the lack of planes... even if the reason was beyond horrible.

    Enjoy the roses! That was very kind of you, although I'm sure that you're enjoying them.

    I heard a scientist on the radio yesterday. He said that the volcano could keep erupting anywhere from 2 days to 2 years. Oh my...

  6. It's not all bad news. I gave up a holiday in France last week to help my parents attend an aunt's funeral in the south of England. But now (selfishly) I don't feel so bad about the whole deal, as my brother, also on holiday in another bit of France, had endless problems getting back across the channel!
    At least no airplanes are involved in picking up Bertie from Turriff tomorrow....
    Cheers, Gail .

  7. I am glad that at least you're both "stuck" at home and not far away. The whole scenario does bring back flashes of 9/11 here when the skies went silent. I rather enjoyed it, but not the long lines of people buying gas, afraid that the prices would spiral out of control. I hope that the volcano doesn't take it's sweet time for another two years! Funny how Mother Nature can thwart our plans so easily!

  8. i'm impressed that the boyz will get so close to that backhoe. my pups would be in hiding!
    i sure hope the volcano decides to call it quits soon, for everyone's sake! although, i have to say a bunch of 20 roses for 2 euros is excellent!!

    the booker man's mama